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S6, Ep. 9: The Show Behind The Show, The West Under Attack Edition

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Chris and Sean discuss the brutal attack on Israel and the Democrat American weakness that invited such aggression.

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Western world was given a gut punch over the weekend when radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists launched an unprecedented attack and invasion of Israel. Hamas stormed Israel as of the recording of this podcast. Over 600 Israelis have been killed and several 100 others have been kidnapped or unaccounted for it. I would imagine the death toll is going to continue to increase. Let me read the latest from Newsmax. 

Israel battles Hamas for a second day after mass incursion and trades fire with Lebanon’s Hezbollah as well. Israeli soldiers battled Hamas fighters in the streets of southern Israel on Sunday, launched retaliation strikes that leveled buildings in Gaza. While in northern Israel, a brief exchange of strikes with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group raised fears of the conflict, broadening. 

There was still some fighting underway more than 24 hours after an unprecedented attack. Surprise attack from Gaza, which Hamas militants backed by a volley of 1000s of rockets broke through Israel security barrier and rampage through nearby communities. At least 600 people have been reportedly killed in Israel staggering toll on a scale the country has not experienced in decades. And the militants also took captives back into the coastal Gaza enclave including women, children and the elderly, whom they were likely to try to trade for 1000s of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN State of the Union, that the US is working to verify reports that several Americans were killed or are missing. Well, there there weren’t just Americans over there, that folks the that the imagery that is coming out of Israel is stomach churning. It’s enough to make you physically ill by looking at it. The high death toll multiple captives and slow response to the onslaught pointed to a major intelligence failure and undermine the long held perception that Israel has eyes and ears everywhere. In the small, densely populated territory. It is controlled for decades. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country was at war and would exact a heavy price from its enemies. His security cabinet officially declared the country at war and an announcement on Sunday, saying that decision formally authorizes the taking of significant military steps. 

Now, folks, as as Israel is gearing up to to respond to the Iranian backed Hamas. You have voices over here in the Democrat Party, those who are either in media or those who are in Congress, saying well wait a minute, wait a minute. You you can’t respond and come Find Israel. You can’t, you can’t go in there and start kicking ass. You can’t do that. Matter of fact, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez out there, along with the rest of her squad members calling for an immediate ceasefire after Israel had this unprecedented invasion, folks, it is really gotten bad on social media, from these from these Jew haters. 

Let me give an example of one of them. We retweeted them to make sure you knew who they were, there’s a guy by the name of Keith woods. Now, I had never heard of Keith Woods before because he’s a relative unknown. Keith Woods has an account on X says writer at substack and UN Z Review, host of understanding Platonism free speech enjoyer and hashtag ban the ADL the anti Defamation League. So he’s a Jew hater, right? So this guy tweets out a video that shows that and listen to in the in the wake of this historic invasion. 

Listen to how the Jew haters and the apologists for terrorism are trying to explain this away. While Palestinian fighters were given strict orders to respect churches and monasteries. Wait a minute, Mr. Woods, how do you know so much about the terrorists and what orders they were given? While Palestinian fighters were given strict orders to respect churches and monasteries, Israel responded to the attacks by bombing a mosque in Gaza. 

Well, there’s a good reason why they bombed the mosque in Gaza, because the typical terrorist playbook is to hide munitions and resources for their terror exploits, in schools and civilian places, yes. And in their holy sites, and Israel was not going to allow threats to their homeland, which is manifest in an invasion. They were not going to allow those threats to remain. 

So is it Israel’s fault that Hamas and other radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists hid munitions and holy places in civilian territories? Or is it Hamas is fault? Recognizing that the West typically doesn’t go after holy sites doesn’t go after civilians? That so they use them as human shields or as holy site shields? Whose fault is it? Really? The show behind the show comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks, it’s time for the show behind the show and Shawn Chastain joining us on on a weekend that we saw well in my opinion, the West under attack. Hey man. 

Yeah, not a fun way to wake up yesterday. I just see that in the news. 

And it gets worse and worse as it unfolds. You know, I just wanted to lead off with what’s been weighing most heavily for you and I, because I got some religious experiences that happened to me on this day on Sunday. And then all of the the analysis I was doing as the information was coming in yesterday. So what’s your first takeaway? 

