Jim Nelles is a supply chain economist based in Chicago. He has served as a Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Supply Chain Officer, and a Chief Operations Officer for multiple companies. Jim served his country as a Naval Officer after attending college on an NROTC scholarship. He has a BA from Northwestern University in Economics and French as well as a Masters in Management from the JL Kellogg Graduate School of Business.

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I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he score podcast on the podcast it’s a little different than on talk radio. Even more different than it is on Newsmax although I gotta say, I guess the podcast is more like Newsmax TV, the Chris Saucedo show on Newsmax TV minute is on talk radio, because sadly, the podcast doesn’t give us any chance to interact other than than the comments you leave, or the emails you send me. So getting instantaneous feedback from you guys is a little difficult, a little more difficult, I should say. But if I’m to ask you what the pillars of strength of the United States of America are, what would you say? I think a lot of Americans never stop, you know, we all say hey, I’m an American, I’m proud to be American, at least those of us who are conservative, those of us who are Republicans, Independents, and maybe even some fair minded Democrats, however many are left will say I’m proud to be an American. But what is it to be an American? What are the pillars of our strength? Why has the United States of America shot up and comparatively speaking, in a relatively short period of time to to be the pinnacle of the globe’s achievement. And of course, we can also examine what is leading to our fall. But the pillars of strength as I see them, for the United States of America. We have our economic strength, our constitutional strength, and then our military strength to keep it all going. And when you have those strengths, constantly being eroded. The Constitutional strength really encompasses a lot of things, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, a moral and just people as outlined in the Constitution. That, that that is very powerful. That is a major defining element of what it is to be an American. And that’s why the other side worked so hard to destroy those things. They’re trying to destroy our national identity, and they’re doing a damn good job of it. Because far too far too many people are tuning out. We’ve turned over our children and gov AD, the worst mistake that we ever made was allowing government to educate our children, and their denigrating and debasing and not supporting the very ideals that make us America. And again, the aforementioned pillars, the Constitution slash rule of law, the military strength and our economic strength. Now i i guess it wasn’t deemed too controversial because it didn’t really make anybody bat an eyelash. But I said last week on the Newsmax show that it is my sincere belief, the Democrats want us to default on the debt ceiling. They want us to default because, as you as I just said, the Democrat Party is interested in undermining the constitutional republic and our strength. That is the United States of America in favor of a totalitarian cabal that rules over us all a one world government. Those of you who know your Bible will know the dangers of all that. But at any rate, the economic strength that we have, keeps our military up, keeps our constitution in force, see how it all works together. And by defaulting on our debt once the world gets one Word that the United States of America can no longer pay its bills. The undermining of the world’s reserve currency, which happens to be the US dollar will be significant. And then you’ll have Communist China with a good deal of propaganda already at its back in this regard, wandering around the globe saying, Hey, don’t trade in dollars anymore. Trade in the Chinese one. And then you got Mother Russia out there backing him up and the totalitarians in Iran backing them up. Because now because of weak American leadership, you have the status of the world, the left wingers of the world with a lot of allies in the Democratic Party here in the United States, working to end the United States of America. So the abandonment of the Constitution, the abandonment of the rule of law, is what’s enabling these forces inside of our own country to collude and coordinate much the way Senator Ted Kennedy tried to do with the Soviet Union to bring down President Ronald Reagan and his America first agenda. So I think it all colludes folks, and that’s why I’m so worried about it will combine these discussions, the malfeasance of the FBI and our economic strength or fading economic strength coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you not the government. I liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Salcedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. The establishment media is out of touch with the real things real Texans care about real news for real Texans. That’s what Texas scorecard does every day, learn more and subscribe for free, Texas scorecard.com/chris. Our government has us afraid folks, the revelations from the Durham report basically stifling conversations. Now that now that you’ve had had it confirmed that the FBI and very powerful forces are coming after you if you do speak up. This is how whole societies and hole countries lose their freedom. This is exactly how it’s worked out throughout human history. And where it’s folks, you have a front row seat, you have a front row seat to the fall of arguably the greatest nation on the planet has ever hosted the United States. And I think I understand that the level of