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S6, Ep 8: Bill O'Reilly Reveals The Democrat's Dark History With Cancel Culture

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BILL O’REILLY is an iconic news anchor and legendary commentator. Check out the No Spin news on and the First TV Network. Bill is a prolific author, writing one number-one-ranked non-fiction book after another, including the historical phenomenally researched “Killing” series. His latest, KILLING THE WITCHES, THE HORROR OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS.

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So the reckless and feckless, irresponsible childish spending continues here in the United States. The Republicans caved as they typically do, working together with Democrats to stop all conservative restrictions and spending restrictions because the aforementioned Republicans didn’t put nose to the grindstone and did not achieve 12 spending bills, as they were required to do by law, an actual budget did not produce those 12 spending appropriations bills before the government allegedly ran out of money. 

So the continuing resolution for the next 45 days. We continue spending at Democrats, socialists levels, which are unacceptably high and unsustainable. And, according to the Republicans, they had no flippin idea. Apparently, by their actions, they had no idea that there was going to be a requirement for a budget, because apparently, they had to go to the August recess. And instead of staying and getting the work done, they went on their August recess. 

A lot of folks like me, claiming that these spending measures should have been completed and done before the August recess, because our government, the legitimate functions anyway, require spending, but not only getting spending, but we’re also getting tremendous amounts of overspending because of continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills and the most irresponsible and feckless, childlike way of approaching government, which has been the MO of the Democrat and Republican Cabal, the unit party in Washington since 1996. 

That was the last time they behaved like adults in the US Capitol. So we have more unacceptable spending, and a lot of folks are pointing to the fact that it’s always the Republicans giving in to the childish Democrats. And if you’re looking at the fallout from all of this, Congressman Matt Gaetz, and a lot of conservatives are getting the blowback because the speaker decided to, to side against conservatives, with the continued profligate irresponsible spending. 

Never do Republican leaders side with conservatives, kind of sick and tired of that. And it’s not like, Republicans don’t know there’s a problem. Here’s David Schweikert. He’s a Republican from Arizona. Listen. 

“This is becoming a math free zone around here. And why is there the fighting here on the house? What’s the fussing, you do understand every dime, every dime a member of Congress votes on now is all borrowed money. There’s a very good chance. And we’ll know actually next week when the final Treasury data is posted that for this fiscal year, the 2023 fiscal year which ends this weekend. We will borrow I’m sorry, but this is how you need to think about it. We will borrow functioning 9% of GDP, so 9% of the entire economy will be just a borrowed money, not the spent money, the borrowed money. We’re hitting numbers. That should be terrifying. I don’t know why they’re not terrifying to the folks in the left. Basically, they just saw it. They just came to the microphone saying we want more money” 

And the Republican leadership decided to give in to all of that again, and they’ve been giving in to all of that since 1996. And conservatives are tired of it. Margaret Thatcher, one of the last, if not the last conservative, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, put things in the proper perspective. This is something that Republican Party, certainly whatever passes for the Conservative Party over there in England has forgotten. But the Republican Party is quickly forgetting this fundamental truth. Listen. 

“One of the great debates about time is about how much of your money should be spent by the state, and how much you should keep to spend on your family. Let us never forget this fundamental truth. The state has no source of money. Other than the money people earn themselves. If the state wishes to spend more, it can do so only by boggling your savings, or by taxing you more, and it’s no good thinking that someone else will pay that someone else is you. There is no such thing as public money. That is only taxpayers money.”

That is so true. And Margaret Thatcher’s words now ring hollow to the majority of the Republican caucus in this country, they’ve all given in to the Democrats. And they spend and spend and spend, they blame Democrats and they that that’s fine. They just continue to blame Democrats, because they’re just as much of profligate spenders, as the Democrat Socialist Party is. And there’s an excuse after excuse after excuse for all of this. 

One of the most common ones I heard was, if we shut down the government, then the public is going to blame Republicans. Yeah. Over to CNN. 