My first takeaway is what happened to Israeli intelligence. I mean, they have been the best in the world forever, you know about intelligence. And I just don’t understand how a massive attack like this can happen without them learning of it. And I know, that’s a question on a lot of people’s minds. But yeah, that was that was the first one for me. It was like, and then the second question that come up, is how the hell did they get 3500 missiles to be able to fire off? Well, I mean, they, you know, it’s not like you can bring them in, in your carry on. It’s, it’s just unbelievable to me that, that that’s been going on? Well, you know, where they get into Syria? 

Yeah. Well, you know, who gets it to them is, is Iran. And yeah, you know, a lot of people and that’s another aspect. I should I guess we should start there, because President Trump is out there saying, yeah, and isn’t it great that the Joe Biden just unfroze $6 billion of Iranian assets, so they could replenish their supply after Hamas unleash them and rain down fire? On Israel? 

So honestly, one of the first things I thought of, yeah, when I when I saw that as long before, you know, Trump, or anybody else said it, it’s just like, Oh, that’s nice. We just gave him $6 billion to be able to do all this. It’s their own money for the first time. 

It’s, yeah, it’s their own money. But again, the left wingers are all over social media, saying, and if anybody thinks that Iran did this, because of the money that was freed up by the Biden regime, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s like, Dude, you know what? Enabling the number one state sponsor of terrorism with assets is never a good idea. It’s always been a bad idea. And so the fact that you don’t want to own it now that the frankly unthinkable has happened, screw you, in my opinion. Yeah. What else? 

It just horrible. Sad. I mean, 600 Israeli is dead and almost 400 Palestinians at the last check that I saw, but what what Hamas is doing, grabbing anybody they can that’s not a Palestinian out of, you know, concerts or just walking down the street or going into homes, snatching grandmothers and babies and doing unspeakable things to them. And, man, just animals. 

And did you see the video? of some of the stuff? Yeah, yeah, it’s there. There was one there it is. It is incredibly tough to watch up. We retweeted a family who just watched their daughter slaughtered by these butchers and the kids the father’s hands are all bloody I’m assuming from holding his dead daughter and the kids are saying they tried to save her and and the Hamas the Hamas terrorist attack just calm down just calm down in English. This is these are propaganda videos being shown that they want to show the suffering they want to show the attack on the west and then the of course the body of this I guess she’s German she’s incredibly beautiful. And they show her body being paraded around I’m not sure if she’s dead It looks like she’s dead. Yeah, but it’s it’s just horrific. 

They yes stripped or nude after either before or after they killed her I don’t know. And paraded around and told everybody she was Israeli intelligence agent. But she wasn’t she was a German tattoo artists there for a concert and her boyfriend was also kidnapped and presumed dead if they if they haven’t verified that but yeah, just I’ve got a friend that’s on a it’s on a cruise ship right now was supposed to go to Israel and have had and they have been diverted completely away from the whole Middle East. They’re headed to Greece now. That’s where their ships gonna go. 

Yeah, I have a mutual friend of ours just got back from a trip to Israel and And what it was, it was magnificent. And now, that’s all gone. But I gotta I gotta tell you, man. So we see the horror. We see the savagery and the butchery. And then you’ve got celebrations in London. Here’s the headline from Dr. Eli David celebrations in London in support of the horrendous terrorist attack today. How’s your multiculturalism going? Yeah. 

Well, you know, like we talked on on 911, that the reason one of the things I hate about that day is the way it makes me feel about people who probably didn’t have anything to do with it, or definitely didn’t have anything to do with it, and didn’t support it in any way. But the question is, did they support it? And just kept their mouth shut? You know, did they secretly secretly support it? And that’s what you got to think here. You know, and I hate that, that you do think like that, or I do at least it just, you know, you see somebody of Palestinian descent, you go, are they secretly cheering on the inside? And? 

Well, these guys, these guys are out in the streets waving a Palestine, the Palestinians, Palestine as a state doesn’t exist. So they’re waving a flag that represents the Palestinian people, I suppose. So they’re out there cheering after these atrocities that you and I just talked about. And it’s the celebrations by Hamas and Hezbollah and the death and destruction. And then and then you see in certain parts of the country of England, whether multiculturalism has taken over and even here in America, the New York City Chapter of the Democrat socialists of America party, is promoting a demonstration to celebrate the Hamas Islamist militant killings of Israeli civilians. It’s coming up this week, according to media reports. They’re going to be celebrating in the streets of America here, too. 

