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S6, Ep. 13: Dems Are Committed To Historic Harm, The GOP Isn't United To Stop Them

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Congressman Ben Cline represents the Virginia‘s 6th Congressional District. He sits on the House Judiciary, appropriations and Budget committees.

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I was torn on speaker Kevin McCarthy, now former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his speakership. I know that speaker McCarthy was getting his ear chewed off by a lot of conservatives. And I know those conservatives names however, I don’t know the names of the moderate Republicans, the pro Democrat Republicans who are also chew chewing his ear off, trying to get him to go along to get along. I don’t know their names. 

And I very much want to know their names. Because whichever speaker gets in there to be the speaker of the house. It’s going to be the same dynamic, you’re gonna have conservatives on one side, and these pro Democrat Republicans on the other, trying to undermine everything that conservatives are doing trying to save the country from socialist Democrats. So I really want to know their names. So at least they’re put on notice, and I’m going to focus I’m going to make that my personal mission to find out who these members of the Congress are now. 

Look, I am not saying that speaker Kevin McCarthy and getting rid of him was the end all be all and that’s what needed to happen. What I will say is the reason why Kevin McCarthy is no longer speaker is because the Republican Party refuses, refuses to have a come to Jesus moment and describe to themselves and to the country who the hell they really are. 

Because they have no unifying principles in the Republican Party, they stand unified for nothing. And that is the reason why you have different factions of the Republican Party willing to oust a sitting speaker because there’s no direction there. They’re going off in a bazillion different directions. Now that’s a stark contrast to the communists and the socialists. 

That’s the Democrats are the communists and socialists and they’re all unified and destroying America, they are all going in the same direction. Now, I will say this, I am hopeful that with the ouster of speaker Kevin McCarthy on the federal level, that the pro Democrat Republican Speaker David feeling and all of his agents and and lieutenants, that we have a chance of getting rid of them here, too in Texas. 

So two stories and two ways of wrapping this up immediately after the vote. Congressman Matt Gaetz, who put this up there said there are certain members of the Republican caucus he could support just not Kevin McCarthy. Listen. 

“I think a lot of members are going to reflect on their thinking after this historic moment. I think anything that people have said before the McCarthy ouster is probably bearing less weight than the way people may be thinking about these questions after the MacArthur comments about Steve Scalise yesterday today, will you yourself nominee Steve Scalise for Speaker of the House? Maybe? I want to see I want to hear from him. I mean, I I’m not here to make a judgment on where Mr. Scalise stands with his rehabilitation and recovery I, I would give him the deference to be able to decide whether or not he’d like to put himself forward as a candidate, but he’d be the type of person that I can. I could see myself supporting. There are many people though I could see myself supporting Tom Emmer, I could see myself supporting Mike Johnson of Louisiana, I can see myself supporting Jody Harrington of Texas, I could see myself supporting Kevin Hearne of Oklahoma. And there are even people outside of the United States Congress like Lee Zeldin, who are well thought of across every aspect of our conference and our may give Lee Zeldin a call and see if he’s interested in the gig.” 

Yeah, okay. Well, if some people are floating President Trump out there to be the next speaker, but we know who the next speaker will not be because shortly after this vote, it was breaking news over on the Karl Rove Never Trump Network. 

“Breaking News Tonight we can confirm officially that speaker Kevin McCarthy now former Speaker Kevin McCarthy will not run for speaker again, he is about to make that announcement in a closed GOP meeting that started about 10 minutes ago. But again, Kevin McCarthy ousted today in this vote. First time ever in the history of the country that happened.” 

Yep. So it was historic. We covered it live on Newsmax. And yep, Onward, onward and forward. Now, the other story I want to focus on is here in the state of Texas. We have a corrupt speaker who is chosen by Democrats who calls himself a Republican and with a Republican majority, it is about as corrupt as it gets. It cannot be allowed to continue. And let me give you this headline, house impeachment managers from Speaker Dade Phelan’s office, house impeachment managers, docs. The Paxton family weeks after Ken Paxton is acquittal, the documents were released as a quote additional evidence on Monday night. Now who in the Speaker’s office doxxed Ken Paxton, how many of you believe that’s that’s proper to publish his address and his and his information so that the crazies can go after him? 

