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If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry About What's Going Down In Our Country

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He is the host of the nationally syndicated Rob Carson Show. He is the host of “What in the World,” on Newsmax TV. He’s my friend, Rob Carson.

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Some of the stories that didn’t want to get let go because they’re still serious. They’re impacting us. And things that we shouldn’t lose sight of and all the political rigamarole out there, the borders. 

Beijing, Biden doesn’t want to let all the folks around this country know that his border crisis is still ongoing that our southern border is still an open wound on this country. So the lengths to which you will go to keep it all under wraps, CNN and MSNBC s and all these other biased organizations don’t report on it. The extent to which they will go is to basically screw their own people. Now, let me explain this here is New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, he might as well be down on both knees doing this press conference. But here is what he had to say in regards to the illegal alien infestation inside of his city have a lesson. 

“The immigration system in this nation is broken. It has been broken for decades, while also asking the federal government to declare a state of emergency. This will allow federal funds to be allocated quickly to help address the urgent challenges we face.” 

See, and that’s the problem. Beijing Biden is trying to convince everybody in his reelection that there is no crisis. There is no emergency. You can’t declare a state of emergency when the whole idea is to try to give us the country that there is no emergency so what what people inside of New Yorker alleging these are Democrats alleging about other Democrats are saying Beijing Biden is telling us to suck it up until after the election. Because the net now the impetus is on lying to the American people and telling them that everything’s okay. 

But New York is far from Okay, now they’re getting hundreds and hundreds of illegal aliens every single day. Well, Eagle Pass, Texas is getting 1000s and 1000s of illegal aliens every single day. It’s I know, I know, those in Texas are going yeah, really tell us how bad you have it up in New York, Massachusetts already declaring a state of emergency up there. But here’s what Beijing Biden told New York suck it up. We can’t give you any money. Because the impetus now is to lie to the American people so that Joe Biden can get reelected. And if we give you money, we’ll be admitting that there’s still a crisis and we can’t do that. We can’t do that. So that’s one aspect of this. 

The NWA PCP the National Association for the Advancement of progressive colored people, they are decrying the Democrats defund the police movement. Listen to this.  

“Darren White is with the NAACP Oakland branch, which penned an open letter to their city, blaming failed leadership, the defund the police movement, and anti police rhetoric for creating a heyday for Oakland criminals. We’re not trying to say you know, mass incarceration and arrest everyone. We want the people that are out here committed these violent crimes, arrested and charged. Do we need more cops on the street? Yes, we do many more. Every community in the US police.” 

Wow. Wow, what a departure from what the Democrats want for this country, lawlessness and chaos and division everywhere. So now you got the NAA PCP parting ways with the Democrats to fund the police movement spearheaded by the likes of Cory bush and others. By the way, she’s a member of Congress for those of you who don’t know. And then there’s CNN on the economic front, folks, I just found this fascinating as the illusion that Joe Biden’s economy is getting better when exactly the opposite is true. Listen to this. 

“For the first time in history, credit card debt for Americans has hit $1 trillion, to be exact. $1,003,000,000,000. That’s according the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That big number made public as consumers brace for yet another potential rate hike, as policymakers try to keep inflation in check.” 

It is that that is the economy stupid. That’s the old political axiom, right? It’s the economy, stupid. And the economy is not doing that great. When you have a whole bunch of Americans putting a whole bunch of stuff on credit because everything’s so dang expensive. Jake Tapper, speaking of CNN was talking about how you know, everything is, you know, we’re being told we’re putting out all this, this stuff about how great Biden is and Biden’s out there touting how great everything is supposed to be. But Americans aren’t buying it. Here’s Jake Tapper. Listen to this. 

“So the White House clearly trying to gin up excitement for President Biden’s 2024 campaign. His CNN poll from last week found the President Biden’s approval rating. Is it only 41% only 37% of Americans approve of his handling of the economy. I said this in our staff meeting today. I feel like I’ve been noting this for three years. President Biden is out there heralding such and such. And the American people disapprove overwhelmingly, three years in we’re still having this conversation. We’re having a conversation because there is not the connection isn’t happening.” 

