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S6, Ep 5: Fallout For Fake Republicans In The Texas House: Target Andrew Murr

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Brian Kanke is the Medina County GOP Chairman. Brian is an Army veteran and life member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is a rancher in South Texas.

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Let me start off with some good news here for your kids. We’ve we’ve got from my understanding, we the conservative movement have got challengers coming up for the lion’s share of of those individuals in the Texas House of Representatives who have abandoned conservative voters who have abandoned Republican voters who have abandoned the the people of Texas who decide was socialist and Marxists. 

I am hearing about a well funded, well coordinated well organized effort to take out these Republicans in name only these individuals who really would be Democrats, if the majority in the state of Texas was Democrat. These individuals changed parties, because Texas changed parties and they’ve been undermining conservatism and undermining Republicanism ever since. 

Let me give an example of of one of the races that I think is, is probably going to turn his name is Andrew Murrr. Now Mr. Murr, he did he did something rather extraordinary as my understanding. There was a Senate Joint Resolution. That was that was basically saying, Look, if you’re a foreign national you shouldn’t be voting in Texas elections. In other words, illegal aliens, people from other countries with no right to vote here shouldn’t be voting here. Andrew Murr was going to vote against that he was very public, I would have voted against it. 

He said, fighting for illegal aliens fighting for foreign nationals to influence Texas. It’s a travesty. Complete bastardization complete undermining of the rule of law complete undermining of the will of the people of Texas, but that’s what he stands for. That’s what Andy Murr one of the Ken Paxton impeachment architects stand for. There’s another guy that I’m sad to say, for whatever reason, doesn’t yet have a serious challenger to his place. Inside the Texas Legislature. 

It’s a guy by the name of Charlie Garin. Charlie Garen is district 99 in North Texas, Charlie, Garen is an air quotes Republican not really, as far as his ideology and the way he votes. He votes like a Marxist he votes like a Democrat. This guy owns up some mediocre restaurants the food it’s it’s not that great. The service I’ve eaten there. The service is is pretty top notch some nice folks work there is just their, their food is just it’s absolutely terrible. It’s called the railhead. 

And my understanding is truly Garin wants to bring gambling to Texas, because he he’s seeing some diminishing returns on the food. They serve at the railhead. So a great way to make money is is through the gambling that he wants to bring to Texas. So this is his big thing. And Charlie Garen and let me let me tell you how it was written up by some of his biggest fans, the Star Telegram. 

Star Telegram is sadly has turned into a left wing publication extreme missed left wing just like the Democrat Morning News and in referencing Charlie Garin in glowing terms, here’s what the Star Telegram had to say. State Rep. Charlie Garin is used to a target on his back, one of the three remaining gang of 11. Republicans. I’m going to put that in air quotes, who worked with the socialist Democrats in 2009. to oust then House Speaker Tom Craddick, Tom Craddick was by all accounts, a traditional Republican maybe, dare I even say maybe right leaning conservative, and Charlie Garin was one of these middle of the road milk toast, collaborators with Marxists to oh, he can’t can’t have that we need to have somebody in the Republican majority who really is a Democrat, to stab conservatives in the back. So that the Star Telegram was reporting with pride. 

Charlie Garin was one of these betrayers of Republican ideals. One of these were betrayers of constitutional conservative ideals. And he worked with socialist Democrats to overthrow his own speaker because that’s that’s this kind of guy, Charlie. Garen is a betrayer of our people, our children, our his vote on GOV Ed was atrocious. 

So the man is a snake. And I’m sad to report folks, nobody yet has has risen to chop the head off that snake. I’m talking politically, of course. So don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. We will expand on the effort across the state of Texas to hold Republicans who are not really Republicans, pro Democrat Republicans accountable. Coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks want to bring on Brian caulk. He’s a Medina County GOP chairman. Brian is a Army veteran life member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is a rancher in South Texas. He’s a tough guy, and he loves this country, which is why we like him here on the Salcedo storm podcast. Welcome, sir. 