Yeah. I don’t know, man. My biggest fear out of this whole thing is that this is prolonged and ugly war with many factions getting involved. I mean, I believe that Israel could probably wipe out the Gaza Strip, you know, in a matter of minutes, but when other factions, other countries start getting involved. Does that just open the door for China to go? Well, here’s what we’ve been waiting for. Now’s the time to take Taiwan. Oh, yeah. And with this, with this Biden administration, man, it scares the hell out of me what they’ve done to the military, and to, you know, have to fight on a couple of different fronts. Not good. 

Remember, when Trump left the historic Abraham Accords, peace was breaking out over the Middle East took a Beijing by the Democrats, two and a half years and now many believe this is the the match that is going to ignite world war three. And that what we’re seeing with this invasion, also in Canada evokes Canada with its celebrated multiculturalism. They’re all waving flags and parades of cars, celebrating the slaughter of Jews, up in Oh, Canada. And that brings me to these left wing Democrat politicians. Ilhan Omar Alexandria, Ocasio Cortes Rasheeda to leave, this foreign born slug by the name of Mehdi Hassan over an MSN BS. Their main concerns are the folks who else who occupy the Palestinian territory that’s their main concern, not about the slaughter Jews, not about the the the attack that was just suffered. And all of the the civilians who were sleeping on Saturday morning when terrorists came rampaging through their towns and doing all manner of atrocities, not to mention the 3500 warheads raining down on Israel. I gotta say, man that to see the Democrats their first instinct to defend this garbage it just sickens me. 

Oh, absolutely. And, you know, people to vote them back into office. So on them I guess we get the government we deserve, you know, I suppose. But they do deserve our condemnation, do they not? Absolutely. Yeah. For AOC to come out right away and say, oh, we need to ceasefire we need to see as far well, we do Yeah. 

Yeah, not not we I mean, yeah, I’m not gonna tell them. They just got under it. They just were had this hurt. horrific attack and and she’s calling for a ceasefire, but it goes I mean this guy Luke Zaleski, some left wing nutbag to Mehdi Hassan to all of these. These folks on the left who are out there just, you know, shouting down civilization shouting down the west. Here’s here’s Mehdi Hassan. Hamas now holding kids and hostages Russians abducting kids from Ukraine. Israeli Israelis killing kids in the West Bank, Saudi starving kids in Yemen, war is always hell. But how can we not agree on the basic principle that kids always everywhere off limits for God’s sake? So he’s he’s trying to put out their moral equivalencies. Then you’ve got Ilhan Omar putting out a generic statement to which I had to respond to her. I said, so some people did something a Ilan, right. Some people did something. It’s I’m sorry, I just the tolerance for the supportive supporters of our enemies is sickening. Then you got here’s another one from Mehdi Hassan, well known Israeli settler calls for the nuking of Gaza. Look, notice his concern. So Israel just endured their 911 and and Mehdi Hassan is How dare you suggest reprisal? You know, it’s crazy. 

It’s it’s totally crazy. Yeah, I don’t get it. I don’t allow I don’t see how these people, their networks allow them on. I don’t see how they keep getting voted into office. And it just, it’s just sad and scary at the same time. 

Well, let’s bring this home. Let’s bring this home. Because, as we you you and I watched in horror, the video coming out of Israel, of military age, men rampaging through the streets, dragging children and women and elderly people out of their homes, slaughtering them, killing them doing all manner of things to their bodies through the streets. Let’s not forget that Joe Biden, and the Democrats with the help of John Cornyn fully funded by a vote from John Cornyn and then also supported by a vote of Dade feeling to kill HB 20, which was a border bill. This country just welcomed in seven and a half million illegal aliens, mostly military age men, and two and a half million known God aways into this country. 

Yeah, but oh, well, at least Biden’s gonna build the wall. Yeah, a whole lot. 17-20 That’s when he’s there. That’s bullshit. It’s such a bullshit. 

They will they will not have footage of a wall going up in the Biden administration. Because that’s a commercial for everyone to run, you know, for Trump to run. 

It’s only rhetoric, man. He’s just trying to get the Democrats off his back. 

Yeah. And who in that 7 million people is the next 911 terrorists who was the who is the one that is so happy today with his Palestinian brethren that are rampaging through the streets of Israel. And now he’s in some, you know, some city in the Midwest.

How many of them are China operatives, or Iranian operatives or Russian operatives who want to see the same chaos in the United States that Israel is going through right now. And let’s not forget Shawn right here in the great state of Texas, the 75,000 reported illegal alien city a base of operations flying the Mexican flag, they’ve got the pictures. They’ve got the pictures from Texas scorecard and others flying the Mexican flag from which a base of operations to export their their criminal activity to adjacent Texas counties and beyond. 

