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S6, Ep 10: The Man Who Could Be Speaker, Jim Jordan, Addresses Lack Of GOP Unity

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Congressman Jim Jordan, 4th congressional district in Ohio.

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I want to warn regular listeners of the Salcedo storm podcast that my language is about ready to get salty if you have children. Accompanying you right now, when you’re listening to this podcast, I just want to give fair warning because I’m pretty ticked off. And I just want to give you time to push pause and then maybe listen to this podcast a little bit later when it’s you and the adults only in the room. 

Now that I’ve given you ample time I am disgusted by the pennyways by the absolute dipshits that seem to be ruling Washington DC right now with their own selfish little agendas. Now, let me just tell you where I’m coming from, from this. During the speaker vacating of the speaker debate slash vote. We were told by the Republican Party that it was urgent that the the speakership not be disrupted that way they were doing the people’s work. 

And then the minute Congressman McCarthy was ousted as speaker that they said, Okay, well, let’s all go home. Let’s all go home. So the Republican Party rather than meeting that night, maybe giving it a half a day, coming together caucusing. Getting a speaker back in place that can actually move the alleged and I have to stress this the alleged Republican agenda forward. Because I know what the conservative agenda is. I have no earthly idea what the hell the Republican agenda is. 

I thought I knew they told us they were opposing Democrats, but they haven’t done that thus far, coming up on 10 and a half months in power. So let’s fast forward. They decide to go home for a week does do the Republicans and then Western civilization comes under attack over the weekend. We don’t folks, we don’t even have a speaker in place. We don’t have the ability even if we wanted to give aid to Israel. We can’t because the Republicans are back home saying why didn’t the Democrats bail us out? 

You guys heard about this right? You guys heard the Republicans so called Leadership. They were all butthurt because the Democrats didn’t come forward and save McCarthy. They were upset that the Democrats didn’t vote to save the Republican Speaker. Now what what gave them the impression that Republicans that Democrats would be incentivized to save the Republican Speaker? Oh, that’s right. Because, frankly, folks, for the last 10 and a half months, the Republican Speaker has been delivering for Democrats. That’s sorry, that’s just the way it is. 

At every inflection point where the Republicans had a modicum of, of leverage constitutional leverage, ie the power of the purse. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. They neglected to use that power. They they completely not only solidified Democrat socialist overspending, but they expanded it. They gave the Democrats socialists more inflation causing debilitating spending. I mean it. I’ve said this several times on television and on radio, so I’ll say it here. It takes a special kind of person to mortgage their great grandchildren’s future, their grandchildren’s future, their own children’s future, so they can live high on the hog today. 

And that’s what the Republicans and the socialists have been conspiring to do last 10 and a half months, and actually technically even before that. So now we’re $33 trillion in debt. Did you guys hear this? We in two weeks time, we went from $33 trillion in debt to $33.48 trillion in debt $48 billion in two weeks. It’s $14 billion dollars a day. It’s so the status quo apparently isn’t working for our people. It’s working great for Washington, DC and elites around the globe. But not not for we the people. 

So because the Republicans decided, we’re gonna go home, we’re so dejected, or our caucus actually hold us accountable. Now, now, we can’t even respond. We don’t even have a speaker in place. Oh, who are we going to rely on Beijing Biden. help folks. Over the weekend, the Democrats socialists spent the lion’s share of their time supporting Hamas supporting Iran, the squad, the thought leaders in the Democrat party, they have been out saying, Oh, no, no, no. Let’s go for a ceasefire yet. Yeah. After the Jews gets slaughtered in the streets. Then here come the Democrats. Let’s call a ceasefire. Good grief. 

So I think we all know what needs to happen. We know we need a strong speaker, the third in line to the presidency, that is actually going to restore or at least attempt to restore some sanity. Who will that speaker be? Now? President Trump has let it be known who he would like to see as a partner if he’s if he’s able to get back in to the White House. And all indications are that President Trump is the odds on favorite to get back into the White House, because Beijing Biden has so screwed up the United States of America, and President Trump has said he wants Congressman Jim Jordan as a partner. 

And we will talk to Congressman Jim Jordan here in mere moments. But I also want to remind all of you, as you watch this video that’s coming out of the Middle East out of Israel, as Hamas storms into Israel, slaughtering women, children, men, innocent people just going about their daily lives while they slept, dragging them out parading their bodies in the streets, as you watch that barbarism from military age men, I want you to remember what the Democrat party in Beijing Biden has done to us. Here in the United States. 

