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S6, Ep. 12: How Dems, Funded By The Likes Of John Cornyn, Have Set Up The USA For A Hamas-Style Attack

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Jeremy Beck is Vice President of Initiatives and Deputy Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA, the nation’s largest policy organization focused on sensible border policies and immigration reform.

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We don’t know the exact number of militants that stormed into Israel from the Gaza Strip. But we do know that it was a relatively small number of militants that were accompanied by what 3500 rockets raining down on Israel that increase the death toll over 600 people and counting. But let me give you a perspective on this. The entire Gaza strip the population is just shy of 2 million people. And again, it’s an estimate don’t really know but best guesses around the globe put it around 2 million or just under 2 million people. So in a told number of of militants busted in invaded Israel, kidnapped people raped people slaughtered innocent civilians as they went as they went door to door terrorizing those in Israel. 

So let’s just say for argument’s sake, that the entire Gaza Strip invaded Israel, let’s just that did not happen. But let’s just say for argument’s sake, that it did that all 2 million or so or a little bit less of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip invaded Israel. Do you know that would still be minuscule compared to the number of illegal aliens that Joe Biden has allowed to traipse right into the United States? Put another way, we know we have seven and a half over seven and a half million illegal aliens, mostly military age man who Joe Biden has allowed to come into the United States. 2.5 million known Got aways and counting now, for those of you don’t remember, remember what a Got away is a Got away is somebody who breaks into the United States of America and then runs away from law enforcement. 

They run away from being caught. So according to Border Patrol, and it’s likely a lot higher than this, folks. But we have around two and a half million known God aways into the United States, that is over the population of the entire Gaza Strip. So if a fraction of the 2 million inhabitants in the Gaza Strip, were able to slaughter slaughter 600 Israelis, and remember, the body count is still being revised upward. We don’t know how many were taken prisoner. We don’t know the fate of those who are unaccounted for. 

But if but if a relatively small a sliver of militants could inflict that kind of damage, let’s just say maybe 1% What is that? 20,000 Okay, okay, let’s just, let’s say half a percent, half of 1% 10,000 militants stormed and we’re able to and that by the way, folks, I don’t think it was that many and was was able to inflict over 600 deaths and counting. What do you think? Mostly military age men who are breaking into the United States. That number in the millions could do to the United States. 

What do you think they could do to us? Now, of course, Democrats don’t give a damn. Republicans like John Cornyn are busy funding that effort. But I think you should give a damn. And I think that every American after witnessing what happened as these militants stormed the Israeli border, just like our border is being stormed right now. And they killed and they maimed and they raped I think, I think every Texan every border states, certainly but I think every American ought to be finding firearms and arming up like crazy. Because here’s what I can tell you. 

Those who are in charge right now don’t give a damn whether you live or die. Those who are in charge right now don’t care about your family’s safety. If they did, they would be guarding that border. Those who are in charge right now are nowhere near the level of commitment and protecting their their people, as as those over in Israel are over in Israel, you’ve got a government that is that is always on alert, always trying to protect its people because they’re surrounded. So if they can be taken by surprise if they could suffer this horrific attack, and they are diligent about protecting their people. Imagine what could happen to us burdened by a government that wants to enrich itself at our expense. More on the illegal immigration crisis created by Democrats and the danger it poses to you coming up in the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Glad you made it to your liberty loving Latino. Do not mistake me for loudmouth leftist Latinos out there. I actually love my country love my state, the United States of America and the great state of Texas. The Democrats have unleashed historic harm onto our people. If you’re somebody has been recently educated by Gov Ed historic means it’s never been done before. Meaning it’s it’s unique to Beijing Biden in this current incarnation of the Democrat Party, the number of illegal aliens being welcomed into the United States 90% of which do not qualify, according to the latest numbers that we’ve been able to see 90% do not qualify for asylum. It’s historic. And it’s historic harm being done to our people. Let me bring in Jeremy Beck. He’s the vice president of initiatives and Deputy Director of Government Relations at numbers USA the nation’s largest immigrant immigration restriction group. Jeremy, welcome back. 

