Chris & Sean chat about Mother’s day, gambling, fine booze, and the open border. Chris and Sean also debate just how far down the rabbit hole America is!

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You know the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him. I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he had more podcasts

we don’t have very many victories to talk about these days. So when we get one and it’s actually monumental, it’s huge. And I have to congratulate those in the Texas House of Representatives i I am often critical of and still am of of their inability to meet conservatism and the rule of law 100% But when they do the right thing, it is something that they should be applauded for. And well, Third time’s a charm. The Texan dot news the Texan dot news reporting child gender modification band passes after the third attempt in the Texas House. Cameron Abrams is reporting the ban on child gender modification has passed Texas house after weeks of delay installing due to procedural maneuvers by the Socialist Democrat Party. As you know the socialist Democrats are into letting five year olds vote and five year olds choose their choose their own gender. That’s just how the socialist Democrats rule I suppose. On its third attempt, the Texas House has officially and finally passed a ban on child gender from gender modification that has been passed in the Senate five weeks ago. Chamber has now had three opportunities to bait the bill SB 14, the bill to band ban child gender modification treatments, the bill passed by a vote of 92 to 48. According to the unofficial total, showing some Democrat socialist support, they were trying to kill it. So they wouldn’t have to go on record knowing that their own voters don’t like the idea of just because little Suzy picks up a Tonka Truck transitioning or do a boy and just because little Johnny picks up a Barbie transitioning him to a girl. A lot of Democrat parents have a lot more common sense than radicalized leftists who are driving this debate. Now when this podcast is being recorded, folks, it is Sunday. It is Mother’s Day. And in an era where motherhood is being challenged by the Democrats in an era where the Democrats say the best woman for the job as a man in an era where Dylan Mulvaney is being cast as a brand representative to show how inclusive and unscientific the left is. And if you don’t comply with their non scientific worldview, well, then you’re just a hater and you need to be canceled. Mothers mama bears are getting very tired of this. One such Mama Bear is somebody who was basically on the sidelines a couple of years ago. But when all of this left wing nuttiness began, a lot of moms came off the sidelines in defense of their children defending their children from the Democrat Socialist Party, and their whacked out crazy worldview, anything and everything just to get a vote. Sara Fields was on this podcast here about a week ago. And as you know, she was one of these individuals, big champions of banning the child genital mutilation, being given a green light by greedy doctors and by clueless legislators, so she was pushing for a ban on this if you want to transition and you have legitimate gender dysphoria doing so when you’re an adult and you can make these adult decisions is is appropriate. And getting getting rid of adults that were willing to transition their children for some sort of status symbol among the left. It just it just had to go Oh, so here’s Sara fields. She took to Twitter on Mother’s Day to talk to all of you left us not to all of you Democrats out there who still contend the best woman for the job is a man.

Contrary to ridiculous claims, otherwise, motherhood starts with being a woman. Being a woman starts with XX XX chromosomes, and it can never be changed. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister, a sister in law, and an aunt. My pronouns are not she her. I am a sheep. I am a her. I am a mom. I am not a birthing person. Today we celebrate who we are, regardless of how hard they try, regardless of what language they use, and regardless of who they attempt to glorify, and who they attempt to erase, they can never take motherhood away from us.

Hmm. They can’t. That’s Sara fields, folks go to the Chris Salcedo twitter handle at see Salcedo show if you want to see that video. In its entirety. It’s pretty powerful. And it says an awful lot. Not only about who we are how women are seeing the Democrat party, but also the depravity and the fall of the Democrat Socialist Party. The show behind the show with my buddy Sean Chasteen. It roars your way next. I’m sure we’re going to talk about Mother’s Day. I’m sure we’re going to talk about the open borders. So coming up in the Salcedo store and podcast.

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My friends time for the show behind the show on a Mother’s Day as you know we record these in the Sundays before the Mondays that they air. And that is where we find the one the only Shawn Chastain Hello, my friend.

Hi Fred. How are you?

I’m doing great. I hope you have a chance to spend some time with with your mom today.