They just welcomed in seven and a half million, mostly military age illegal alien men into the into the United States with 2.5 million known got aways. And I just want you all to sit there and watch as the Democrats say, what happened in Israel could never happen here. As those people as the Democrats socialists, funded by John Cornyn, funded by Mitch McConnell have just released millions of illegal alien military age men into the United States. And then you tell me how hollow those words Oh, it could never happen here in the United States. How hollow those words sound? Congressman Jim Jordan, up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks want to welcome on conservative Jim Jordan. He represents the Fourth Congressional District in the great state of Ohio. And he’s the odds on favorite to become the next Speaker of the House. Congressman, glad to have you back. Look, first question before we get into the fact that you’ve thrown your hat in the ring for the speaker’s race. There is a there’s a Republican Party identity crisis, which as you know, they’ve been kicking the can down the road and addressing it for decades now. Don’t they have to address it if they’re going to move forward? You Republicans? 

Yeah, we got to we have to come together, we have to understand we’re a Conservative Party center right party. And we have to come together on the issues that matter. And I would argue we’ve we’ve, we’ve done that in the house, we’ve passed good bills, we passed the bill to get rid of 87,000 IRS agents, we passed legislation to to energy, good energy legislation, we passed the parental bill of rights when it comes to kids education. And most importantly, we pass the border security immigration enforcement legislation. So we pass what we said would pass unfortunately, Chuck Schumer and Senate just doesn’t doesn’t bring up the legislation. I would say bring those bills up, and you can amend it, you can change it. That’s how that’s how our system works, then you send it back and we go to a conference committee. let the process work that that is the greatest process ever in the greatest country ever. And then the second thing we’ve done is obviously the oversight, which is part of our constitutional duty. And we need to continue to do to do that hold these executive agencies accountable for what they’ve done. And I think you’re gonna focus on all that. 

Yeah your oversight has been exemplary because you have been exposing a lot. Now I would argue that it’s very easy to pass laws that you know, meaning collective you, as Republicans that you know, we’re going to be defeated in the Senate, that if you really wanted something to pass, you would include it on what they call must pass bills. Like, because that’s what the Democrats did. The Democrats have foisted a lot of their agenda, doing the same tactics, attaching it to debt ceiling, attaching it to must pass spending bills. And I think a lot of conservatives questioned the Republican caucuses commitment to the 87,000 getting rid of the 87,000 agents getting rid of, or reinstalling, parental Bill of Rights, if you didn’t attach it to must pass legislation. That’s a fair criticism, isn’t it? 

Yeah. And I do think you you, you pick the issue that’s most pressing, and you do attach it to a must pass spending bill. And I would say frankly, right now, it’s one sentence, no money can be used to process or release into the country, any migrants. So you do that and you stop this 11,000 a day. It’s it’s a simple, singular focus. And you put that on the bill and you say, hey, everyone knows this needs to happen. After all, the Biden ministration is now starting to build a wall. I know, Eric, Eric Adams is in Latin America, like Republicans, Democrats, independents, everyone knows this needs to happen, put that on a bill and say, okay, Senate, take that up. Take that up. We’re not where you want the you want. You want this appropriation bill to pass make sure that that that legislation is on there, that sentence is on there, so that we can do what needs to be done for the American people. 

Congressman, Jim Jordan, who is thrown his hat in the ring for Speaker of the House is our guest right now. I’ve got two more questions. And I gotta let I’m hearing the urgency in your voice, because I know you will enough by now. The first question is this. Look, I’m concerned. I wasn’t emotionally invested in Kevin McCarthy. I liked him. Don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t emotionally invested. I’m concerned that you’re that somebody in you that I trust somebody who has I know is to be a conservative is going to have is going to take this job and get chewed up and spit out because it’s a thankless job. And I don’t know the identity of those 10 Democrats who were also threatening Kevin McCarthy with a discharge petition to join the Democrats to to undermine his speakership on that and I know who Matt gates is, but I don’t know who those 10 Republicans who were just as vociferous at undermining Kevin McCarthy, speakership as Matt Gates did. So let me ask you about that. I’m just very concerned about you. I know you’re taking this dismantle reluctantly, what do you say? 

