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S5, Ep. 83: The Show Behind The Show, 9-11 / Paxton Impeachment Edition

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Chris and Sean talk about 9-11, the Paxton impeachment, and the Dem’s attack on the Constitution.

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and then I have a great vacation. It was much needed folks. And I come back find out my My studio is basically hobbled destroyed. I had so much stuff fried I guess my My studio is located in North Texas, and we had some pretty wicked storms come through and just fried a lot of our equipment. So the radio show was hobbled the TV show is going to be offline until we can get some replacement equipment and with a supply chain crisis, who knows how long that’s going to be? So we’ll we’ll keep you posted here on the podcast. 

But maybe we get Newsmax TV back on by by Wednesday, but it was there was some pretty wicked weather. You know what else was pretty wicked what was going on in the Texas Senate? I thought this case pushed by the house was corrupt. It was illegal. It was completely political. It was absolutely political. 

Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram out there saying the quiet part out loud, saying well, let’s let’s keep in mind, there doesn’t need to be proof of a crime to be impeached. There was no crime. And that’s what we’re finding out. The reason why Ken Paxton, in my humble opinion finds himself under attack from Dade feeling and House leadership and every single Socialist Democrat in the Texas House is because he is an effective Republican who believes in actually opposing Democrats and that’s why he has to be stopped. 

The George W. Bush’s of Texas, the bushes as they’re called, they don’t want any Republicans out there. Opposing Democrats, the Republican’s job is to pucker up and kiss the ass of every Democrat they can find. That’s the Republican’s job as George W. Bush did. It’s what George HW Bush did. You know, read my lips, no new taxes. 

So any Republican that gets it in their head that they should be standing against Marxists, socialists, anti-American freaks the Democrat Party has devolved into, well, that Republican finds himself under attack by other Bush-like Republicans. 

And we’re finding out these attacks are not even based on the rule of law. They’re based on we hate you, and we’re going to do whatever we can to get you out. So the Senate and which is arguably more conservative than the Texas House. The Senate has to listen to all this garbage. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s just garbage. Here was the bombshell from week one of Ken Paxton, his impeachment trial, where they had to admit the Co-conspirators had to admit there’s no evidence of a crime. Listen:

“let me get this straight. You went to the FBI and reported him for potential crimes without any evidence. Do I have that correct? We went to the FBI and reported please answer my question. Yes. Our belief that criminal activity had occurred. That was not my question. There was no excuse to answer the question. Yes or no? Did I ask it again? Mr. Vassar, please. I want to get this straight. You went to the FBI on September 30 With your compatriots and reported the elected Attorney General of this state for a crime without any evidence? Yes. That’s right.”

That’s right. No evidence. Yeah, we think he’s guilty because he’s a Republican who opposes Democrats. That’s what makes him guilty. That’s not a crime. Yes, I know. But we need to have them gone. So ta-da. Impeachment ain’t feeling says yes Democrats, whatever you say is seriously folks, if you can’t make this stuff up, here is Ryan Vassar, the same guy you were just hearing from Ryan Vassar, one of the CO conspirators changing his story now that he’s under oath now. Now we know why. 

Now we know why. The house so-called Leadership didn’t put anybody under oath. So they could get this impeachment rammed through. And now that they’re getting people under oath, they’re having to say, oh, yeah, now that we can be held criminally liable. We can’t lie for dead feeling anymore. We can’t lie for Dustin Burrows anymore. We can’t lie for Todd Hunter anymore, and the and Charlie Garen anymore. We can’t live for these people. 

“That opinion was not a legal opinion under subchapter C chapter 402 of the Government Code, was it? Yes, it was a legal opinion under subchapter. 402 It was. Yes, sir. That’s not what you told the House Board of Managers. What did you tell them? I don’t recall. We’ll get to that later. But that’s not what you told them is it? I don’t recall, I may have misstated. You may have misstated”

You may have missed it. I may have misstated In other words, I may have lied to give the house impeachment folks what they wanted, may have lied, you know, because these are these are conservatives after all, and you know, we can send them to jail, we could just lie about them, you know, while the Democrats are proving that with those who, who are Trump supporters. Now this one’s a little bit longer This the same Ryan Vassar man this guy is, this is who David feeling and, and the rest and Charlie Garin where we’re pinning their hopes on series, this is who George P. Bush was pinning all of his hopes on Ryan Vassar. 