I have not yet got a text early this morning. Saying from my sister saying that they were taking mom to the casino in Oklahoma. And which is great. Before I get ugly letters from people saying I thought your mom was on fixed income How can we rubbish about Texas air conditioned prisons. She is on a fixed income. My sister was is treating this for Mother’s Day. And all they do is go up and eat the free buffet or the cheap buffet. Whatever it is, and play Penny slots,

Penny slots and nickel slots. There you go. Which sounds

just like a nightmare to me.

Waiting I go to like slot machines. Oh, I love slot no

I don’t I don’t gamble at all. I’m not good at it. Never been lucky at it.

True story. I was in Nevada. The third time second time I was in in Nevada in Las Vegas. I went up to $1 slot put in $1.80 bucks. It was the first time I went on the whole trip. I just said okay to hell with it. You know because I’m not a big gambler either. Put it in 80 bucks. I just walked away.

That was it. It’s amazing when you when you do walk around Vegas you’ll see these old ladies that look like they should be on a fixed income you know smoking cigarettes were in house shoes and, and but they’re settling in $100 coins? I know, right? It’s the same man. I don’t know how people do it where they come up with the money to begin with or, you know, is that are they just hoping that they’ll hit it and be able to eat next week?

It’s crazy. Well, you know, when when you use it as a recreational thing, like kinda like your sister is using it with your mom. You know, it’s a fun thing and you you have a fixed amount of money you can lose and then you don’t lose any more than that. I think it’d be fun you know? And then like I said, you may you may hit it. And if you see if you spent a couple of hours and my view if you break even that’s a win because you had fun. It was ups and it was downs there was little bit of adrenaline rush, the thrill of victory agony of defeat and then you go home at It was just kind of

like, Yeah, but I mean, rarely are you up or even even. And then you know, so then I’ve got an hour and a half drive home think about Chao li that was X number of dollars that I could have really done something with plus a half tank of fuel.

Should I quit while I was ahead? I

mean, yeah, you know, that’s the thing I just said, No, it’s never appealed to me.

Well, you know, what appeals to me now? I’m doing this podcast. And that’s kind of what, for those of you you guys would have no way of knowing this. But we started the podcast a little bit later than we normally would. Because when Sean said, Hey, man ready to go. And I had to gather if you think so what I ended up gathering. And Shawn, I’m not sure if you went back and listened to any of the podcasts where we interviewed. I mentioned them last week, Rebecca Creek distilleries, which is a fine Texas business. And I went out hunting since I interviewed their director of marketing. Andy Escalona. And Andy told me about this new limited series of bourbons, they were cracking cranking out and I know that you are not big into alcohol, either drinking or alcohol, you’re virtuous. Your virtue was unkind, man, but I am in alcohol. So I I went looking for this Rebecca Creek double barrel bourbon whiskey. Now, the process and the craftsmanship is is half the fun for me. When it comes to spirits. And, and mixing drinks and all that kind of stuff. There’s a craftsmanship to it. So on the distillery side, here’s what they did. And this is how Andy described it to me. They took their conventional method, Texas Ranger is the is the bourbon they make that you’re probably familiar with, because they were advertising on the station that you and I used to work out together. For one Christmas season, they were advertising there. And they take that normal process. But for the last two years, they take it out of that fermentation process. And they put it into new oak barrels, but not just regular oak barrels, Spanish oak barrels. And there’s a difference because of the darkness of the oak. And man, the color is racist. It’s not racist. Man, the color on this thing is just beautiful. It’s a rich dark brown caramel color. And the proof 123.8 Proof. I’m looking at it right now. I know right? And I got 61.9% Alcohol. And it’s bottle number 104. That’s what I have in my hand right now. Bottle 104.

Cool. Good for you, pal. I’m excited for you.

Yeah, and I’m pouring it right now. Because I always I find that our visits together are always good with a little adult beverage so

many people to drink,

then there’s, then there’s that? Well, you know what, and I started off this whole conversation by the way, folks. It’s a limited edition. So if you go out there and you try to find it, there are very few places in Texas that are carrying it. So you’ve got to you know, call ahead, I would recommend rather than just show up to your normal spirits place and, and figure out whether it’s there. What’s driving me to drink is what what Texas is now experiencing on the border. What’s your take on title 42 and all the just chaos down there? Well,