“I think this one was a bit of a surprise to me, given I think what the conventional wisdom is. So there have been a number of polls on this. So who would you mainly blame for a government shutdown? Actually, the plurality blamed Joe Biden to the Democrats in Congress at 39%, the GOP in Congress at 33%, both equally at 22. But in the two polls that I have seen when you combine Biden and the congressional Democrats, more voters blame them than blame Republicans in Congress. And that is very different than what we’ve seen in prior shutdowns. So who has a public brain for blame for prior shutdowns, Republicans in 9596, Republicans that 2013 And Republicans in 2018 19, so this may be a shutdown that is quite different than that in terms of the public blame, because at least at this point, more Americans say they’ll blame Biden and or the Democrats in Congress.” 

So that was out the window. That excuse went out the window, big time. So the caucus is fighting amongst themselves because there are no unifying principles for Republicans these days. And you’ve got, of course, Congressman Matt gates, making his threat to our last speaker, Kevin McCarthy, because he claims Mr. McCarthy broke all of his promises. And the promises were laid out there, folks, the promises speaker McCarthy made to conservatives, they’re out there for everybody to see. And I think there is room to say that Mr. McCarthy did not fulfill those promises. And whatever his excuses are, he made the promises, and he didn’t keep them. So Matt Gates says, he’s gotta go, here he is on ABC. 

“If somebody wants to make a motion against me bring it. There has to be an adult in the room. So are you going to do it? Are you going to move to ask them?” 

Yeah, about that before gates answers, you know, the idea. There has to be an adult in the room to cave to Democrats, its adult to give the Democrats whatever the hell they want. And that’s exactly what this Republican leadership has done. On every inflection point to stop spending, this Republican Party in charge of the house and what you folks, like I said, they’re excuses. There are reasons to the cows come home. The Democrats never apologize for stymieing Republicans. They know their voters expect that. The Republicans are always making excuses to their voters as to why they can’t act against Democrats. 

“Kevin McCarthy is going to get his wish. I don’t think the adults in the room would allow America to sit atop a $33 trillion debt facing $2.2 trillion annual deficits. I don’t think the adult in the room would allow a trillion dollars of this debt to come into refinancing at a higher level without serious spending cuts. And I don’t think the adults in the room would lie to house conservatives and that is exactly what Kevin McCarthy did. In January to get the speakership, Kevin had to agree to certain guardrails on spending and he had to agree to a process that would allow us to put some downward pressure on spending since the mid 90s. This country has been governed by revolving continuing resolution, an omnibus spending bill. And what that means is that America’s lawmakers take one upper down vote on the funding of the entire government. That is crazy. That is the reason we’re 33 trillion in debt. We want to move to single subject spending bills. So he made that commitment. He broke it. And if at this time next week, Kevin McCarthy is still Speaker of the House, it will because be because the Democrats bailed him out. And he can be their speaker, not mine. So when do you make this move? You’ll be seeing it this week.” 

This week. Gates said and promised, and well, he continued this conversation over a Jake Tapper on CNN, who didn’t appear to be in McCarthy’s camp, as you know, Jake Tapper leans left. So he’s just delighting and stirring the pot over there. But here’s what Gates told Tapper. 

“Because obviously, for people at home who don’t know, you need 218 votes to get them out of the speakership. You don’t have 218 Republican votes, you’re going to need Democrats. Let’s start with the Republicans. How many Republicans do you have well enough so that when you host this show next week, if Kevin McCarthy is still the Speaker of the House, he will be serving at the pleasure of the Democrats who will be working for the Democrats. The only way Kevin McCarthy is Speaker of the House at the end of this coming week is if Democrats bail him out. Now they probably will. I actually think that when you believe in nothing, as Kevin McCarthy does, everything’s negotiable. With the Democrats, let’s be honest here, though, because if you succeed in in vacating him, you also will have to make a deal with the Democrats, you also will have to get Democratic votes to kick him out. Absolutely. I will make no deal with Democrats and concede no terms to them. I actually think Democrats should vote against speaker McCarthy for free. I don’t think I should have to deal with that you’re not going to cut any deals with absolutely not. And I don’t think that any Republicans that share my view on speaker McCarthy would cut deals with Democrats. But here’s the thing. I’m done owning Kevin McCarthy, right, we made a deal at the end of jet or in January to allow him to assume the speakership. And I’m not owning him anymore, because he doesn’t tell the truth. And so if Democrats want to own Kevin McCarthy by bailing him out, I can’t stop them. But then he’ll be their speaker, not mine.” 