Really, here he is. He’s cornered, for accusing Ken Paxton, even though he himself is guilty of what he accused Ken Paxton of by the way, with no evidence.

“One of the things that had to do with your termination, I believe, is you’re voluntarily sending secret Grand Jury subpoenas outside of the office of the Attorney General to someone who is not authorized to receive them. Do you understand that? That’s never been stated to me. But that’s my understanding based on the OAG’s Whistleblower report. Are you aware of some type of exception that allows you to send secret Grand Jury subpoenas to your lawyer? Well, I thought sending it to my lawyer for purposes of legal advice would be permissible. I’m not. Did you check and ask Mr. Sutton, whether he represented any of the subpoena recipients before it, you sent them to him? Yes, in our conversation, for him to represent us, we discussed whether he was able to do so. And after you sent those grand jury subpoenas to your lawyer copying the rest of the so-called whistleblowers, you deleted that email from your inbox. True. That’s right. You are not allowed to delete official records of the Attorney General’s Office true. Official records? No.” 

Okay. So, yes, the Ken Paxton is guilty of exchanging classified Grand Jury information. Do you have any proof? Absolutely none. But Ryan Vassar took that same type of Grand Jury secret information, shared it with his attorney who was not qualified to see it. Everybody following it home? 

“That’s, that’s right. Second, I’m going to ask you, whether you deleted emails from your computer, that should have been preserved as official records. Do you want to consult with your criminal attorney first? No, sir. Did you delete official email records of the Office of the Attorney General Sir, I deleted emails to my personal attorney under the agency’s own information security policy that’s provided to every employee that personal messages of a de minimis nature are allowed on agency devices provided that those messages are deleted to prevent archival.”

Prevent archival, so we didn’t want any proof. We need to delete them to prevent it being archived that I took secret Grand Jury information and shared it with my attorney who was not qualified to see it. Who was not cleared to see it. And I made that determination on my own says Ryan Vassar. Even I mean, folks, I am no lawyer. I don’t even pretend to be one on TV. But when there’s a preservation order, I don’t think I don’t think you want to be deleting emails. 

“Because I made a determination that I emailed Johnny Sutton in my personal capacity with copies of records, not records that had to be maintained on an agency device but copies of records that existed in the office. I deleted the personal message to Johnny Sutton. It seems Mr. Vasser that one of the things you are accusing Ken Paxton of doing is by allowing people outside of the office of the Attorney General to see secret things they should not see. Do I have that correct? No, sir. Mr. Sutton was my personal lawyer. No, that wasn’t my question. Let me try again. Listen to my question. One of the things that you are accusing Ken Paxton of doing is forwarding secret information of the Office of the Attorney General to people who should not have it. Yes. That is a suspicion. You don’t even have enough to make an accusation. You suspect that it occurred, right? Yes, sir.”

I’m not even going to accuse Ken Paxton of doing that. That I just admitted I did. Because I have no evidence. Ryan Vassar. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the Co-conspirators. There, there is so much more stuff to dive into here on the Ken Paxton issue. Let me cue this one up. This is Texas Ranger David Maxwell, who by the way is being defended by by Republicans like Chip Roy, who I’m a big fan of, but I call balls and strikes. And David Maxwell, who’s a Texas Ranger is on the stand and is incredibly evasive. It turns out that Mr. Maxwell said something to the house managers to the effect, hey, there was an exchange of secret information in the dead of night. And what Mr. Maxwell neglected to tell anybody was that he received that information from five or six people. Now, when confronted about who those five or six people was named one of those five or six people. Did you know that David Maxwell, a Texas Ranger, he couldn’t recall the name of one person who made these accusations about the exchange of information in the dead of night he couldn’t remember one. Now this guy’s a Texas Ranger. Right? He’s law enforcement. He’s supposed to remember these details. But so not only does he not recall, and now people are starting to debate whether or not there were even five or six people that told him this. Told him this information. Not only can you not recall any one of their names, but he neglected to tell the house managers that the information he was giving was secondhand information. He was stating it as if he knew it as if it was it was factually based. Now once they got David Maxwell under oath, David Maxwell says I have no personal knowledge now that I’m under oath. But you didn’t say that to the house managers, did you? And it led to this final exchange with one of Ken Paxton’s attorneys listen now. 