okay. See, that’s where I’m a little confused. Because it ended what Thursday night, right? Right, at midnight. And so I was expecting to come to work Friday morning, and hear the radio station, wall to wall, the chaos at the border. And there wasn’t really much of anything. So I don’t understand what happened or I we did get a lot of people. We had some people down there on the border calling into us and saying, yeah, they’re there. As soon as they even are in the set foot in the country. They’re on buses, and they’re on planes, and they’re just gone. Yep. Yep. And so I guess that’s what’s happening. I don’t know. But I was I was really expecting it to look like a rugby, Scrum. You know, and what is and just just every, you know, a half a million people just pushing their way through

it is and that’s what happened in certain sectors. And now they’re setting up camp across just just getting across the board. They’re setting up third world camps. You’re just not seeing it out there. And then we carried it on Newsmax Jason Jones was sending us exclusive video of all the stuff that you’re describing. But you know, the news departments that are that are Adyen have driven are not showing that are talking about that. But there’s we America’s voice was down there and I saw one of their correspondents interviewing illegal aliens, and the aliens are passing on to them saying, yeah, the cartels are policing men, they’re looking for men. And if you didn’t pay, they’re taking baseball bats and breaking a limb choose either an arm or a leg if they don’t pay. This is the this is the criminal organization that Joe Biden and the Democrats have turned our our government into. And I don’t know if you caught this, but I’m dying to hear what you think about it. The Biden regime said that they were going to order all of their people to release all of these illegal aliens with no promise to appear in court, and no way of tracking them. Right. From here on out.

Well, but then the judge in Florida said no way.

Well, the judge in Florida, it’s a temporary restraining order. So it’s going to be litigated. But this got me to thinking, why would Joe Biden and maybe you haven’t thought much about it, but I’ve been thinking about nothing else. But this. Why would Joe Biden and the Democrats want to allow hundreds of 1000s of illegal aliens to come into the United States, no promise to appear in court to get themselves right with the law, and make sure that there was no way to track them once they got here?

Well, my view, the only thing I can think of is that at some point he’ll he’ll issue some kind of immunity and welcome to America and hopefully, they’ll vote Democrat. So

well, you know what, and I think, and, you know, if you’re thinking in those terms, I suppose the conventional wisdom of hey, the Republicans get their cheap labor and the Democrats get their new Democrat voters to keep them in perpetuity forever, in elected office forever. Now, I’m a little more cynical than that. I asked a sitting member of Congress who you and I both know. And I, that’s all I’m going to be able to say about it, because I don’t want to, to convey too much. But I asked the sitting member of Congress, tell me member of Congress, how many foot trained foreign military are coming across that border? And they said, Well, what do you know, what are you hearing? I go, I don’t know, is the point of what I’m hearing is the point. We have over a million at 1.7 million illegal aliens that came in, we have no idea who they are, if that holds, but in the next two years, we’re looking at 4 million people that that never had any contact with any member of the Border Patrol, or any law, just stream into America 4 million. Now you were in the military, you know what a brigade is, you know, what a, you know, the size of a forget we’re talking about military level individuals in this country were able to be armed by Narco terrorists, and what could their purpose be?

No, I understand that fully. I don’t understand why Biden would want that would want a terrorist attack on America?

Oh, no, no, no, I’m talking about an attack. Now. Maybe Maybe you’re not understanding what I’m saying. Alejandro Mayorkas was on? Where was he this weekend? He must have been on MSN BS. And he said to them? Yes, we’re seeing a rise of white supremacy because Joe Biden went on a commencement speech saying that the greatest terrorist threat to America is white supremacy, which is utter BS. But Alejandro Mayorkas said all of this anti government rhetoric is is what we’re hearing out there. And it’s like, well, you sound just like a commissar in the Soviet Union. They didn’t tolerate anti government rhetoric either. You know, in America, it’s supposed to be your right to criticize the government, but not according to Joe Biden. Not according to Alejandro Mayorkas, you can’t criticize your government here anymore without being called a terrorist. And this is what scares the living daylights out of me that if you that how many of our domestic and foreign enemies have been contemplating Shawn for years? How do you defeat an America where the vast majority of its population is armed? How do you do that?