Yes, sir. Mr. Salcedo, thank you it’s an honor to be on your show and I enjoy watching you almost every day that I can on Newsmax.

Oh, well, that’s that’s very Conde to say, and we you and I have some bitness to get down to because, look, the county in which you’re in, has censured one of the architects of the architects view of Texas politics. The architect I’m speaking of is Karl Rove and his buddies the bushes and their attempts to put the left in control of Texas in perpetuity while calling it Republican. One of the guys that is taking up this banner is a guy by the name of Andrew Murr, who you are cursed with in your county. But you censured him describe? 

Yes. So, so let me let me give you a little, just a little quick background. So Andrew Murr is a is a cohort of Dade Phelan our current speaker of the house. And Andrew Murr is the number one donor was a few 156,000. And he was his number six donor at 18,000. So, when you take the money, you’ve got to honor where the money’s come has come from. So Andrew Murr is is in total support of Dade Phelan and everything that date feeling does all right. 

And so that and because Dade Phelan, along with the aforementioned bushes and robes, and the Democrats all colluded to launch this, this falsely predicated with no evidence, impeachment, right making the moves to intentionally leave witnesses, what I call co conspirators not being under oath. So they could say all manner of terrible things without fear of going to jail themselves for perjury. And so did is it the is it the scent of the impeachment that led to the censure? Or was it the totality of Mr. Murr conduct since he’s been in the in the state house? 

No, it’s it’s a it’s a total of, of several key key points. But I guess you could say the political witch hunt for the impeachment of Paxton. And that was done in retaliation to a letter that Ken Paxton set the house to investigate the Speaker of the House, who we all know, we’ve watched the video legislated under the influence of alcohol, and broke the sacred, the sacred chamber by doing so. So this was retaliation by Murr against Ken Paxton. That’s why this was rushed through within within four days, a false memorandum was sent out to the house, hours before the vote on the floor for the impeachment. That compromise the Attorney General’s right to a fair trial, the right to be heard and the presumption of innocence by misstating mere opinions as facts never found or adjudicated. And I watched the complete trial. And the first the first witness that the other side brought forward their star witness would had to admit to the fact that they went to the FBI with no evidence. 

Yep, yep. And not only that, you had some guy that fancies himself a Texas Ranger who misrepresented to the house saying that there was an exchange in the dark of night of documents. But then when he got under oath under under penalty of perjury, because he didn’t know how much the the defense attorneys knew he had to revise his story saying it was all hearsay. And five or six people told him this story, but he couldn’t name one of them. Yeah, well, that’s a very competent law enforcement enforcement officer, isn’t it? 

Yes. So you know, the, the the fix was in? Yep. We all know that Ken Paxton is one of the best attorney generals in the United States. And Ken Paxton has been the biggest thorn in the side to the Biden administration. And it’s unfortunate that the Biden administration has infiltrated and is working with the Texas swamp. Very true. and that is and that is what what is occurring. And I am just glad that we that Mr. Paxton was able to defeat the swamp. Because the whole premise was to put George P. Bush in as attorney general. And the removal of Ken Paxton. So glad call roll failed. I’m glad the bushes failed. And I’m glad that the American people got to see this political witch, which I will say is very similar to the witch hunt that’s being done on Donald Trump. 

Sure, sure. And a failure for the robes and a failure for the bushes as a success, of course, for the great state of Texas and the rule of law, which was which was bastardized by this process in the Texas House by alleged Republicans who are really operating at the behest of Democrats and I want to expand on that conversation and by the way, Brian, I didn’t get your your last name correctly tonight is it is conch are on conky? Calm. Okay. Well, little short German name. Yep. Brian conky is our guest in Medina County GOP chairman. They have censured Andy Murr, I think I think another county in his district also censured him. First off, can you confirm for me I think that the creature that we know as Andrew Murr has actually the mustache and everything else was kind of superfluous in a It’s the actual creature, the actual brain is in the mustache. Can you confirm that? 