“So that you and I are clear Ranger. Okay. You are a fellow that’s taught folks how to testify. Right? Here say it again. Why is it that every time I asked you if you’ve taught folks to testify, you suddenly can’t hear the question. Actually, my testifying, I learned by experience. Okay. And is that one of the things you’ve learned by experience ranger to pause and act like you haven’t heard the question? Maybe. Well, what did you learn? Learn it throws you off? Does it? Does it? And that’s your intent, Ranger. Rather than testifying to the truth and given direct answers your game is to throw people off. Is that where we’re going Ranger? Is that where we’re going? No. That’s what you just said. That’s what you just suggested.” 

Damn, right. Damn, right. So this this guy has been untrustworthy. David Maxwell has been untrustworthy throughout this entire process. Five or six people told me about the exchange in the dead of night. Who are they? Oh, I can’t remember one of them. By the way, did you say that to the house managers that it was it was hearsay that you are accused of an exchange an illegal exchange in the dead of night? Well, no, I didn’t tell them. I didn’t qualify that and say that it was secondhand information. I presented it as if I knew said David Maxwell. because he was forced inside the trial to read back his own damn statement. But I guess he’s just trying to throw us all off, folks. 

So this all circles back to Representative Matt Shaffers questioning of representative Murr. This didn’t age very well, my friend Luke Macias pointing this out and I thought I would play it for you. This was when they first announced the impeachment. 

“To any member of the General Investigations Committee, cross-examine a witness. As I’ve just explained to you, we hired long skilled and qualified attorneys and investigators to do that work for us. Turns out, they were just a bunch of liars who hate Ken Paxton. Turns out, they didn’t put any butter on under oath. And there was a good reason why they didn’t put anybody under oath, because they didn’t want anybody criminally liable for the lies they were going to tell about Ken Paxton and the lies they told to let’s be charitable dupes in the Republican Party, who voted for this, folks, it is my considered opinion that somebody has got to pay a steep price for these proceedings. Somebody has got to pay a steep price these Republicans and every Democrat who voted for it, they must pay a steep price the loss of their jobs in government, in my humble opinion. Now, that’s my brief synopsis of week one of the Ken Paxton trial we get into the show behind the show with our buddy Shawn Chastain coming up next. 

Folks time for the show behind the show. For those of you who have not been listening to our hobbled radio broadcast and not finding us on Newsmax my studio took a massive hit from some nasty wicked weather the rolled through North Texas who were cobbling it together but good old reliable. My technology may fail but Shawn chest he never does anybody. Remember? What good coming off vacation I could have? I could have dealt with a few less headaches. But you know, I guess that’s–

I was completely oblivious to how bad that storm was because where I live west of the Metroplex get some wind yet not maybe a little Wayne but not too much. 

I knew I was in trouble when I was driving in. And I kept on seeing tree limbs everywhere. I mean, they were everywhere in my neighborhood. So it was Oh no, it was as bad as advertised. 

Well, how was the Vacation man? 

Vacation was great. I got together with my pop and my brother. It was a guy’s week and it was it was just fantastic. Found some new fishing holes in the lovely state of Colorado, drank some beer and ate some pizza and just had and basically had a guy’s week and it was good. What were you fishing for trout trout primarily I did catch a couple of bluegill I really would have liked to have. Here’s the funny thing my my brother-in-law fishes too. He was out in San Diego. So we sent him some pictures, some decent-sized trout, maybe a pound, pound and a half right? And he sends back on on his lunch break. He went out and fish in the San Diego River and caught this massive catfish. Probably about a four or five pounder. I’m like, Screw you, dude. That’s like, come on. Seriously. On his lunch. 

Fly fish or lower fish. What do you do? I was using power bait and most of the time I use some lures. Because I didn’t want to clean any more fish to be honest with you. Because we caught our limit almost every time we went out. Oh, cool. And then I fly fished a couple of times. I still have I have yet to catch anything on my fly rod. I’m still trying to master that. That technique. It’s not easy. It looks easy, but it’s a while yeah, I think it takes quite a while to get good at that. It always seems very peaceful but it also seems excessively boring to me. 

Fly fishing on actually fly fishing is it keeps your attention now what’s what’s boring it can be is casting off with sinking bait and you sit there and wait for somebody to hit it. That can be boring. But man, if you’re using lures or you’re using a fly rod it can be it can be engaging. 

So hey, man was gone. Lots of things happening. But this podcast is going to air on September the 11th. So I really want to get your reflections on on that. Just I mean, every time it comes around, I remember exactly what went down where I was, how I watched it, how I lived it, how scared I was how exciting it was, if you’re in the news business, that was a day you’re not gonna forget. And I kind of hate the feelings that it brings up in me. But man, there’s a lot a lot of pent-up hatred For you know, the people who did that. And I try not to let that bleed over into some kind of racist thing you know, where they’re all responsible.