fear that you all have. If they’re gonna go after a sitting president, they’re gonna make up stuff about him. What are they going to do to me? I understand that, I don’t think I don’t think shrinking from it is going to help. I think it’s just going to continue to pave the way for our loss of rights and freedoms and laws of our country. But I understand it’s good. The Jim Nels is a supply chain economist based in Chicago. He served as the Chief Procurement Officer Chief supply chain Officer and Chief Operations Officer for multiple multiple companies. Jim served his country as a naval officer after attending college on a NROTC scholarship. He has a BA from Northwestern University in economics and French, as well as a master’s in management from the JL Kellogg Graduate School of Business. Mr. Nails Welcome to sell snowstorm podcast hear you. Good morning. Thank you very much for having me, sir. First off, I guess I was planning on pivoting to some debt ceiling discussion today and who could have known the Durham report was going to be dropping? Let me just let me just ask you, as a former officer, your take on the FBI launching an investigation with no evidence. I’m not surprised. And I’m even less surprised by the findings of the Durham report. And even less less surprised, if you will, that nothing’s gonna happen. We’ll see this report 300 pages 10s of millions of dollars. And the FBI is laughing right now because they’re like, yeah, now point to me one person that’s going to go to jail over this because it’s just not going to happen. And it goes back to the point that you were making in your intro that it’s going to drive more and more Americans to be afraid to speak out. And to take a stance against things that they see happening to the country and not wanting it to happen. And that’s that’s the shame. And we can’t do it. I’m just the guy. And I’m just the guy that got tired of yelling at his TV and decided to pick up a pen, sit down at a keyboard and start writing and talking about these things. And we need more people start doing well and then you’ve got the juxtaposition you Have your former comrades in arms of yours in the Navy. One guy I remember this case, and maybe you do too. He took a picture in front of us in the engine room of it’s either a sub or one of the ships in the Navy. And he was up on charges lickety split. And, you know, basically had the book thrown at them. Hillary Clinton, along with Democrats inside the FBI launch a falsely credited predicated investigation against a sitting president of the United States, and then undermines the first two years of his presidency on a false narrative. And nothing happens to them. Absolutely. I mean, let’s look, look, the example that just happened. George Santos last week came into a federal indictment. And George Santos has not sold I’m gonna stand up and defend. But the FBI came up with a multiple count indictment against him in less than five months. They’ve been investigating Hunter Biden longer than the United States was involved in World War Two. That gives you an idea of, you know, this the rules for the not for me, if you’re a part of the political elites, and the ruling class, you get a pass and if you’re part of someone who have a group that wants to challenge the status quo, and standby, put your boots on, because they’re gonna come after you. And it’s, again, like I said, it’s a shame that it’s happening, but it is happening, and people have to no longer be afraid to speak up against it, you know, have a good have a good tax attorney, have a good lawyer, state your case and be ready to go and be ready to go. You know what, and it got so bad that these people even went so far as to lie to a FISA court judge. They lied to the FISA court multiple times. Actually, I think I think the total number is four times they lied, to continue this false investigation falsely predicated no evidence of any Trump campaign, Russia collusion, yet they pushed forward anyway, because they were using the FBI as a political weapon. And are you as shocked as I am of how I can understand how a lot of folks perhaps listening to our interview, how they are shrinking in fear, and they they can’t possibly go up against the government. Are you shocked, though, that so many Republicans are also cowardly and intimidated? And maybe on the take, as the FBI has been? No, they’re necessary for because I’m not shocked. I mean, let’s be let’s be totally honest and clear here. We basically have the Union Party, we have a political elite class in the United States, there’s really not much difference between a Republican and a Democrat. I think it’s Dan bungee, no, that says often, there are no Democrats who are Republicans, but most Republicans are Democrats. And it kind of is that way. So what they did to President Trump was a message that they sent to anyone who doesn’t come from the political elite, say, Don’t come into our party, don’t play in our sandbox, because if you do, this is what’s going to happen. And that’s why you saw guys like Mark Cuban who were talking about running for president when Trump ran all of a sudden shrinking away from that, because who would want to put their families to that? Yep. And it’s only someone with the money of a President Trump with, quite frankly, an ego of President Trump, who says, You know what, you know, I’m going to do it and I don’t care. I’ve got all the money that I need. I’m old enough that it’s not going to really matter. And I’m gonna expose the political elite for what they are, but it’s both sides. And you know, it’s I mean, if you think there’s much difference between say, a Lindsey Graham and a Chuck Schumer, you’re sadly mistaken. Unfortunately. Very true. By the