Yeah, I mean, you know, without firing a shot, it’s gonna take it down from the inside and, and, yeah, I’m with you on that. I think you’re way more of a deep thinker than I am. And I don’t know. Really, I haven’t thought all about that. It does worry me. A bunch that there are 1000s and 1000s of military age men coming in from 160 different countries, including China and Russia and Iran. And So we had a guest on from the Heritage Foundation this week. And she is an expert on on the border. Right? And was asked, we know that X number of people on the terrorist watch lists have been caught. And we just simply ask, what have they done with those people? And the Heritage Foundation is, you know, many FOIA requests and and all kinds of lawsuits and stuff like that to try to find out and yeah, they’re not getting any answers. There’s that we don’t know if they’ve been released. We don’t know if they’re in some holding cells somewhere we don’t we don’t know anything about all these people that are on the terrorist watch

list scares the hell out of me. And I,

it really does, and that the whole Chinese aspect of it is very, very scary to me. Especially, you know, they, they found the police stations, and they just caught a spy Friday and other Chinese spy. I don’t know when you have 5000, military aged Chinese guys at the Darien Gap in Central America all lined up ready to come in? Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just really kind of terrifying.

Well, when you’ve got the Democrats talking like Joseph Stalin, you know, there shall be no dissent you, you know, you will not criticize the government. I mean, it doesn’t take much imagination to see these leftists gaming out. Okay, how do you defeat an armed America? Well, that’s really easy. You get trained soldiers from foreign foreign soil into the country to help Joe Biden restore order when he you know, does away with the Constitution? The ways?

I mean, that’s just I don’t know. I’m not gonna buy into that. I think that’s, I think that’s way too much. I never would have Am I am, I am fearful of a terrorist.

Yep. I never would have thought it possible, either. But I’m hearing rhetoric coming out of these

people. But if you hear yourself talk, I think you might know a little silly.

No, I know. I hear it, man. It’s the it’s not me that I’m reacting to. It’s when it’s when you’ve got my orcas saying that the people that are anti government, the people that are critical of government, they’re the terrorists when you when you got that

they can say that all they want. Well, they’re showing up to a board meeting, it’ll, it’ll piss you off. Of course, I know. I know. All that stuff. Yeah. But that’s a pretty far cry from just saying, okay, the Constitution is null and void. And you’re going to do what we say. Yeah. Well, well, so Well, I mean, to go to that, to go to that extreme. Sounds very silly. To

me to that point. To that point, it remember the that now, I used to love this phrase. And you worked on this show, as the board on this show in Dallas Fort Worth the great Rush Limbaugh. And he had an expression. Two words. Actually, yeah, three words Don’t doubt me. He would say, Don’t doubt me, right. And, well, every single time I say that the Democrat Party is communists. They’re communists. They are I mean, they’re not Democrats. They don’t want to be Americans anymore. I get mostly Democrats saying Oh, come on, you’re being it’s so over the top, it’s too much rhetoric. You’re just a conservative right winger, bla bla bla bla bla, from the New York Post. Former AOC a Justine Medina. Now working as a New York communist party boss, the Communist Party of New York, a former AOC a Democrat, one of the thought leaders in the Democrat party goes to run the Communist Party in New York so they’re so I mean, these people

are not I’m not denying that. Yes, my my only argument is that when you say stuff like you know, you’re going to do away with the Constitution coming out for every white male and that’s the end of America. I still think that does our side and good when you sound so crazy extreme that this like this is going to happen. I’m going to open the the Daily Mail App tomorrow and find out that you know, we have a king. It just I just don’t think it does any good. They won’t be a king who are rational. It’ll be

a dictator. And again, when you when you say dude, okay, well, tell me tell me what pushback you are seeing

a lot of pushback. I’m saying I’m seeing it on so many different levels. You can see it from the Bud Light to school boards being overtaken by right thinking people you can see it in governors all across the state and I’m seeing a lot of pushback. And so I’m not gonna buy into your Okay, nuttiness.

Well, again, I’m just saying the writing on the wall. And you know, there are a lot of people in Venezuela that probably thought it could never happen. Remember, 20 years ago it was Yeah, but

but, you know, those people in Venezuela didn’t have done they didn’t have a constitutional like we have, they didn’t have a Supreme Court like we do. So Well, unless you want to compare you if you want to compare yourself to Venezuela. That’s No, I’m just saying, That’s pretty silly.