Or religious thing. Yeah, you know radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists were responsible. And that’s, I’m very specific with that. Because that’s, that’s who was responsible? Right? Yeah. I was. I was at Fox six in San Diego. And if you’ve heard me tell the story. I was on the on the set. And I was in the fetal position. When the second tower fell when I knew Oh, this is an attack. We’re under attack. Yeah, yeah. So that that was that’s my most vivid memory. And my oldest was born just months prior to that. So I remember going home, looking down in the crib and going, what kind of world did did we birth you into? I remember that. 

Yeah. The were just little weird things that I remember to like, working on the morning show and coming in at, you know, 430 in the morning, and not a plane in the sky and where the radio station was was right in the path of DFW. And just for what, two weeks not a plane in the sky was so bizarre. And it was eerie. Yeah. And I really, you know, appreciated the feeling that the country came together at that moment. And I hate the fact that it’s probably going to take something like that to get us back together. Yeah, I was gonna go there, too. And I you know, frankly, man, I lament that because I think that was the last time this country was ever unified. And, you know, I’m sorry, it happened to be a Republican president who was in office. And I think if a Democrat had been in office, things would have been very, very different that the Republicans never would have gone scorched earth on a Democrat the way the Democrats went scorched earth on Bush, of course, Bush took it. But to your point. We haven’t been that united since have we? 

And I don’t know that. You know, I’m not a history major or anything. So I don’t know, but I don’t know that the country’s ever been truly united and that’s probably a good thing, because you probably don’t want everybody already marching in the same step. You know, that’s probably not a good thing. Well, so, you know, division is, I think, pretty healthy. 

I’m okay what I’m okay with like saying, hey, you know what? The Constitution is our foundation. That’s our mutual compact. Those are rules we don’t break. Right? Right. Those are rules we don’t break. But how we get there, then I’m okay with that. We haven’t been that way for a long time. And let me give an example. Just the weekend, I’m starting to come back the day before I come back here New Mexico’s governor. Because and check this out. It’s because she’s seeing a spate of gun violence in her state. She issues a suspension of the Second Amendment for 30 days. No open carry no concealed carry. Now, look, I believe that was just an Albuquerque. I think I think it was statewide. 

Yeah, I don’t know. The stories I read. It was it was in Albuquerque and a couple of counties right around there. Like, apparently there were four children shot to death. I don’t know how, which is frightening, because, you know, that’s where my grandkids live. But luckily, they’re on a on a military base. So it’s probably a little bit safer. But yeah, I mean, you can’t do that. And then I like I said, I haven’t really delved into the story of these kids that were murdered. But I doubt seriously say it was a legal gun owner, you know, an open carry constitutional carry guy who just happened to draw down on some kids. 

Yeah. Well, by the way, you were right. You did? It is Albuquerque. Only. Yeah. It’s Albuquerque only but look, man, Jonathan Turley, who’s a Democrat, who’s a liberal who voted for Obama twice. He says, this is blatantly unconstitutional. You can’t. And let’s not forget the these Democrats, they create the criminal atmosphere, they go soft on criminals, they have unleashed these criminals. And then the minute these criminals do horrible things, then they say, Oh, well, it’s time for you law-abiding folks to give up all your rights. And that’s exactly what Michelle Luhan Grisham did as the governor of New Mexico. They’re calling to their calling to impeach her and I think that’s appropriate. 

Oh, yeah. I mean, she and then two first statements to say that even her rights as governor aren’t, aren’t hard and fast. You know, the Constitution. Nothing is hard and fast in the constitution. So, yeah, she’s, she’s a little misguided. A lot of Albuquerque. Yeah. Albuquerque. He’s got some really neat stuff. But then it’s the few times that I’ve been there. And the few times I’ve driven around there, you know, a lot of homeless again, there’s, it’s a smoke state. So you can you know, there’s dispensaries everywhere. You see, you see the drug addicts all over the highway. And they’re the ones you know, that are that are bent over at the waist because of that tranq or whatever they call it. So the fentanyl is right there. And it’s full of WoW, of all the stuff etc. You know, all all along the highways are at the intersection you see the junkies just panhandling, and they’re all bent over at the waist and just out of their mind. 