Yes, I will. Definitely I will. I will definitely confirm that. I mean, Andrew Murr has consistently voted against during this legislative session, the Republican Party’s legislative priorities. Well, yeah. 

My Joking aside, I wanted to drill down on one of those. One of these was Senate Joint Resolution 35, which simply stated that, that foreign nationals shouldn’t be voting in American elections. And I think it was every Republican voted in the affirmative for that except Mr. Murr, who said he wasn’t going to vote for that. Is that true? 

Yes. Mr. Murr excused himself from that vote, and was not present for the vote. And then came back and doubled down state stating on record, that if he would have been there to vote, he would have voted no. Which would have left him as the only Republican to vote no. 

Good grief. So this man really is a servant of the left wing extremists. Yes, I mean, he is bought and paid for by Dade Phelan now, that is the bottom line. 

Now he has a legal background, correct? Yes, he does. So it is quite plausible that he willfully and intentionally did not put these co conspirators under oath, because they wanted to secure the impeachment of Ken Paxton. And if he had put those witnesses under oath, they were not willing to perjure themselves to get to basically get all the salacious stuff out there and presented as fact, which what Mr. Murr Did he misrepresented what was being said, as fat as did all of his Democrat cohorts. And so that took intent. It willful intent, did it not? 

Yes, it did. Matter of fact, you know, we can take a little further, you know, he falsely stated in a memorandum that the Texas Supreme Court opined in the in re Carrillo case of 1976 by stating the Court explained that section 665081 only applies when section 665081 of the Texas government code did not become effective until September 1 19 9317 years later, this false predict being an effort to further lead House members to an impeachment vote was in opposition to the preamble of the party platform and prevents principles 1345 and eight. 

Wow. See, again, a lot of these air quotes. Republicans are in violation of the party platform. And that that kind of brings me to my next point, you being a chairman. And because look, whatever your voting guide is, some people will say my voting guide is I want the heads of the people on a platter. I want them out of government, those who killed that common sense. Lois Kolkhorst bill from the Senate, which would have prevented America’s enemies from buying land in the United States to compromise our food supply and spy on our military bases and spy on our people. Now. If that’s your voting guide, then there are three people that you’ve got to take out. Dade Phelan. Dustin burrows and Todd Hunter, right. There are others like the Texas scorecard. They say, Well, there’s a Dirty Dozen. They cite Dade Phelan and his lieutenants. And they have the Dirty Dozen that they put in that wonderful documentary they put out called the Texas heist. I love that documentary Oh, it’s great. Yeah. And if you if you listen to the Chris Salcedo show or listen to the Salcedo stern podcast, I’ve got my sights on 24 air quotes republicans who voted to stab every child and every parent in the back by denying parental school choice and education freedom. And then there are others who are really gung ho, who say all 60 Republicans who voted for the impeachment, they all ought to be out because if they if they were stupid enough to listen to David Phelan and Andy Murr, they don’t they’re not smart enough to be casting votes for the people of Texas. And if they if they were willingly duped or they willingly knew they were misrepresenting, then they have no right to be in that house as a Republican. Which list Do you favor? 

I completely agree with the list of 60 because you the money trail does not lie. And back before Christmas, of 2022 Dade I believe it’s 2020 to date, feel and did his private vote to see where he would end up as the new Speaker of the House coming in January, realized that he didn’t quite have the votes that he thought he might need. So therefore doled out campaign cash, and you can go down the list I mean, It’s on transparency USA. Dade Phelan doled out a ton of money buying boat after boat after boat after boat after boat after boat. 

Well, and so he could so he could deliver for Democrats because the Democrats are the ones who made sure he had the speakership Correct? 

Yes, yes. And I was there. I was there on January 11. At the house, we wanted to speak with Andrew Murr I’ve I’ve been there numerous times to speak with Mr. Murr. He’s never allowed me the opportunity to do so much less returning an email or a phone call. But we were we were there on that day. And we what we were there and watch, watch the vote and watched it occur? 