There are free people all over this globe throughout human history that have lost their freedoms, and for the possible, but you just said it was crazy. You just said it was crazy. He didn’t see so

no. I mean, in 100 years, if we keep going down this track, yeah, we’re probably not gonna We’re probably not gonna enjoy the same freedoms we do right now.

Well, I’m gonna tell you, man, it’s been undergoing for the last 100 years that since since the Constitution has been founded, these people have been trying to undo it. And history shows I’m right about that. But last thing I wanted to talk to you about is Dennis Quaid. You know, Dennis Quaid is, right. Yeah. He is. I would say would you call them a list? Or would you call him former a list?

No. Yeah. One time. He was certainly a list. Yeah.

And it’s like, well, there are a list actors. There are B list actors, and they’re one superstars who have been quiet lately. And I think that’s where Dennis Quaid kind of is right, you know, a list didn’t really do ever was never be list, but just hasn’t done stuff in a while. Now, I don’t know if you saw this

probably nearing 80. So well, he looks

great for 80 Man, I don’t think he’s 80. I mean, he’s got to be in his upper 60s. But But Quaid anyway, is, here’s a guy who did that. He’s very concerned about the United States did that documentary called Grid down power up? He fronted that on his own? And it was it was eye opening. Do you ever get a chance to see that? To listen to? Oh, dude, it’s 55 minutes well worth your time. There’s a 12 minute version of it. That’s the Cliff Notes version. It’ll it’ll blow your mind about how vulnerable we are. And the electric grid to an to an EMP to a solar flare

to a territory for a long time.

Yeah. So anyway, so Quaid is on Fox, and he’s talking about how he believes that Texas could be the new Hollywood, because people are just leaving California. With all the reparations bullshit out there that they’re talking about. They’re leaving in droves. And Quaid is basically saying that he’s he’s made that in Texas. 10 years ago, there was a robust movie industry has kind of fallen off, but he thinks it can be resurrected. What do you think about that?

Oh, yeah. I mean, it’s it’s been incrementally growing, you know, and then with Taylor shared its products, most of them filled here in Texas, that Yeah, I think there’s been a lot of attention paid on that. And I know that the the local municipalities along with the state, really amping up their funds for that kind of stuff out there. They give artists funds to help projects. So right now, it’s really been stepping that stuff up. So yeah, I mean, that’d be pretty neat. I just worry that we get enough Hollywood Californians in here and pretty soon we’re Hollywood, California and state of Texas.

Well, I would imagine, you know, it’d be like the studio’s would set up productions here. You show up your film, you go back to your, you know, your communist Haven. I don’t think George Takei is going to be setting up shop here. Here in Texas any time soon. Just me. I’m just I just don’t think Sulu is making the trek here to Texas. But it was I thought it was kind of fascinating, not only for the economic development standpoint, but there was another who was it there was another company that was it was a it was a dairy processing company, dairy food processing company that’s moving out of California. And coming to Texas. It’s a Latino built company, and they’re coming here WF

since that, since that, cow barn caught on fire. Out shield 8000 Cows Ouch.

Well wfh talking about that if you want to check out the article, it’s I can’t I can’t pronounce the food. It’s it’s spelled C A C iQue. Keke, maybe or Cacique foods and they’re based in California they do cheeses creams, shorty soy sauces, and they’re they’re moving their production facilities here to Texas from California. Awesome. Yeah, right. So more jobs, more economic opportunity. And I think it’s because they recognize, I mean, if I was living in a state or had a business in a state that was about ready to tax the living daylights out of me to give billions of dollars to people who were never slaves in the name of slavery, I think I want to tip the hell out the door to Absolutely. All right, man, any any closing thoughts to all the mothers out there?

That’s all mothers Happy Mother’s Day. couldn’t do without you. And we appreciate appreciate the fact that you’re indeed real women.

Amen to that. Amen. I’ll drink to that, sir. I’ll drink to that. Shawn Chastain, everybody the show behind the show, buddy. Have a great day. All right, thank you. That’s a wrap on this Salcedo Storm podcast. Do me a favor, kids visit a couple of websites Texas and Chris You can get all the information on our pals at Texas scorecard and the Chris Salcedo shows there until we visit again my friends remember this, a societies worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends.


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