Yeah, the propaganda is just not landing it. You know, Democrats will sit there until your life is better than it was under Trump. It’s better don’t you know, it’s better CNN will reaffirm that your life is better. Look at the numbers that we’re ginning up and that we’re, you know, we’re skewing to the greatest benefit possible for a Democrat. And the American people aren’t feeling it. They’re not experiencing it because of something we call reality. Reality gets in the way of left wing Democrat propaganda, whether it’s being spewed by the Biden White House, or CNN, no propaganda here to some fun and frivolity from time to time, our buddy Rob Carson pays a visit next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

here he is. I can see him he can’t see me but he’s fantasizing about what I’m wearing right now. Let folks let me welcome to the host of the nationally syndicated Rob Carson Show. He is the host of what in the world on Newsmax TV and again nationally syndicated host Rob Carson Hello my man. 

How are you my friend? 

I’m doing well doing well. I look I guess we should start because we were talking about this Before we brought you on the break this this interview that Trump gave last night to Eric Bolling on Newsmax What do you think? 

Well, I learned that it was great. I think I know that Newsmax is going to have gigantic ratings because the mainstream media so terrified of Donald Trump, they will do everything to keep them off their airwaves. Yeah, the American people are out putting two and two together. And they already have they know that Joe Biden is absolutely compromised. He’s a joke. They know that Donald Trump is going to beat whoever in this primary. I’m not I’m not meaning to be anti whatever I just say, and this is a different year, Chris, you know, this. This is a completely different year than we’ve ever experienced in our lives. And it is unfair for the other GOP candidates to even be in the race with Donald Trump at this point. It just is because nobody who voted for Donald Trump is going to change votes for anybody. It’s just not going to work. Well, there was that but I just thought it was I thought it was a very good interview, I thought that there was a lot of truth being told there. And and you know, you always one of the things I thought was best, you know, everybody’s saying that Donald Trump can’t win and the general really? good. Show me the poll that says it Donald Trump can’t beat a guy who is mentally and physically out of his mind and is a criminal and we’re learning more and more. It’s so overwhelming that Donald Trump can’t win yet. Rhonda Santas with 12 points now can suddenly unite everybody to vote for him. Really? No. 

Okay, so let’s do one thing at a time. Let’s go with Trump. Because you mentioned the fact that he that we’ve got somebody that’s crooked, in the Oval Office, Trump knows it. And he made I think he made headlines because he said it over and over. Now, look, we’ve had hit or miss on you being able to hear these sound bites in the past. I’m going to try to play I know the audience will be able to hear it. But this just so you know, what’s playing in case you can’t? It’s going to be? So it’s kind of weird that way. Yeah, it’s going to be the part where he’s talking to bowling about how corrupt he thinks Beijing Biden is. So here it is. Listen. 

“I believe we have a compromised president. I believe he is so petrified of China, because they know how much money has been given to him. And they know where it is. And I’ll tell you, Jamie comer, has done an incredible job, Jim Jordan, they’ve done an incredible job. But they found as of today, I think $32 million that went into his accounts and the various accounts of the family.” 

So the headline is, of course, that he’s saying that Joe Biden is compromised, which the vast majority of Americans agree he is compromised, and Democrats know it. They just don’t admit it on air. So let’s deal with that first. 

Well, and also I will mention this that every day that you think the Democrats are celebrating because of a victory. So if some sort of an indictment or one that every morning they wake up absolutely terrified. I don’t care who it is. Every Democrat including even like a Joe Scarborough and Yoko Budzinski, those two because she, you know, kind of Yokote his career anyway. Honestly, seriously, no man changes his mind like that as a conservative unless something’s going on. And he’s getting a little sign. Anyway, that said, Honestly, that’s why I’m married. I’ll never change. 