Well, he thinks he thinks he’s better than you. You know, he doesn’t have to talk to people like you. You’re just all you’re correct. You’re just a filthy stinking voter to him. You know, he’s the one that supposed to tell you what to do. Right. 

I have heard that from other politicians in the Texas House that they know best. 

Yep, exactly. And, and that’s something that’s unAmerican. That’s why I reject it. But that that’s that’s who these people are. Brian conky is our guest right now, folks. He’s Medina County GOP chairman. So, look, you saw what John Cornyn did. You saw that he voted for that omnibus spending package that that prohibited Texas and the the federal government put up barriers to stop this illegal alien invasion. He actually secured more money for processing while prohibiting the stopping of illegal immigration harming the great state of Texas, only Lamar County’s chairman and another chairman, came out and demanded that John Cornyn resigned, the same thing with with Speaker Dade Phelan and these architects of the of the impeachment of Ken Paxton, there seems to be very scant unification in the Republican Party, seeming to be afraid of holding these pro Democrat Republicans accountable. Is there any excuse for that, in your view? 

No. But Miss Salcedo? It’s I’m glad you brought that up, because there’s a common line that I use often when I speak to people, and the Democrats can unite 100% on the most wrong thing. And the Republicans can’t unite on the most right thing. That is a problem. 

It is and you know what the Republicans can’t even unite to oppose Democrats. I mean, they can’t even they can’t even unite to say, well, we oppose Democrats. Well, wait a minute, let me think about it, some of them say. So I guess my broader point is these rogue Republican county chairs who are in it to go to cocktail parties at because John Cornyn puts on some beautiful cocktail parties, you’ve got to know, buying off county chairs and buying off support every bit as much as Dade Phelan does with left wing money. So doesn’t the Republican Party of Texas have to start standing for something? 

Oh, most definitely. So I mean, we have a huge problem in the Republican Party of Texas with rogue county chairs. I mean, it’s it’s it’s not just it’s just not that we’re battling the rino legislators. But we’re also battling those red robe chairs, who are assisting these rinos. And these rogue chairs are damaging to the party and to their constituents. And we have to put a strong effort into electing true conservative Republican chairs. Because everyone knows everything starts at the bottom. You can put the greatest guy you can find or gal at the top. But if there’s no soldiers at the bottom, that person at the top isn’t getting anything done. 

How do you police that? How do you how do you make sure that the chairmen are like yourself that are pro American, because as we know, the Dade Phelan wing of the Republican Party killed a pro American bill to stop America’s enemies from buying land in Texas some, some left wing communist sympathizer by the name of Jean Wu in Houston, told David feeling what to do said Don’t you bear pass that bill. I want my communists to be able to buy land and compromise America’s national security. So they feel and said, Yes, sir. I do whatever Democrats say. And he killed that damn bill that would have that would have been of benefit to our people. So what do we do about county chairs who are I’m sorry, sitting on the collective asses and doing nothing, sir. 

You know, I have an advantage. You know, I, I took an oath to serve our country in the United States Army. And that oath is forever embedded into my soul. As of now I do not carry a rifle onto the battlefield. But what I do carry on to the battlefield in Texas politics Is my ability to promote the agenda of God and country. I want to see the Republican Party of Texas actually make its elected chairs to take an oath, an oath of office. Because the responsibility of the county chairs to bring forth the agenda of the Republican Party of Texas to their county, and nothing else other than administrative duties, you do not have the right to bring forth your agenda. And that is the issue. They’re taking their own agenda and pushing it forth at the county level. 

And I think maybe there ought to be some stronger rules. And I think Matt Rinaldi has mentioned something like this, some stronger rules, because we’ve seen in recent days, where the majority of the the County, the county chairs, the the gathering wants to vote for censure or wants to vote to hold these, these people accountable. And then the county chairs basically overrule with no basis in in the Republican rules, they just overrule it and don’t allow the votes to happen to deliver for their corrupt political interests, which are oftentimes these pro Democrat Republicans. So yeah, those rules have got to be enforced. And if and if a county chair violates those rules, it should be an automatic forfeiture of their office. Yes. 