Well, some of you may think that’s in politics, some of you may think that’s that’s just a dirty pool. It’s also illegal Texas penalty code 42.074. It is illegal as of September 1 of this year to do what was done unlawful disclosure of residence address or telephone number, and it’s punishable by a fine and up to six months in prison. And I believe those responsible inside of the Speaker’s office and inside that cabal of house managers responsible for Doxxing against Texas law should have the full weight of that law come down on their shoulders, six months in prison. 

So what do you think so now let’s pivot to other subject matter. We sat down with Congressman Klein, before speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted and had quite an illuminating discussion that comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

We have made a connection with Congressman Ben Klein. He represents the sixth district in the great state of Virginia. He sits on the House Judiciary appropriations and budget committees. Congressman, glad to have you on board. 

Chris, good to be with you. 

The GOP you tell me if I’m wrong if I’m reading this correctly or incorrectly, the GOP has caved on this continuing resolution for the next 45 days. And by my count that is the third time where the GOP has had leverage in the majority in the House that they’ve just said no, we’re going to continue to go on with the Democrats unacceptable spending levels that are really a threat to the to the safety and security of this country. Am I reading it wrong? 

Well, I voted against it because it was a continuation of the spending levels. of the Pelosi omnibus from last year and, and we also had like a version, that chip Roy helped draft that would have cut spending and addressed the border that was voted down that I supported. But we this latest version did not include anything for the border, nothing to address Biden’s open border. And so I did vote against it. Nobody wanted to shut down. Everybody’s glad there isn’t a shutdown, but the price of continuing the Pelosi spending levels was was too high for my vote. And that’s why I voted along with really a large number of the Republican conference, about 90 of us voted against it, but about 120 or so voted for it, along with every single Democrat except one. And, and that’s disappointing. We, we lost our leverage. And and, and we are unfortunately, riding for the next 45 days on the same same excessive spending levels that we’ve seen over the past year. 

It’s true. And you know, Congressman, now, look, I I know that I will be accused of focusing in on semantics. But I I think it’s important that we as a people start getting rid of the the Democrats and the mainstream press vernacular, as it pertains to what’s happening in our government. No, it’s not migration, it’s not immigration. It’s illegal immigration. They’re illegal aliens. That’s the legal term of art. And I’m going to push back on something you said about the chip Roy, spending proposal overspending proposal that’s that’s another thing I suggest we change. It’s not spending. That’s the problem. It’s the over spending. That is the problem. And there was no cut that was proposed. It was a reduction in the rate of overspending. There was no way we were going to be spending less money in this government next year. Or or, or the same month, this year than we did last the same month last year, then then was proposed. It’s just a reduction in the rate of overspending. There were no cuts being proposed by anybody, as far as I’m, as far as I’m aware. Isn’t that true? 

No, the level that chip Roy was proposing was reverting to pre COVID spending levels. So year over year, it was less than this year. But is it still deficit spending? Is it still more than we can afford? Yes, because we need to get towards a balanced budget. I’m the chair of the Republican Study committees Budget Task Force, we’re the only group that put out a balanced budget that balances in seven years by really getting to the just getting rid of all of the woke and wasteful programs and departments and divisions and, and cabinet agencies that exist and we just clean house. But the Roy proposal was the same level as the House passed limit, save, grow act for the debt ceiling negotiations. And remember, everybody was united around that version, the House version of the debt ceiling, and then we were kind of left out hanging when the deal was cut for the debt ceiling to be extended through the next election and spending it significantly higher levels. And that I voted against the final version. But everybody supported the House version as a conservative proposal to start that was the spending level that Chip Roy had in his first proposal last week. 

Folks were talking to Virginia’s sixth congressional district representative. His name is Congressman Ben Klein, and I’ve just want to depart if I can, because there’s something that happened during the so called negotiations. There are 90 Republicans that you mentioned that felt pretty badly about this. This Republican Democrat team up to continue this profligate and childish spending. You guys felt bad about it, but somebody acted on it. His name is Jamal Bowman. Jamaal Bowman Jamaal Bowman is a is a socialist as a Marxist who used to be my understanding. He used to be a principal at a government run school. But apparently this principal at a government run school aside from being a socialist and a Marxist. He also doesn’t know what a fire alarm is. His claim is, he’s so silly. He’s so incompetent. He didn’t know that he was pulling down a fire alarm when he act in violation by the way of 1512 C section to an obstruction of an official proceeding not to mention the misdemeanor that comes with pulling down a fire alarm a false alarm in in in a crowded area. So let me ask you. A lot of folks like Marjorie Taylor Greene is saying he should meet the full force of the law. Where are you on this? 