Well, wait a minute, we call that morning Brzezinski for a reason we know who wears the pants in that family? 

We exactly know exactly. But you know, honestly, people, people understand that the evidence is so overwhelming that Joe Biden is corrupt. And, and there’s no doubt about it. And I also want to say that the the mainstream media is being driven into irrelevance. And it’s because people realize that they’re just now touting the party line more than ever, it’s becoming obvious even to the people who aren’t necessarily Trump supporters. It’s becoming painfully obvious that the the letter the letter networks are just propaganda that’s why they’re turning it off. That’s why Newsmax was kicking. But, but, but it’s very clear that that Donald Trump or Joe Biden is is gotten the money from our adversaries. And then you see the policy changes that have been made the friendly policy changes that we’ve made never holding China accountable for COVID sending all of our energy production, batteries, electric batteries, windmills, all of that to China it’s very obvious that it is a quid pro quo as obvious as firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma and everybody’s getting it and and as much as the other the media tries to ignore all of this and focus on Donald Trump’s supposed corruption they were they have to make up you know, they have to use laws that came out in the in the Civil War to go after him meanwhile, you literally have hundreds of bank records millions of dollars and and the the media still ignore it. And it’s just laughable, it would be laughable if it won’t serve more. It’s so serious, but nobody’s listening to them anymore because they get it they get the grift 

True a true enough. True enough. Let’s focus in on that because the latest revelations coming out of James commerce committee, Rob, is this these revelations of overseas bank accounts now? You just did a fantastic job of articulating why the Biden’s on the legal side. Keep all of these ill gotten gains from Foreign from foreign governments and overseas business accounts. Let me focus on the politics. And you know what I love doing this. I love ping and Democrats soup because it’s incredibly fun. And but here’s a guy. And here’s a political party that wanders around the country saying, rich people don’t pay their fair share. They don’t pay their fair share. And we need to tax the living daylights out. This is coming from the leader of the Democrat socialist party that has overseas business accounts to do what Say with me not pay their fair share. So politically speaking, not legally, politically speaking, if the press isn’t successful at suppressing this information, how damaging to the Democrat party do you think these revelations are? 

Well, I think there is a great awakening coming. We’re in the middle of Chris and even I heard Victor Davis Hanson mentioned it the other day, I said, we’re in the beginning stages of a new American Revolution. It is a peaceful revolution. And the same thing happened at the end of the madness of the 1960s that you and I don’t remember, I was too literally I was a toddler. But what we saw all the madness of the left in the 1960s and then ultimately ended up in Richard Nixon winning a landslide of epic proportions, the same thing is going to happen. The same thing happened after Jimmy Carter was the President this time, they really went for broke, the class of 1968 was crushed in 1968. And they retreated into academia where they spent the last 50 plus years indoctrinating the next generation, they’re quite successful with millennials, by the way, Gen Z not so much. But we’re gonna we’re in the middle of a peaceful revolution. And people now can see very clearly through all of this and another indictment that we’ll drop the next time that we find a buttload of information. You know, corruption. I mean, at this point, there are so many bucketloads it’s like a rap video anyway, but loads of information everywhere. That it’s just gonna be, it’s become absurd, honestly, that’s why I use the expression. You know why I think Joe Biden is corrupt, because I’m not stupid. Honestly, I get tired of reading through the litany of evidence and if you honestly don’t get the litany of evidence, and you’re not paying attention to you want to ignore it, I have no time for a conversation with you at this point. 

And indeed, and if you want to be willfully ignorant, which basically describes all these people on X or Twitter, whatever you want to call it, that are that are left wingers, you want to be ignorant Go ahead, but the only people that are stupid enough to follow these people are people who still stupid another vote Democrat. Now on the same level, by the way, Rob Carson is our guest right now, folks, it is the nationally syndicated Rob Carson show on Radio, and what in the world on Newsmax, that’s where you can catch his act. January 6, this year, you have Joe Biden and the Biden crime, family leaving their overseas business accounts because they’re hiding their corruption. Turns out the unselect Committee, which was the first time in American history, where the minority party didn’t get to select their conferees to a select committee. Nancy Pelosi railroaded this through with basically all functional Democrats, Ken singer and Cheney were all functional Democrats. So it was a partisan exercise. They, it turns out, didn’t preserve records. 