I would agree. I completely agree with that. Completely agree with that. You as a county chair, you are not a ruler, you’re not a ruler, you bring forth the agenda. And you allow your precinct chairs, your executive committee to provide input. And you allow them to move things forward. Yep. What you have to do is to make sure what is being moved forward, aligns with the legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas. That’s your champion. And it’s a private group. It’s a private group, both Republicans and Democrats, private group. 

So they’re supposed to have an agenda. And they’re supposed to be rules. And as you mentioned, yes, the precinct chairs, and and those who have voting interests in these gatherings that the chairman should not be able to violate, and I’m thinking of one particular case, and I can’t remember what county it was. Maybe you might remember, Brian, it was they had enough votes to censure. And that Chairman just overrode the entire meeting and wouldn’t allow the vote to take place. Because he knew that it was going to be one of these pro Democrat Republicans getting censured and that stuff can’t be allowed to happen. 

I believe that was Jefferson County, and that’s a feelings home district. Yeah. Is it yet well, you know, what, now that now that you say it, I think that was that was precisely it? Is Brian I hope so. So what can what can Matt Rinaldi do to help chairs like you? Do they do We need a restructuring of the rules of the road so that they are not breakable and that there is a way for these precinct chairs to hold these rogue county chairs accountable. 

Oh, by all means, and just to let you know, I support Matt Rinaldi 100%. And I think he has done a fabulous job with the conditions that he is dealing with right now. So yes, a reorganization of the rules to hold these people accountable is something that has to be done. Because there are 253 Sitting county chairs. And if all of all of these chairs were united, we could become unstoppable. 

Right? Right. John Cornyn, John Corden wouldn’t exist and Dade Phelan wouldn’t exist. And if all of these people adhered as 254 County chairs adhered to the party platform without theirs, as you rightly point out their agendas, we would actually have a unified opposition against Democrats. 

Yeah, and here’s another way to look at it. So, you know, I took this job as chair to promote and protect the party and and its delegates. So 15,000 delegates Descend onto the Republican Party of Texas convention to caucus and establish the legislative priorities, platforms and planks, and majority rules. And as a chair, you have to accept that. If there is something you don’t like, then you should caucus harder next time. But what you have to understand these 15,000 delegates, spent their own money took their own time to be there because they felt it wasn’t important enough to establish these priorities. And you as a county chair, do not have the right to go against the wishes of the delegates, that is disrespectful. 

Well, and it’s also anti American and anti Texan. Last question I have for you, Brian. I interviewed westward Hill. He is challenging the left wing or Andy Murr, who is who claims he’s a Republican, but his actions say that he’s not. What do you what’s your what’s your evaluation of Wes? 

You know what I I supported Westville Riverdale on his last run against Andrew Murr. I am going to support and support West burdale on this run against Andrew Murr. And I am doing that personally. And I would be willing to bet that our county is going to wholeheartedly endorse West burdale against Andrew Murr. But that will be a decision that the executive committee of the Medina County Republican Party makes not just me, all right, but from a personal standpoint, he has my 100% endorsement. 

Ryan conky. He’s the Medina County GOP chairman, a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, a patriot, a conservative, and a man who wants to see the right thing done, sir. I appreciate the conversation in the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Yes, Sir Chris, it was an absolute honor to be on your show. 

That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast do me and yourself a favor, my friends, pay a visit to Texas If you want to map out all of the challengers, to these individuals who have betrayed Republicans, the voters who have betrayed conservatism and in so doing have betrayed the state of Texas, make sure you go to Texas That’s where you’ll be able to track down all the challengers, what their viability is, and more importantly, where you can find those challengers and support them. If you’re tired of a Republican Party in the Texas House that is geared toward delivering for socialist Marxist Democrats also pay a visit if you will, my friends to the Chris Salcedo shows presence online that is Chris That’s where you track down the shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas we simulcast that broadcast on getter on rumble and yes on Newsmax to check that out. Also check out the Chris Saucedo show every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends. 

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