So that’s a theme. There are a lot of conservatives who want to divorce from the Republican Party. There are a lot of Democrats who want to divorce from the Democrat Party. There are independents who are in the majority in this country, who want nothing to do with these, these individuals from both political parties who have been instrumental and patting their own pockets in wasting billions of our taxpayer dollars, putting us billions, sorry, trillions, $33 trillion in debt, burdening our future generations, our great grandchildren, and even beyond, with massive unpayable debt, and putting this country at risk. And there seems to be not so much of the Democrats, but more so with the Republicans, those who wish to remain Americans and who believe in conservatism who believe in the Constitution of the rule of law. They’re defecting quickly from the Republicans, the Democrats, well, they’re their socialist base is hanging with them, but they’re losing some of the folks on the fringe. 

The Democrat fringe, by the way, folks is those who believe in America, those who want to be Americans, those who believe in free speech, those who believe in the rule of law, that is a fringe person, in the Democrat Socialist Party, a fringe person in the Republican Party used to be somebody who believed in doing deals with socialists doing deals with Democrats like speaker Dade Phelan, pro Democrat Republicans used to be the fringe. 

Now, they are common, and because they are so common in the ranks of so called elected politicians. Well, the people we the people want nothing to do with them, pushing back on Democrats, we believe is laudable, pushing back on all of their cancerous policies like the canceled culture that we believe should be opposed. And speaking of which, we talk about that in great detail with Bill O’Reilly next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Bill O’Reilly Of course, he’s an iconic news anchor and legendary commentator, check out the no spin news on Bill O’Reilly dot com and the first TV network. Bill is a prolific author, as you all know writing one number one ranked nonfiction book after another, including the historical phenomenally researched killing series, his latest killing the witches the horror of Salem, Massachusetts Bill Glad to have you back. 

Hey, Chris, how you doing? 

Doing great, man. It’s nice to have you and another great book that I think is is timely. And I think I wanted to ask this question for a long time and and just the the books in the past have been so engaging I’ve I forgotten to ask how you choose the periods of history with that you and to guard go back in and in research and put out there on the books. What is the process there? 

Well, this is the 13th killing book. And if you read them all you’ll know everything about your country. I mean, I took I take you from and killing the witches begins. In England with the people getting on the Mayflower. And everybody Oh, the Mayflower pass and mashed potatoes and stuffing Thanksgiving. Where do you see what happened? In that voyage, 66 days from England to Cape Cod. It was incredible. And you know, that’s my job is to really tell the reader, here’s what really happened to your country. Here’s how it all went down. And the reason I selected witches is because today, there’s controversy over our religious expression in America that all came from the Salem witch trials and the witch hunts and the 20 people who were executed there in the late 17th century. And Benjamin Franklin was a young teenager in Boston, watching all this. And he took that to Philadelphia to forge the constitution. So it all links in and then the final part of killing the witches is today. Because there are witch hunts all over the country today, you know that and demonic possession? Does because that’s what really witch hunting is all about. Is there really a demonic possession element in this world? And the research that we have was incredible. So I’ll keep you up at night good Halloween gift instead of giving candy to the urgency among which is a scandal. 

Yeah, in particular, as it relates today, when you start making those parallels Now, you mentioned the 20 executions in the book which which of the witches accused witches did you and du Gard focus in on there, which stories all of them or particular particular individuals. 

We run down most of them. But we focus in on the kids because they drove it. The accusers were mostly children, young girls primarily and what happened to them? It you know when you have children turning on their parents saying yeah, my mom’s a witch and a noose goes around the mom’s neck. I mean, it’s pretty harrowing. Yeah. So that is the core of what we do in this setup. To the book will take you through the trials and how it got there and who was involved and why they did what they did. And it’s a thriller. And then we segue into the bigger questions and then we end up in modern day. 