No, really shut your man. I know. 

So of course, you know, when you’re legitimate, and you have nothing to hide that the first thing you do is destroy records. Of course, well, this is the same way with Hillary Clinton Minar server and the emails we’ve been there before. It’s very obvious what they’re trying to do here, you know, and it’s also kind of funny because the only two people the Republicans, they put on the kangaroo court, which allowed no cross examination, no evidence to the contrary, it was produced by an ABC producer. You know, it was a joke. It was a televised joke. And still, Liz Cheney got beaten by 40% by Harriet Hagaman. And Adam Kinzinger is being drummed out of Congress because everybody gets it. Everybody gets it. That was a bunch of crap. It was a giant flaming pile of crap. Everybody knows that the second impeachment of Donald Trump was a giant load of crap. He was exonerated completely in both impeachments and he and he was exonerated completely by the kangaroo court. And then Jack Smith rolls along and he decides to dig and and look through and whatever and look at statutes from 1865. You know, Chris, honestly, if this thing in Florida happens and it will happen, it will be another indictment. That’ll be four times Georgia, in Georgia, or in Georgia yet, but that’ll be four times and that’s the first time in history. The only other indictment about President after he left office was Ulysses Grant. After the Civil War. He was honestly I’m not kidding. He was riding too fast on a horse in DC. I wish I were kidding. But I’m not. It would be a parking violation today, by the way, because DC is a total parking trap. But anyway, so four indictments of Donald Trump and yet everybody says that he’s not going to win in the general bullcrap; those four diamonds say the opposite. I notice Chris, 

I’m not stupid because you’re not stupid. I see I’m sensing a theme here folks. We got butt loads and trap we got but loves. There’s a theme that’s underlying here, which is you know, when Democrats run your country that’s that’s the theme that kind of emerged. Speaking of of Democrats running America with Mitch McConnell has come out and said that he does not believe that Beijing Biden should his good friend, Beijing Biden, they are brothers in arms in support of Communist China, Mitch and Joe. He doesn’t believe that Joe Biden should be impeached. Your reaction to Mitch. 

Well, first of all, even though he is the minority leader, his opinion means nothing. All right, it doesn’t it’s not really not even worth covering. But yesterday he’s talking about Yeah, impeachment should be Uber Eats bird should be rare. Oh, hold on. Let me break my brain freeze up. Okay. But anyway, your face just did a perfect Mitch McConnell. That is crazy. What’s funny is, well, you know, it would be funny, like I said it but went through absurd. But Mitch McConnell’s opinion doesn’t matter. Second of all, he the Republicans are always reticent to go after impeachment. Meanwhile, the Democrats do it wholeheartedly with no evidence. They do a faceplant. Here’s the difference. We have evidence. Okay, there you go. So I don’t know why anybody is afraid of this at this point. I know that I’ve spoken to Byron Donalds of talking to others when they’re they’re getting enough evidence whatever I saw in Iowa that 77% of Republicans won an impeachment but you know why? Because they know we have enough damned evidence and they also know that an impeachment hearing all of this comes out, even if nothing comes from it because of the Senate. All of this comes out. Every truth gets exposed that they have tried to cover up. Yep, 