That’s crazy, dude. And you know what, let’s not forget totally, you know, we’re not what we’re thinking about unconstitutional things. Maybe you should come in on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found that Joe Biden and his regime violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. When they use big tech, they use government money to silence Americans by pressuring big tech and government money to pay off big tech to silence us during the China virus. It’s like these people, they this is back to my original point, Sean, they don’t. They don’t want to be Americans anymore. They don’t want to obey the Constitution. They just want to run roughshod over your rights. And it’s like too high profile Democrats are proving everything I’ve ever said about them. Yeah, I’m just, I’m sorry, man. And then what is the recourse? Grisham Luhan, or whatever, Louis Lujan Grisham, whatever name is in New Mexico. The governor there just takes away people’s Second Amendment rights and it’s oh ho hum. You know, we can impeach her but she wants to be a day of jail. Joe Biden’s regime steals our First Amendment rights but oh ho hum. Nothing will happen to him. And it’s like, don’t you think there ought to be some recourse if you have your constitutional rights? abridged? Shouldn’t somebody pay a price for doing that, that that should be one of the highest crimes in this country? In my opinion. 

I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t know how she can do it in one, one city. And I mean, are you so you step one foot into the county line there and you’re doing something illegal? I don’t know, that just doesn’t make any sense to me. So how do you I don’t know. How do you know? The criminals don’t abide by the law anyway, thank you. But how do you matter? 

How do you say, Oh, by the way, this constitution where it says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed? Oh, I’m going to infringe at all I mean, how do you do that? Yeah. Dude, any know what? There’s another, it seems like nobody’s encumbered by the rule of law. Because I don’t know if you’ve watched much of this, this Paxton impeachment trial. But man, her bits and pieces of it. We recovered at the radio station I work for and I mean, I don’t know what to think anymore, dude. And like I said, I haven’t watched the whole thing. So I’ve not there. I don’t know. I don’t I don’t think many people are. So I don’t know what to think about Kent Paxton. So I like him personally a lot. And I think he’s done a lot of great things for Texas. I just don’t know some of this stuff. Sounds sounds shady. And so I don’t know what to think. 

Well, let me tell you what came out in the trial. And then I’ll get your reaction on this. That the biggest bombshell and we post it on a couple of these things. I’ll go through them one at a time and let you react. The bombshell that came out. Last week this this was pretty big. Where this guy Vassar. Ryan Vassar, who was one of these, one of the what we’re calling co-conspirators who went after passion from his office. He said he admitted that he took a case to the FBI with quote, no evidence. Right. So let me get this straight. You went to the FBI to start an investigation on your boss with no evidence, is that right? And he admitted, yeah, we went there with no evidence whatsoever. Yeah. What is your reaction? 

Yeah. Well, I mean, like I said, I just had not having watched and been, you know, totally immersed in it. I can’t say really? I did hear that. And then the, the prosecutors recross over him, you know, and it was, it was silly. Well, here’s another one. 

Let me give you another one. The same the same guy. Vassar. He’s on the stand. And he’s talking about they accused Ken Paxton of divulging material to somebody at classified Grand Jury material to somebody who wasn’t authorized to use it. To see it. Right. They accused me of course, do you have any evidence of that? No, I don’t. But the counselor says, but you did that, didn’t you? And he’s like, What? Yeah, that’s right. Mr. Vassar. Your attorney did did your it was your attorney cleared to see top secret Grand Jury information? Well, it was it was my personal attorney. And if you get a subpoena. No, that was not my question. My question was, did your was your attorney cleared to see top secret Grand Jury information? Yes or no? The answer was no. Right. So these cats are guilty of what they’re accusing Paxton of doing? 

Yeah. Yeah, like I said, I don’t know. Hope Ken Paxton is clean on this. It does sound like a whole bunch of disgruntled employees and you know, some some shakiness. I don’t know. I do think that the fact that he was elected in a landslide re-elected in a landslide, with all this stuff out there. Yep. Should have some weight. 