Yeah, this is really starting to get some traction. And I’m sure you were one of the first guys on it, because I hadn’t heard of it until last week. And yeah, this is really starting to some traction and make some news, which I’m extremely happy to see. I don’t understand how it’s allowed. And I don’t understand the Texans that sold the land to begin with, you know, maybe it was not explained to them what the land was going to be used for. Or maybe they just didn’t care wanted to make money because they had a bunch of land. I don’t know but for a Texan to call himself a Texan to sell that land is just, you know, unforgivable. 

I got a podcast coming up with a Todd Benjamin he He’s the guy that first out of this when we’ve been covering for about four or five months now, the illegal alien city and Benjamin tells me that because of the sex trafficking because of the drugs because of the the illegal activity in colony ridge and liberty County, Texas, that adjacent sheriff’s and counties adjacent to Liberty county like San Jacinto County, the sheriff there asked for funding from our operation Lonestar to beat back all the illegal activity from from colony rich. He was denied flatly with no explanation. And a lot of people like me are starting to ask questions. Wait a minute. What so not only not only are we allowing any illegal alien city in Texas, when adjacent counties are trying to contain the damage to Liberty County, they’re being turned down from Operation Lonestar funding, allegedly? That is supposed to be geared toward pushing back against this stuff? 

Yeah. I don’t know. Dude, just it gives me tired head it gives me worry head, you know, I know the whole thing. And I just I’m so thankful that Netanyahu is the one in charge and Israel Oh, me too. Hopefully, it’ll be a very short war and a very brutal war on the Palestinians. But I sure hope it’s not the match that lights the fuse on world war three. 

You know, War world wars have started for for much less, and i i weaken hope. And that actually is the last thing I wanted to talk to you about. Because you and I were working for the same radio station when rush limbaugh was with us. And I remember distinctly and you were probably bored opping these shows when Rush was talking about how you know, folks, folks, typically, your average American Joe can’t handle the avalanche of negative news all the time, he got to break it up that the human, the human being can’t stand a steady avalanche of just just negative news. And like I after covering the dysfunction of, of what happened in the House of Representatives last week, and how frustrated and, frankly, pissed off I was that, that the Republican Party is so rudderless and has no direction that they had to go through these things. I think it was a positive thing. At the end of the day, but still, we shouldn’t even be here, you know? Yeah. So after that, I got a couple of emails for some folks. Hey, Chris, how about focusing on the positive stuff? And I’m thinking to myself, holy crap, you know, where, but maybe, maybe Maybe I was too doom and gloom. And one of the person said, Why don’t you focus on the Republicans? who are who are not the sellouts? Like To what end, dude? I mean, so what? Yeah, they’re fighting the good fight. They’re losing, but they’re fighting the good fight. So let’s focus on that. So I, before Saturday, I was actually thinking maybe I ought to start breaking some of this up, and then this happens. Yeah. And I’m like, so So is it incumbent on a guy like me to just, you know, find the sunshine and shoot up everybody’s rear end? So they can feel good about and not know, what’s really going on? Just for their own mental well being? Would I be doing them a service or, or whatever? Or do I give them the truth? You know, what do I do? 

Yeah, well, I mean, you have to, you have to give them the truth. It doesn’t always have to be the doom and gloom, there are nice things that you can sprinkle in throughout, you know, the way it the way the almost PTSD that you get when you’re in a radio station all the time. And we stock station, same way with cops, same way with emergency room, people. It’s a gallows humor develops, and that’s how we have to deal with those kinds of things, you know, because we’re in it so much and just see bad stuff all the time that we develop a really sick sense of humor about that kind of stuff. 

Yes. With which we can testify to here, you know, your show behind the show.

But you know, for those who aren’t immersed in it 24/7 Yeah, I know that it grates on him. I know how just mentally worn down they are from hearing nothing but bad all the time. And you just have to remember when it comes to you personally and what you should do. Is that But most people have lives, they have jobs that they’re doing. And this is something they need, you know, just to have a few minutes to learn about basically. So you got to tell them the truth, but it doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom that you’re living 24/7 Just because your job.