way, Jim helped me out. I did pronounce your last name correctly. Is it? Is it nehls or is it Nellis? Its nose rhymes with smells. I just want to make sure because I’ve seen nails spelled different ways and yours could be Nellis. But I mean, I just wanted to make sure I was pronouncing it correctly. Jim Nels, I think it goes goes back to my family being lazy, and one syllable was easier than two. So there you go. Jim, Nels is our guest right now, folks, former Navy and he knows a lot about economics. He’s highly trained in that. And this is kind of the reason why I initially booked you was to talk about the debt ceiling discussion. And there’s a poll that just came out from Trafalgar Trafalgar has been one of the most accurate polling services post 2020 election out there, if not the most accurate, and they say that over 60% of the American people want to see the debt ceiling increased, but they want reduction in government spending because of all of the inflation that the government by its profligate spending is caused, not to mention all the irresponsible spending and putting our great great grandchildren in on in servitude on repayable debt. How do you see the debt ceiling debate? I see it was very interesting. I mean, it is a unique situation where the government calls slowing the growth of increasing the debt as a debt reduction. Right. And that’s kind of like saying that if I gained 10 pounds over Thanksgiving, and then only gained five pounds over Christmas that I’m doing better and losing weight. And that’s really not the case. Right? So we really need to look at what we’re doing. And what I would love. I don’t want to get too wonky here. But what I would love to see the government do is go to what’s called zero based budgeting. Thank you. And what that means is that every year, you have to create your budget, as opposed to every year coming back and saying, I need an X percent increase over what last year’s budget was, well, how do you get by every penny that you’re spending? How do you lead? Well, how do you hold that? Yeah, before you before you go on? How do you get by lazy legislators like Mitch McConnell, who, you know, had a bad fall? So he’s even he’s even more lazy today? How do you get by lazy Republicans like John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell who say, we’re just going to do continuing resolutions or omnibus spending packages, from here on screw this whole budgeting, by the way, which is required by law? Screw the law says Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, we’re just going to do it this way. And it’s the most irresponsible way to do things, isn’t it? No, I agree with you. Absolutely. You know, there’s really only one of two ways to implement what you’re talking about. One is to get the people who are in charge to decide to have term limits, which is never going to happen, right. They’re never going to build themselves out of office. And our our founding fathers never had any sort of inkling that there was going to be professional politicians, right, that that that subject to them was completely foreign, which is why that’s really the one glaring thing that they left out of the Constitution was term limits. But if you’re gonna have term limits for the politicians, you also need terminals for the bureaucrats because then if you don’t, the bureaucrats become the one with all the power Yep, never gonna get turned on. That’s what people have to do is primary, these these Rhyno Republicans, and vote them out of office and vote in people who are willing to come up and say, I want to do turn less, I’m only going to serve X number of times. You look at someone like avec Ramaswamy, who’s running for president, he’s come out very, very strongly about journalism is both for politicians and for bureaucrats. And he’s taken some stances that I don’t agree with, especially around wanting to raise the voting age. But, you know, the point being, at least there’s someone out there talking about this. And I think more people need to pay attention. And that’s the other sad part here is I think, people get so turned off about what’s happening, that they’re saying I can’t fix anything. And I’m just going to keep my head down and hope it doesn’t hurt me too badly. And move on from there. And we need more people will become active and vote these people out of office campaign for people who are willing to make the changes that have to happen, campaign for people that are going to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and not use it as a tool to make themselves wealthy. And maybe then we can have some hope. Right? And then I think your point about permanent Washington or the deep state, whatever you want to call it actually, circles back to what what happened with the FBI, and what happened with the Department of injustice, these career people, and they have a saying in Washington, you probably heard it, Jim, that you know, lawmakers come and go, but we’re always here. So the support staff that is elected by nobody, these individuals who are part of permanent Washington, they get it in their head that they actually run the country. And they actually have cowards, like John Cornyn running scared cowards, like Mitch McConnell, running scared, and they just want to get theirs and screw the rest of the country, which is a problem, I think that we have to address. Now, as far as the debt ceiling is concerned, I think it’s it is it is a big, big problem, all of this profligate spending. And it seems to me that both parties have agreed, they just want to continue to spend in perpetuity, they don’t want any restrictions on their spending, they want to get theirs. And when the country collapses, they want to make enough