Good morning, Chris. 

You know, Biden, I think what’s telling about all of this, he abandoned the remain in Mexico policy which was a wonderful deterrent for those who didn’t qualify for asylum. You’re not going to get the payday you’re not going to get the brass ring you’re not you’re not going to get to come in and plug into America’s entitlement system. And that really helped destroy the incentive of trying to break into the United States. But Joe Biden has now opted for remain in Texas, because now all of his blue sanctuary cities across the country are recognizing the joys of uncontrolled illegal immigration. Talk about this.
Well, it was pretty interesting to see that that floated out there as an idea, the idea which is which, frankly, has some merit to it, and has been tried before. Even back in the Reagan administration, I think they tried something like that. And the idea is basically, you make it harder for people to reach their preferred destinations. And that will ultimately discourage more illegal crossings on this case, if they tried to keep people close to the border with the idea that it would be easier to send them back home, once their asylum claims, as you point out, most likely fraudulent are going to be denied, and then they’ll be sent back. Now, in reality, it’s probably not going to happen, it doesn’t seem like the White House is truly committed to the idea, it may have been floated as a as a way to sort of, I don’t know, threatened, threatened Texas, or try to signal to some of the other cities that they’re there, they’re looking out for their best interest cities like New York City, which has been, you know, obviously, it’s a Democratic mayor. And there’s a lot of been a lot of accusations going back and forth between the White House and Mayor Adams in New York City. But the idea is similar one to the remain in Mexico. And it is interesting that you point out the really good point, the salient point here, which is that remaining Mexico did work very, very well for very similar reasons. Only, instead of making people wait in Texas for their asylum claims to work their way to the system, and ultimately, for the most part be denied, because we are talking about rampant asylum fraud here. They’d be waiting in Mexico. And the whole goal of of going through this system is to get released into the United States and to get either a work permit or to start working illegally in states that don’t have the Verify laws, which are numerous and remain in Mexico. That’s what happened. People would wait, they realize, well, wait a minute. If I’m going to be waiting a couple of years for my asylum thing to work through and I have and I’m not working in the United States, I don’t get I don’t get access to that late that labor market, then what’s the point of going through all the trouble in the first place, and words started to trickle around during the Trump administration when remain in Mexico was in place. And we saw illegal migration dramatically fall off. Now, I’m going to turn this back around a little bit and say this isn’t just about Biden, it’s also about Congress. Right now. There’s a huge funding fight right now. The House of Representatives passed a bill in the spring secure the border act, HR two, that includes remain in Mexico include some other things, and as well parole reform, asylum abuse, reform, all these things that we need to to fix this border crisis. And the Senate only just recently, but they did finally introduced a companion bill in the Senate. So there remain in Mexico is sort of back on the table. Congress hasn’t had the Senate hasn’t had the willpower to bring that to the floor to the floor vote. Bill still needs some co sponsors. And then for this funding fight. There’s a big battle in Congress right now is Congress going to fund the government to do more of what the executive branch has been doing at the border or they’re going to put some strings on it and say, Well, look, this this isn’t this isn’t working. 

You saw the the omnibus bill, which Texas Senator John Cornyn signed on to which had a provision inside of it that said, you can’t use any of the money the $1.8 trillion that we are setting aside to fund the Democrats agenda. The Republicans in the Senate fully on board. With restricting money, you can use it to stop illegal immigration, you can just use it to facilitate it to process more illegal aliens into the United States, which of course, for a Texas senator do that wasn’t was an ultimate betrayal given all the damage being done to the state of Texas, by this uncontrolled rampant illegal immigration. Let me ask you about the numbers because as as we have been able to glean its historic harm that has been done to us. But now the since the numbers have been so damning the Biden regime has been trying to hide. Now the latest we’ve been able to come together credibly is roughly seven and a half to 8 million illegal aliens so far, ushered in by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party fully funded by Republicans like John Cornyn. And then of those two and a half million or so illegal aliens have broken into the country and ran away from law enforcement. These are people that could be foreign military radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists or other types of terrorists, or they could be ruthless drug cartels. We just don’t know. Are my numbers in the neighborhood? Or do you have different ones?