Oh, you think you think? Well, one more thing. Now I know how much you love law enforcement and how much and I gotta be honest with you. This was hard for me to swallow. A Ranger a Texas Ranger David Maxwell, who’s by the way has been guys like Chip Roy jumping out there and defending him and such. But on the stand, he admitted that he was trying to throw off the question or by pretending Hey, I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you. He actually got up there and said, yeah, it throws you off. I’m doing that to throw you off. And he’s like, dude, really? I’m trying to get to the truth here. And it turns out that this David Maxwell guy said that told the House impeachment Folks, hey, yeah, there was an exchange of information in the dead of night, there was an exchange of data in the dead of night. And then when asked, Do you have first-hand knowledge? They say, Well, no. Did you say that to the house managers? No. You said five or six people that now you’re saying under oath, five or six people told you about this exchange? We’ll just name one of them. I can’t. You can’t you can’t you won’t. You don’t remember? No, I’m good. And he goes, I can’t remember the name of who told me that. Did you tell the house managers that this was secondhand information that you had no first-hand knowledge of it, and that he had to read his own transcript back? He never admitted it. But he had to read his own transcript back. So yeah, it was he basically said, yeah, he never admitted it was secondhand information. 

Right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s a shame. And sounds like their charity stuff all around. I don’t know what to think. Well, I know you know what to think about Enrique TARIO? Because I know you brought that up to me. 

I did and and, again, not knowing the full details, because I wasn’t listening to the trial. I haven’t read any transcripts or anything like that. All I heard was basically the news. The newscast that the you know, a leader of the proud boys sentenced to 22 years in prison for his involvement in January 6. The weather today is going to be you know, so that’s about all I got from it got a little more talk shows that I found out that he wasn’t even in DC. He wasn’t. He wasn’t at the Capitol. He wasn’t breaching the Capitol. Wasn’t even in the city. Nope. And when you think about that, if that can sense a guy that 22 years of his life in prison for what he thinks. What he says what he writes. 

The official charge seditious conspiracy, and conspiracy is what has the attention of a lot of constitutional scholars and a lot of conservatives saying, so if, if you’re out there, and you say, Man, it’d be great to overthrow the government. And, and somebody acts on that. You could be behind bars for 22 years to for a seditious conspiracy. 

I just don’t see how that happened. And it should scare the hound out of every single person. I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, whatever. If they can put a guy in jail for thoughtcrime. Your thought is next, you know? 

Yep. And by the way, just to give you a bit of contrast, there was a gentleman by the name of Shannon Brandt, Shannon Brandt ran over and killed an 18-year-old Trump supporter. Remember this guy killed this young kid, random over, he gets five years in prison. With time served, he won’t have to do a day in jail. house arrest, house arrest. He killed an 18 He ran over and killed an 18-year-old boy pleads down to manslaughter. So he killed somebody he’s gonna get five years with home arrest to with credit for time served. Enrique TARIO talked about the making the election right. And wasn’t even at the Capitol didn’t incite anybody. Right. And then because he conspired. 

Did he make weapons? They make pipe bombs to the do anything like that? Not to my knowledge? No. So it was what he wrote on the internet. And what he talked to people about. Yeah, that’s him. And I don’t know that. I just it’s really frightening because it could it could be your thoughts next. 

I completely concur, man and I, it as you said, just scares the hell out everybody who knows what’s going on. When when you have and this goes right back to where we started our conversation, doesn’t it? We you’ve got the governor of New Mexico, violating the Constitution, depriving people their Second Amendment rights. You got Joe Biden’s regime violating the First Amendment denying us our constitutional rights. Oh, they get off scot-free. But Enrique TARIO talks about doing something that talks about doing something he didn’t and something never happened, but it’s conspiracy You conspired to make it happen, and that’s going to put you away for 22 years. 

Where’s the safety net? Where’s the court system to prevent that stuff from happening. There is none. For a Trump supporter, there is none. And that’s why so many people are crying foul, that the idea that you can run over a Trump supporter and kill them and not have your life ruined for more than two decades. But you talk about making things right and an election, you firmly fervently believe was a stolen election. And nobody accused Enrique TARIO of a spuring the riot. They just said that. Oh, it was your intent to overturn the election. That was your intent. 

Yeah, yeah. Wow. Yeah. It’s just, it’s frightening. 

All right, buddy. Hey, you have a great week, and I’ll talk to you next week. 

All right. I’m off to go do more yard work started this morning than get a little hot and snow. I’m gonna go finish. Work. 

Well, I’ll talk to you next week. All right, well, that puts a wrap on the back from vacation show behind the show. Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas The latest on the Paxton impeachment trial is their so-called impeachment trial. They will tell you the truth not the biased press accounts of what’s happening with the can passionate impeachment trial. Also head to Chris That’s where you’ll find me. And you’ll find the Chris Salcedo shows on KSTP and Newsmax when of course my studio is functioning until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out-of-control government. We measure that worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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