Right. And even though it is, even though the doom and gloom, I mean, dude, we’re up shit creek without a paddle as and this is this is something that, you know, we have some of the most unqualified individuals running this country right now who are not in it for the best interest of this country you and I know this. And it’s I think it is really tough for our our fellow countrymen to admit that there’s an entire party of people who really just hate this country. And it’s hard for them to, to wrap their head around that they can’t conceive that we’ve fallen this far, and they don’t want to go down that road. And I think and I’m sensitive to that. But that’s what I’ve, that’s the the rock and the hard place that I find myself in. It’s like, do I tell them what they the truth as I know it as I see it, and and give them the information? I think they need to make a difference. Or do I you know, as I said, Get get the this the sunshine shooter and, you know, so they feel better about losing their country? 

I don’t know if the sunshine shooter is the truth to Yeah. You know, there’s nothing wrong with that. Like I said, Everybody’s got their own lives. They’re not embarrassed like, you’re 20. 

I know, I had a close buddy, close buddy of mine had no idea. This attack in Israel had happened had no idea was out hanging out with their family on Saturday as a typical American would. And it’s like, they’re gonna wake up either today or on Monday and go, What the hell? And it’s I sometimes I don’t know that it’s good that we’re as tuned out as our society is. I don’t know. That’s good. Seems to me even before the internet age, people were more informed about what was going on than they are today. 

Well, yeah, because you sat down with the newspaper every morning or every evening, you know, and you actually read and there’s probably a lot more actual journalists in those. Not propagandists true, right? Yeah, man. I mean, yeah, you get your you got a couple minutes to look at Fox News where you’re sitting at a stoplight or something, you know, and, and that’s, that’s how they learn stuff. But yeah, not being immersed in it. 24/7 it’s, yeah, it’s hard. 

At church today, figure out which way to do Yeah, at church today, Shawn, that there was a sermon about how we’re leaving, that when you leave the church doors and you forget about the community, you’re a part of, you know, and so you shouldn’t do that. You should, you know, this idea of community and service to your fellow man should be out there. But we went through that we, my church went to the entire service, not mentioning one thing about the death and destruction in Israel. I’m like, yes. So here we are. Here we are preaching. Don’t forget your fellow man, right in the middle of my church forgetting their fellow man. 

Well, I mean, it’s kind of two different sermons. Yeah. When you when you talk about the big picture, fellow man, yeah, of course. But if you’re talking about your neighbor, who, you know, didn’t have an AC unit this summer, you know, because they’re too old and too poor. Yeah. You know, I think that’s probably what they’re talking about more. I think it’s kind of apples and oranges there. 

We can pray for folks who were ravaged by a storm or, you know, our church has done this before, where they, you know, those who are impacted by the ravages of war, you know, say a prayer for them. And it’s like, the day after Israel is savagely and brutally attacked. 

Nothing good, man. Again, your preacher has his own life, you know, and I know he’s busy doing other stuff. He is not immersed in this all the time. Yeah, I just so you know, I yeah, I would think I mean, what would you rather hear a sermon on that? Or like, you know, as everybody’s walking out the door Oh, yeah. Don’t forget to pray for Israel. I mean, which is better? 

Yeah, I mean, just to mention as he he probably didn’t have time to learn and put together a sermon about that. 

So just just a mention is all I was looking for, you know, just keep them in your thoughts and prayers and just didn’t just didn’t happen. All right, buddy. Hey, look. It was a rather single issue show behind the show, but this is This is going to unfold over the weeks and months ahead, so I’m sure they’ll talk more about hope hopefully weeks. So let me let me blow a little sunshine up. Yeah. 

Thank you pal was appreciated. 

Rangers won yesterday. Oh, well against Baltimore. They’re playing today at three o’clock. game to the best of five. So let’s go Rangers. Yay. Yay, folks, get a diversion. Go watch some sports. A lot of people use sports to, to to get out of reality for a little while. Thank you, buddy. Appreciate it. Sean Chester, the show behind the show. Talk to you next week. 

See ya. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Make sure you stay tuned to this podcast. We’ll continue to provide analysis on what has transpired over in Israel and how it could come back to haunt the West and the United States in particular. Also keep track about what’s happening in Texas over a Texas scorecard, Texas That’s their web address Texas latest and greatest on the fight to put conservatives back in charge of the Texas State House and also visit Chris That’s really attract down me. The Chris Salcedo show on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas morning talk radio that simulcast on rumble and get her also Newsmax to also check out Chris Saucedo show on television four o’clock in the afternoon, till five Monday through Friday. That’s of course Eastern time. Do you only visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. Transcribed by


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