I have slightly different ones, I’ll say this, I, I think it’s safe to use superlatives here, we’ve we’re seeing a lot of record highs. And we’re breaking them year after year. That’s difficult to know exactly what the numbers are, because frankly, it’s just not transparent. A lot of these, a lot of these numbers and data are not being released. It’s telling that the administration is holding on to the August numbers for as long as possible. The Washington Post actually sort of leaked them a couple of weeks ago and said, family units are at an all time high. So we’re getting a lot of that. We know that the administration has released using parole, which is meant to be a case by case basis, but they’re using parole to release more people than ever, that we’ve reached an all time with family units coming across, that we just the administration just issued work permits via the Temporary Protected Status program to half a million Venezuelans, which triples the number of Venezuelans who have that status, that designation in the United States, and is, I believe, also a record for a new designation. So we’re creating a phone app for people to schedule appointments at the border, excuse me, we’re creating flights, we’re basically a concierge service where people can say this is where we want to go in United States, and we’ll fly them directly from their home countries to those destinations. So a lot of records, the numbers are not quite clear, I would put them a little bit lower, I would say that, you know, about at least nine at least 900,000, close to a million people being paroled every year, another 600,000 or so being so called Got aways for a year. And then there’s visa overstays people who come on illegal visa overstay, and there’s no repercussions for remaining in the country illegally. So that’s my numbers are more conservative than yours. But still, that would create an illegal immigration system. That is twice the level of the legal immigration system created by Congress. Right. So whether you whether you use your numbers or mine numbers we’re talking about, again, superlatives are appropriate here. We’re doing more illegal immigration than we have seen in a long, long, long time. 

The American government is they there’s no way the American government under Marxists and funded by Republicans is participating in the most massive illegal immigration campaign that this country has ever witnessed. And I don’t believe that I mean, I some people might accuse me of being rhetorical. But that’s, that’s the net effect. That’s what’s happening, folks. We’re talking to Jeremy Beck. He is the vice president of initiatives and Deputy Director of Government Relations at numbers, USA last week, it got leaked out the agenda IDs, IDs for illegal aliens, massive amounts of IDs being given to these people who don’t qualify for asylum. And the IDs can be used for all manner of things, they can be used to establish bank accounts that can be used to establish residency that can be used to plug into our system. And yes, they can be used to vote in certain jurisdictions that are allowing such things. What was your take on the IDs for illegals? 

Well, this is somewhere my high school psychology, you know, coming back to me, this is pure behaviorism. There’s rewards and punishment. And we’re seeing a lot of rewards and not a lot of punishment for for breaking the law or abusing our immigration system. Now, there’s some logic to it. If you’ve got if you intend to have people permanently in the country, you don’t want to create a second class citizen, you want them to have full access. And that’s why we believe numbers USA, legal permanent residents absolutely should be fully integrated, you know, naturalized citizens, no such thing as the difference between naturalized citizen and an American born citizen should have the same rights and responsibilities. But what we’re seeing now is, all of this stuff is, I mean, people come here again, just to make money. These are these are economic migrants. And that’s not to diminish the conditions of the countries that they’re leaving. They’re serious in many, many cases, but they do not rise to the level of asylum. That’s particularly political, asylum, asylum, you know, persecution, the kind of things that you’re supposed to, to meet in order to be granted the status of asylum or refugee status. So our system is being abused so that people can access the labor market and they know that either the government’s going to give them a work permit to to take a job now, because there’s so many imagine the half a million Venezuelans have just been given work permits. That’s a huge boon to places like New York City, especially if you’re saying the restaurant industry, you’ve got a half a million people here that you can now hire without getting any sort of trouble with the law. You’re not that they’ve been enforcing it anyway. But you don’t have Don’t worry about that. But these people are just looking to work. And you can offer wages below what the last wave of Venezuelan legal immigrant workers, were willing to take working conditions that perhaps you know, Americans wouldn’t take. And you can tell yourself that you’re doing a good thing, you’ve given somebody good economic opportunity. But the fact is that if you work in those industries, if you’re trying to work your way up the ladder and those industries, this is not good news for you. And so you end up creating that second class citizen that you were trying to avoid in the first place. And that’s just the sheer numerical calculation, you bring in that many people. There’s a clear supply and demand effect on economic opportunity. 