money to where they and theirs will be protected and screw the rest of us. That’s just the sense that I get now, there’s one last thing I’m just dying to know what you think about this, the Democrats are out there, banning clean and abundant and inexpensive energy sources like natural gas, that we are told it’s about the environment. But as you know, natural gas is a negligible impact on the environment. We’ve got plenty of it here in the United States, and it would benefit our people. So now that they’re trying to ban natural gas, which is a wonderful fuel. I think there’s another agenda at play here. What do you think that agenda is? I really truly believe that the you know, the far left wing of the Democratic Party is going to the what I call the green God, and there’s there’s so much money in what they call renewable energy. And interestingly, you know, with Biden at all, all that money goes to China, the the batteries that are made are all come from China, their mind and places like Congo using child slave labor as mines that are owned by the Chinese. If you paid attention last week, they came out and said that they want to mill charity to have an all electric vehicle fleet by 2030. Can you picture a tank running through Afghanistan or Sudan that’s powered by a battery that was made in China mined with minerals from slave labor. And by the way, there are no charging stations in Sudan to do that tank is going to have to tow a gas powered generator that will then charge that battery. Think about that. I know, I know. That’s what they’re trying to do. The mission of the military is not to worry about its carbon footprint emissions and military is to destroy the enemy and destroy the enemy’s ability to wage war. So you know, this, this whole thing is a joke. And, you know, my I wrote an article for The Daily wire, about a month and a half ago that talked about you can’t have a serious discussion around green energy without talking about nuclear power. You had brought up natural gas, which is the second cleanest source of energy that we have the cleanest and quite frankly, statistically, the safest source of energy is nuclear power. If you look at all the nuclear power plants and all the nuclear reactors that have been running in the world, there are over 17,000 years of data for nuclear power, and they’ve had a total of three accidents. In that 17,000 years, we had Chernobyl, which was a terrible disaster, but you can blame that on the communists and their inability to to do things the right way. We had Three Mile Island and then we had Fukushima in Japan, that was a result of a of a tidal wave that was that went through there. So nuclear energy is extremely safe. It’s extremely clean. And here’s here’s a little fun fact. And maybe John Cornyn can can wrap his head around this one. You were going to try to power the United States using wind and solar energy. Yep, you would need to dedicate the equivalent of five times the state of South Dakota’s landmass to wind farms and solar farms in order to get there. Can you imagine having to do that in the United States where they’re going to put these things? Doesn’t make any sense. And let’s say that a lot of this push is because Biden is beholden to China. And it’s China’s way of getting into the United States surreptitiously. And it sadly, it’s working. I mean, it’s funny, I have a friend who just purchased a a Tesla. And he was super excited about how fast it goes from zero to 60. And I just looked at him I live in Chicago, it’s a great, let’s race to LA, I’ll give you a one day Head Start one day Head Start exactly, because he’ll be plotting the charging stations wherever he can find them on the way. And I think it made my point, Jim, that it’s not about the environment. It’s not about it’s not about the carbon footprint. It’s not about any of the things the left says it’s not about sustainable, which nuclear energy does. It’s about control. They don’t want to solve the problem of abundant energy. They want to limit it, they want to profit off of it, and they want to limit it so they can use it as a mechanism of control. And that’s that’s exactly what the left is after here. Utilizing, you know, putting the government in control. It’s all communism, everything they do is in service to communism, folks, our guest Jim Nell’s supply chain economist based in Chicago, also a Navy veteran, sir, appreciate your service to the country and the time here. My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me today. Yeah, kids. I’m not sure that if you want to succeed at anything, you put Kamala Harris in charge of it. I think when you want to fail at something, where’s Kamala? Yeah. So we want to fail at this fine Kamala Harris, find Beijing Biden find your nearest Democrat. I don’t believe the Democrat Party wants America to survive. And by the way, if we default on the debt, that’s another huge blow to the possibility our nation makes it out of the survives the Democrat Party, folks couple of websites I want you to pay a visit to number one, Texas scorecard.com That’s Texas. scorecard.com number two, Chris salcedo.com and you go to Chris saucedo.com You can drop me an email you can drop me a voicemail track down the Chris Salcedo shows on KSC V the voice of Texas on TNT radio, and on rumble and get our chats until we visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends, go on, give us a smile go on. You know you want to Well, if it’s that bad, maybe you need a bit of help from G four by goalpara g4 by goalpost and give you brand new permanent teeth in just 24 hours. They’ll give you a new smile that looks feels and functions just like natural teeth. 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