You know, and there’s such a parallel between what the Salem Witch Trials were doing children turning against their parents to what the left is trying to do inside of Gov Ed today, undermining parental authority and teaching counter to what parents want to be taught. Bill O’Reilly is our guest right now, folks that the new book is called Killing the witches, part of the historical, phenomenally researched killing series, that killing the witches, the horror of Salem, Massachusetts. You know, I remember reading about this in school, but was which was glossed over was what shut him down. What what finally was the straw that broke the fever. And I think it’s instructive about how we could maybe do something like that or replicate something like that today. What was it the shutdown the the witch trials? 

Well, the governor of Massachusetts Bay, William Phillips, his wife was accused of being a witch, Mary Phillips. And I put an end to that. And he was fighting the Indians in Maine. And she was arrested. And he comes back. He goes, where’s Mary? And there’s Mary is being charged with a capital offense. Good go all hell broke loose, pardon the pun. But that’s the only thing that ended these idiots were so crazy and arrogant. These clerics, that they charge the First Lady and Masters is Bay with being a witch. And so nobody knows that you’re a teacher didn’t know it. Because that’s what we do. We uncover history. 

Well, and you know what it would, it’s going to take one of one of their own one of these high profile leftists to have the monster they created in the modern era. turn against them before I think the fever breaks on what’s happening today. And that’s where I want to transition. We’ve been tiptoeing around how the witch trials informs what’s going on in the country today. In my opinion, the corrupt gov ad system teaches the Salem Witch Trials were should be used to condemn religion. And I think you’ve already mentioned that off the top. But it seems to me that you in regard to you, you kind of flip the script inside of this book, you find parallels between the modern left and the Salem witch trials. And you wrote the spirit of no forgiveness and celebrating unproven allegations, binds the modern cancell culture and the witch trials in Salem together, instead of insane clerics and corrupt officials. Our current witch hunt is led by the dishonest media. 

That is so true. You bet. And that’s one of the reasons I wrote the book, because we got full blown witch hunts here in America today. No due process, your guilty press drives that. So any accusation is a conviction and people’s lives are being ruined. They’re not being hanged, but their careers are being shot and all of that it’s interesting. Tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 9pm. on X Twitter, there’s going to be an interview with me and Tucker Carlson. Well, we’re announcing it today. And we talked about this and how the television media in particular driving this witch hunt against political opponents. So that’s going to be quite the interview. He is interviewing me for about an hour if you go to Bill O’Reilly dot com tomorrow night, nine o’clock to compete with the Republican debate, but you can do it anytime, you know, X stuff stays up there will link you right over to it. And it’s worth the time. 

It’s you know, it’s crazy. I had a a question that I wanted to make sure to ask you. And it is about media landscape. And it is about post Tucker, Fox News and where Fox News losing their former dominance. And I was I was just jonesing to pick your brain and then you announce that that is crazy. That is crazy now. So folks, just just in case you’re just tuning in Bill O’Reilly used to have a position over at Fox time slot and when Bill O’Reilly left fox, a Tucker Carlson took over that time slot now he’s gone, as you will know, and now the two of them are going to sit down and have a conversation that that is that is must tune in Bill O’Reilly dot com and also on x. So let me ask you about this, your evaluation about the media landscape today. Let me just give me your evaluation of that. We’ll leave Fox out of the discussion for the time being But just the media landscape and where we’re going. 