Well, the last thing I wanted to talk about Jeremy is, is the rhetoric because look, if you look at the polling, I don’t know if you saw the Washington Post ABC poll. President Trump is now 10 points ahead in that poll over Joe Biden, even though the Washington Post is Pooh poohing their own poll saying, Oh, we’re an outlier, because they got a result they just can’t fathom. And one of the main factors was rampant, uncontrolled, illegal immigration. But I’m not I’m not that I’m being critical. But I’ve heard you use the term migrant a couple of times, in my view, the term migrant is for those reserved for those or immigrant, those who come to the United States legally with permission. That’s a different class of people that we’re talking about. Those who come illegally, those who rush the border, those who are allowed to enter this country without permission. That’s the class of people that I think should not be here. And we’ve seen illegal aliens committing all manner of reprehensible crime on American citizens. And I point this out every single time that, that Democrats believe we don’t have enough crime in America, so they’re going to import criminals, illegal aliens from other countries to come and commit crimes here. And it makes absolutely no sense in my mind, so don’t we need to sharpen the rhetoric so that we can, we can we can show the classes of people we’re talking about because each class, whether it be a an immigrant or an illegal alien, they have different different circumstances surrounding them and different solutions, frankly, to to how they came to be in America and how they would remain or be sent away. Isn’t that true? 

Was a very fair point. And I appreciate the opportunity to address it, because we have kind of gone down this slippery slope of language. And it would be nice to be able to sort of have, you know, one bucket or the other. Part of this is a result of the way that the administration, this administration, in particular, and it’s not unique to the Biden administration. But they’ve, as I said, superlatives are appropriate. In this case, they’ve done more of this than than we’ve seen before, to create, basically a shadow immigration system where there’s a lot of blurred lines. And as you said, there is a nuance there people, people come in a variety of different ways and channels. And so, so people are being released by the executive branch. So in some in that sense, they are authorized, but they are outside of the legal system established by Congress. And so some cases, they have been given work permits. And so they are authorized to work it by this by the federal government. And so that creates a language difficulty, that requires a lot of patience and nuance to sift through that I think it is important to that’s why I try to highlight that we have these two systems here. One is created by Congress, as the Constitution says we’re supposed to do, and one is created by the executive branch, which does not have the authority to do so. So that’s, that’s really the issue. And and, and you can call them parolees. You can call them, they’ve been released without without full inspection. But they are authorized. And that makes it difficult to use the strict legal alien versus illegal alien, you know, from my point of view, but you’re absolutely right, that it’s an abuse of the system. And I think that’s the important thing to point out here. And what why I keep going back to this shadow system that is twice as large as the system that was established by Congress. 

Right, and it doesn’t serve the American people. It serves special interests, but this system they’ve created against the will of the I think this is fair, the majority of Americans do not support illegal immigration, the vast majority but the majority of Congress, both parties does. Jeremy Beck, Vice President of initiatives and Deputy Director of Government Relations at numbers USA if folks want to help you out, where can they go? 

Numbers and at x, @ numbers USA. 

All right, buddy, thank you very much appreciate the visit as always, and with that, an end to this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor my friends, visit to websites Texas and Chris Those are valuable resources to track down big stories in Texas impacting us and also track down me. Chris Salcedo shows on ks evey morning talk radio and on Newsmax TV every afternoon, four to five Eastern Monday through Friday. Till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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