Reflections on Life & Liberty
Reflections on Life & Liberty
Responding to Lackluster Effort

Many of the Republican officeholders in Texas are very upset with the grassroots. The politicians are mad that citizens aren’t being appropriately appreciative for what we are “getting” this session.

One person recently suggested to me conservatives should just be “grateful for getting something rather than nothing.” Such defeatist notions might explain why the Texas GOP is in the place it’s in; party loyalists have enslaved themselves to the tyranny of low expectations, held captive to the politics of personality.

Rather than deliver on fully and completely on their promises, too many politicians expect voters to rally around vague notions of party “unity.” I’m all for unity… around real things. The best kind of unity arises when elected officials deliver without excuse on the promises they have repeatedly made. No one has an obligation – moral or otherwise – to unify around stale table scraps.



Remembering to be Thankful

Every generation must shrug the vestiges of socialism if we are truly thankful for liberty.


A Republic Worth Serving

On Veterans Day, we should thank those who served… and make sure we are building a republic worth serving.