Yep. So it’s folks I’m sensing a theme again. Yes, we’ve got butts we’ve got crap we’ve got Mitch, it’s all it’s you guys. It’s all aligning in the stars the planets it’s just even, even Victor Davis answered. I know. I really I really liked the guy he’s fantastic. He even he said that Biden has the reverse Midas Midas touch everything gold he turns to crap I’ve said that forever. So that’s maybe the theme that we’re getting at well, you know what, I want to pay attention to something and the culture slash business because this has the juxtaposition of these stories has me scratching my head by the way Rob Carson is our guest right now folks nationally syndicated radio show and what in the world on Newsmax okay, we’ve got target that is now being sued by their their investors saying, You guys are going woke and you’re costing us billions of dollars. So now those investors are suing target, you’ve got Bud Light being forced to sell off eight craft brew brands to the tune of $85 million. Because they’re taking it in the shorts. Boy, there’s that theme again. They’re taking they’re taking in the shorts, but then the Barbie movie. Oh, yeah. Does a billion dollars worldwide. Can you make sense of any of that? 

Well, because people are going to see the Barbie movie, you’re going to see the Barbie baby. Oh my God, and they don’t even know what’s good. They don’t even care. I really don’t care either. It’s like the Barbie movie. And honestly, if there’s some sort of messaging in the Barbie movie, the people that go see the Barbie movie are so stupid. They wouldn’t even recognize it. So I don’t care. I don’t care about the stupid Barbie movie. Yeah, made a billion dollars. Yee ha It’s Mind Candy. It’s moronic. Who cares? Am I actually who I respect a lot actually said there were that was pretty funny movie. He thought Gosling was really funny and that’s fine. I’ll take it at face value. But as far as target is concerned about his Bud Light, Bud Light and one of the reasons why they’re selling those off I think might have because I caught I stopped drinking. And when I did their value went down tremendously. 

It’s all you. 

it is all me and it’s all me Trust me. Trust me on that one all the way I’d never drink Bud Light because I gave up in college because I drink good beer. Anyway, Sorry bud, light drinkers. All three of you. But But as far as target and you always got to be next to get suit. It’s got to be Disney because Disney now as a trans influencer, an adult male who dresses up like Minnie Mouse, and nobody’s willing to say, oh, maybe he’s a fetishist. Alright, maybe there’s something broken about this adult man who dresses up like Minnie Mouse. I mean, dear God in heaven. So Disney is going to be the same way and this is how we win. Chris, you know this as well as I do. Sometimes it’s very obvious. at the box office when people reject sometimes it’s very obvious when we turn off Netflix. But when we make these companies suffer financially for the incredibly inane mistakes that they make, that’s when it really hit home. That’s why this is being rejected. That’s why dei is doing a faceplant in every place but the government right now, because the government doesn’t have to succeed or fail; they can fail forever and still get away with it. But even college and even universities now are chasing woke off campus still got a long way to go. But people are realizing this has all been nonsense. It’s all been thrown at us by children and and and radical leftists and and we’re awakened to it so stories target yes through their butts off if I was a shareholder I would sue them for everything. 

Yep. Yep. You know, folks is the crystal Saito show axiom. They can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money and that goes for government and that goes for the private sector as well. Rob Carson, everybody, the ROB Carson Show nationally syndicated on radio everywhere. You listen to talk radio, by the way, what’s coming up on your show today? 

Well, we’ve got a lot of stuff on the show today, a lot of Trump audio from last night a lot of new polling stuff. I got some pretty interesting stories, for instance, fear in Australia, because they there was a grocery store and they found a spider there they evacuated because there was a spider that if a man is bitten by it, he suffers perpetual erections. I’m not kidding. And so I’m like, Well, I’m kind of torn. You know, I’d be like, do I want to shop there? Do I kinda want it? So And oddly enough, they find the spiders in bunches of bananas, kind of an irony there. How about that? We got that today. So we’ve got some absurdity. 

Honestly, somebody tells me we went went to research some of those spiders, their friend, Rob Carson, everybody, make sure you check him out his nationally syndicated radio show and on Newsmax, that’s gonna wrap up this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast do mean yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas and Chris, the newly revamped Chris Check it out. Give me some feedback if you’re so inclined, and also find our social media hookups that are located there until we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends 

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