Well, the television news agencies are all run by corporations now. And the corporation’s don’t really care about delivering a product that is engaging. They’re all afraid. So the reason that Carlson and I were successful and I tell them this in the interview, is because nobody knew what we were going to say that night. And so there was an element of oh, what are these guys gonna do? You know, these crazy guys. And that is a big factor for people taking their time to listen to a radio or television. I mean, they want to, you know, it’s not predictable. Now it is. So when’s the last time you heard somebody say, Hey, do you see what happened on David Bures? Broadcast? He’s the anchorman ABCs world news, right? Nobody ever says that. And I’m not sliding Muir. It’s just didn’t have any pot, and cable had it. But now it’s kind of flat. So with all the competition, people’s attention, inevitably, you’re going to have fewer people going in. And I don’t see how that’s going to be ever reversed because the corporations are risk adverse. They don’t want to be attacked by the woke People. They don’t want all of this. They’re not willing to defend the talent. And so that’s where we are. 

You know, Britt Hume marveled for many, many moons at foxes dominance because fox didn’t treat Republicans and conservatives like pariahs for many, many moons. And then they all of a sudden started dropping the fair and balanced moniker, then they then they had the takeover of the Murdoch boys who are Democrats. And you started seeing an editorial change. Now they’re the Karl Rove Never Trump Network. And I don’t know that serves certainly doesn’t serve the conservative side of the ledger. But I don’t know that it serves this idea of being an actual news organization. But that’s where they seem to be headed careening off to CNN land careening off to MSN BS land. Am I reading that wrong? 

You know, it’s hard for me to make that evaluation because I’m not watching them. On a regular basis. I’m far too busy to do that. So I don’t want to be unfair. I think that they’ll maintain their position as number one, because their talent is better than the other cables. The people they have on the air are better. And then traditional older Americans, they, you know, they still like Fox News. There are no younger people watch any of them. They’re gone. Alright, so under 55 Forget it. Not watching cable news that’s over. I used to do a million in that demo, Chris. Wow. 25 to 54. Now, if they get over 200,000. They’re, you know, a stack. So the younger Americans have gone completely. The older ones, some of them hang up. 

So is that does that inform Tucker’s decision, your decision to maybe go digital and start reaching those younger audiences that younger demographic and engaging them the way you know that pop that you describe? Is that is that is that the the motive? Is that? 

Yeah, I’m not I’m not a technical guy at all. I’m just a news guy, a grizzled old news guy. My staff is young. Yeah. And they’re got us all over YouTube and Instagram. And they got, you know, they’re telling me oh, like all these people watching on YouTube. I don’t even know how to get to you. Oh, that’s nice. I had a Jamaican guy last night, come up to me. I was in Manhattan after the interview with Carlson. And this guy walks up the go, I watch you on YouTube. And I said, That’s great. Thank you. But in my mind, I go. I couldn’t watch me on YouTube to be okay. But this is what the world has come to. And we still put out a very vibrant product on Bill O’Reilly dot com. You’re bored sitting there for the 40 minutes I give you every night. I mean, we’re rocking it just the way we did at Fox News. And before that, when I worked with ABC and CBS, I mean, I’m not a boring guy. I am personally not professional professionally. 

No, no, no, no IT folks you’re he’s always gonna bring the a game when you watch him Bill O’Reilly dot com, the first TV network and folks I’ve just got to say, Bill breaking the news here about an interview with Tucker Carlson. that’s going to be on Bill O’Reilly dot com and also on on AX. And they’re going to be discussing killing the witches the horror of Salem, Massachusetts, pick up the book as Bill alluded to, it’s a great Halloween gift and make sure your kids know the real history bill. 

Always a pleasure to catch up. Nice to have you to put me I want to say hello to everybody in Texas. Glad you’re doing well, Chris. 

Thank you, my friend. That’s gonna do it, everybody for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, head on over to Texas When you want to be informed about what’s happening in the Free State of Texas, and all of the challenges we are facing with pro Democrat Republicans in our effort to rid ourselves of this cancer inside of the Texas State House. Also pay a visit if you will, to Chris That’s where you’ll find me the Chris Salcedo show on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas in morning that’s talk radio also simulcast on Newsmax to also check out how you can find the Chris Saucedo show on Newsmax one every afternoon, Monday through Friday, four o’clock to five Eastern. All of our social media hookups are there to add Chris We’re on x we’re on true social, we’re on getter. It’s all there folks at your fingertips at the newly renovated Chris Till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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