I completely agree. I think when you look at what he encountered, which was a locked door, on a weekend, maybe it was one that was opened during the weekdays. But you know what, when you when you’re in on the weekends, different doors have different hours, and this one had a big red sign red signs on each door, don’t exit this way. If you push on this door, for 15 seconds, alarms will go off. And it’s an emergency exit, and you shouldn’t use it. And I guess what he thought was, I’m more either more important than the signs. Or, I’m going to pull on do this in order to create chaos and and delay the proceedings. I don’t claim to know what’s in the mind of Jamaal Bowman is a self described socialist and from New York City and he loves getting into screaming matches with Thomas Massie, he was a close friend about gun control and guns in schools on the in the halls of the House chamber. So I will never claim to know what’s in his mind, but he should be he should face responsibility for or be held accountable for his actions which seem to be opening up and a fire alarm during a proceeding in the house. 

You know, there, there are big letters on the lever of of standard fire alarms that say, fire alarm. And I think I think every American should be concerned about the Democrat voter, putting people in who apparently can’t read, because Mr. Bowman is claiming he had no idea that it was a fire alarm when he pulled even though it said fire alarm. And this is a man who’s a former former principal at a government as well, this I guess this is why we’re cranking out out of Gov Ed, a bunch of unintelligent kids who believe in socialism and communism as a way to go and can’t do reading, writing and arithmetic. Congressman Klein, the last thing I have for you, is your concern, your level of concern. It’s a word that I know that, you know, politically, it’s called deliverables. And here we are in in 10 months in to the Republicans control of the House of Representatives. And there has not been whether it be on Joe Biden’s impeachment, whether it be on stopping the harm at all levels that Democrats have been doing, to your constituents and to our people. There isn’t what something I can point to and say, there’s where the Republicans have, quote, delivered, how concerned are you that we’re going to roll around to the next election, and there will be no deliverables for the American people to show the contrast between what a Republican is and what a Democrat is. 

I agree that we have to we owe it to our constituents to articulate the difference between where what Republicans are fighting for, and what Democrats and the liberal left are fighting for. The Democrats are fighting for more power to be concentrated in Washington, more tax dollars taken from your wallets, more money borrowed from China to spend on their woke agenda. They’re, they want to indoctrinate your children. They want to control your workplace, they and these are their goals. We have on the Freedom Caucus side have been fighting against these things. We want to eliminate the Wilken, weaponized, we want to get make Washington smaller, get it? Get them out of your the corporate offices and the ESG and all of the different things that they’re doing and actually restore some control to parents to school boards locally. And we aren’t seeing as much as you say, we aren’t articulating those differences very well. Or when you try and campaign to be just a lesser version of Democrats. Republicans lose every time and we shouldn’t be doing it. 

Yeah, it is. It is and again, deliverables the Democrats, they are delivering on their efforts to destroy the United States. A lot of us conservatives would hope that the Republicans would deliver on ways to stop them, I fibbed. I have one more very quick question. And it’s surrounding the Speaker of the House. Matt Gaetz, as you know, is is pledging to to introduce a resolution to vacate the chair is speaker Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House by weeks end. What do you think? 

I think that remains to be seen where you can be able to get back there as a freedom caucus and talk about what what is at stake and what has happened over the last week. Whether there is some secret deal on Ukraine funding, I want to know that Matt is claiming that there is and the speaker is, has spoken to that, you know, effect that there is an understanding on Ukraine. This President has said there’s some deal on Ukraine funding. I don’t want another dollar of money from my, my constituents to go to Ukraine, because we don’t have any accountability there. We don’t have any understanding of the end game there. And so this is a this is an endless conflict now that we’re throwing money out and the Democrats say quite plainly, we’re going to continue to throw money at it forever. 

That’s what they do. That’s what they do. And and, Congressman, you know, if it was all that laudable and all that righteous, why not do a deal in the full light of day Congressman Ben Klein, sixth district in the great state of Virginia, sir, I appreciate the time to set aside for the Salcedo show. And that’s it for the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor and visit a couple of websites Texas and Chris And until we visit again, my friends, I want you to remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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