Yeah, look, I like the job ahead. But someone has to have to bring the team together. I think I’m best equipped to do that. I wouldn’t be running for the job. I do think one of the things we need to get on the table is this this no shutdown act. So you take the shutdown politics off. And the crisis, the mindset and the all the shutdown politics scenario and all. You pass legislation was real simple. The bipartisan bill and Senator Lankford, Senator Hasson over in the Senate have this legislation says if we get to the end of fiscal year, we haven’t done our job. You You just continue to fund the government at the current level, but you kind of have to stay here around the clock seven days a week and get the appropriation bills done. And there’s nothing like that to incentivize members of Congress to do what we shouldn’t be doing. Do we do what we said we would do our job. So it is such a common sense, Bill, we should insist on it. And I will if I get the privilege of being speaker, that’s something we should bring to the floor and pass and pass the the bucks. Senator Lankford of things said it best. He said, you know, in schools, you don’t get your classwork done. You got to stand for class and do it. That’s how simple this to be. And then you want that you take this off the table, then all sudden, it’s like, oh, wow, we’re actually going to have to negotiate. And we’re going to get some of the stuff that we won’t get everything because that’s how our system is set up. But we will get things that are important. And right now you think if we had to sit down around the clock, you think we could actually get that one sentence I just talked about on the border? I think we could, but we can’t do it when all you’re going to shut down the government people aren’t gonna get paid enough. That’s a problem. So pass that legislation and just dare dare the Senate. Don’t take that five. It’s bipartisan forgiveness it Yeah, no, no, that’s the kind of that’s the kind of stuff you got to do. And it takes someone I think, who’s willing to go out and talk to the American people about what’s going on in a clear way, in a concise way, in an honest way. For those things to happen. 

We have got to stop rolling by emergency, we’ve got to stop accepting big tubs. A big tubs of poop, that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and all the rest of them serve up and say, Oh, you got to accept all this and just vote for it. You guys can’t read it, you got to pass it. Or else we’re going to shut the volunteer government down. We’ve got to stop that. Last question is, look, you know this very well. And this was Matt gates, one of his main arguments. By now the Democrats had brought Hunter Biden up, or I’m sorry, Don, Jr. up three times, to try to get Trump. And as you know, there’s there because of all of your investigative work. There are tons of illegal activities that that Hunter Biden is accused of a tirade back to Joe Biden, yet he hasn’t received a subpoena it wasn’t that a mistake? 

Well, there’s been a ton of subpoenas that were just sent a week ago to counter Biden’s bank to get the banking records that that has been run out of Chairman commerce committee. I think that’s that’s, that’s good. And you proceed along, you get the document, get the information, then you then you bring in the people to question them about the documents information you’ve already received. That’s how you run investigation. I know what we’ve been doing a district committee I was in I was in a deposition on Tuesday. While all this is happening in the house, I was also in a deposition with the US Attorney from the District of Columbia, Matthew Graves, who was the guy who declined to work with David Weiss, when David Weiss wanted to bring the tax charges in the District of Columbia that dealt with the Burisma years. So we were we were in there doing our work. So we’ve I think we’ve done 70 Different depositions or transcribed interviews in nine months in Congress. So we’re going to keep plowing ahead with that. And with with the intensity and focus, and in the constitutional manner that that I think our voters want us to do. 

Congressman Jim Jordan, he represents the Fourth Congressional District in the great state of Ohio with us a little earlier than expected, but hey, he has his hat in the ring for Speaker Keep us posted on how that race is going, sir. 

Thank you. We will move on. 

Thanks. That puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, folks. Visit a couple of websites for me, Texas, Texas We’ll monitor the well the problems that have arisen from Dade feeling and his pro Democrat Republican lieutenants after they killed HB 20. That’s right. They killed HB 20 which would have been Texas his response to the lawlessness of the Biden regime stopping illegal immigration in Texas who knows where those millions of illegal aliens military age men have have gone in the state of Texas and what threats they pose to our people. And now because of David feeling, and because of his pro Democrat Republicans like Charlie Garen and the other lieutenants of his because of them, we may be in grave danger of seeing what happened in Israel come to our shores. So I just want you to stay with Texas They will monitor they will monitor what’s going on inside the Texas House in this battle to expunge leftists who call themselves Republicans also pay a visit to Chris That’s Chris Once you were there, you’ll be able to find me where we are on the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV. also find us on social media and until we visited Get my friends, I want you to remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government, whether it be a state government, or a federal government. That worth is measured by how much power is reserved to its people, our people, stay safe out there, my friends. 

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