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Texas Plagued By Democrat-Inspired Sex Trafficking
Robert Montoya, Texas Scorecard Investigative Reporter.
Transcribed by Otter.Ai
Last week, it was revealed that the FBI has descended into KGB esque activities, ruining the lives of whistleblowers who have been outing them as being dedicated Democrats rather than being dedicated law enforcement officers. And because they have been using tactics to disadvantage conservatives, to unfairly target conservatives while they help exonerate or not even prosecute Democrats. It is the weaponization of government for the politicization of government. The infection of left wing politics into agencies that had here too for been a political, this is the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, and we are paying for that legacy today. One of these left wing shrubs, the snakes, these venomous snakes, a Democrat actually attacked the victims. This is Plaskett, I believe is her name. She she’s the ranking member on the the House subcommittee of the weaponization of government, and here she is with these whistleblowers in front of her. Does she want to hear their plight? Does she want to help them right wrongs? No, she wants to destroy them. Listen to this.

My colleagues on the far right are on a mission to attack, discredit and ultimately dismantle the FBI. This is defund the police on steroids. As part of their mission. My colleagues have brought in these former agents, men who lost their security clearances because they were a threat to our national security, who out of malice or ignorance or both have put partisan agenda above the oath they swore to serve this country and protect its national security, their veterans. They are former cops that were highly decorated by the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and they said look you guys are railroading these January 6 people you’re you’re taking away their rights. You’re not giving them due process for that the Democrats call them betrayers because the Democrats want to make examples of anybody who opposes them and their complete totalitarian rule. And the little which mentioned that this is defund the police on steroids calling the KGB thugs who run the FBI and the Department of injustice calling them law enforcement, which they’re not. They’re the ones who are bastardizing law enforcement. She has the gall to try to flip the script on the party that is really defunding law enforcement. 117 Democrats vote no on Bill condemning efforts to defund the police. The house last Thursday, passing a resolution that condemns recent efforts by the Socialist Democrat party to the fund or abolish the police over the objections of more than half of how socialists, lawmakers voted 301 to 119 to pass the non binding resolution that recognizes the dedication and devotion demonstrated by the men and women of local law enforcement to keep our community safe and condemns calls to defund disband, dismantle or abolish the police. 117 Democrats voted no, we don’t want to condemn those who are trying to defund the police. And that tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats Socialist Party, what they’re all about. If the police stand in their way to inflicting pain on people for opposing them, then the police need to go if these FBI agents stand in the way between the Democrats exacting their revenge for standing up to these said Democrats. Well, then these FBI FBI agents have to have their lives ruined and their reputations maligned by the serpents by these venomous snakes. And it’s exactly what the Democrat party the Socialist Democrat Party stands for. They also stand for the exploitation of children. And it’s happening courtesy of the Beijing Biden regime on the national level. And sadly, left wing Soros funded TAS here in the state of Texas. There is an examination happening, an investigative piece of journalism being done by our friends over the Texas scorecard. And they have a toe curling story to tell all of you and I hope you will stick around and fact I hope this is the podcast you share with others to let them know the depravity of the Democrats. That’s next on The Salcedo store podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you. Not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo, join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax.

Why get your news from people who don’t share your values? Get new stories from Texas scorecard. We provide real news for real Texans go to Texas Today, well, it’s it’s gonna be a regular visit because as I mentioned, well, quite frequently on the podcast that the folks over the Texas scorecard are constantly endeavoring to do what I call when I came up with the business it was called enterprising journalism. They’re out there, finding the stories, digging up leads, and then making sure you get the information. And you’re not seeing that in the corporate press these days. You’re all you’re seeing is a bunch of stenographers like we recently saw with the FBI revelations, and all of the Russia Trump hoax collusion hoax. And all of the left wing media did was just take down all of the talking points of the Democrats and called it facts with the whistleblowers same thing. They don’t do this over a Texas scorecard. They actually do something that’s called journalism, where they verify what’s out there, what they’re being told. Let me bring on a former filmmaker, University of North Texas graduate, and one time assistant language teacher, Robert Montoya. He says he misses Japan and the 1980s. Oh, Ronald Reagan. I do too. He is an investigative reporter over a Texas scorecard. Mr. Montoya, welcome back.

Thank you, Chris. Good to be here.

The latest bit of enterprising journalism coming out of Texas scorecard, what are you working on?

Well, Chris, I’m very saddened to tell you and your audience about this. You know, we all rightfully celebrate the fact that in the Civil War, after spilling so much blood, we ended slavery. Unfortunately, we’ve come to find out what we’re doing in our investigative series coming out very soon, is that sex slavery is plaguing Texas. This is different than the former senator we deal with in the Civil War. This is one where you are forced against your will to sell your body for others to have sex with and it’s right here. In the Lone Star State,

I probably know where the genesis of this is coming from. As we’ve been highlighting on the radio shows the podcast and the TV shows that the US federal government because of Beijing Biden’s importation of massive amounts of illegal aliens from all over the world, that that people are being put into sex slavery and other slavery children to pay off their debts to the narco terrorists. Is this what you’re finding?

Well, the open border is definitely a part of this. Selena Rodriguez, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, you know, like you said, she said, we don’t have operations control over open border. We have the Mexican drug cartels. They’re controlling the flow of what comes here. They smuggled criminals, children drugs, into our state nation. And you know, the victims of sex slavery. The age range can be from 16 to 20. male victims tend to be younger. But we’ll even find toddlers who are victims. But of course, there’s another part of this. Let’s take away the open border formula. This is a bad problem, of course. But we take away the open border, we talked to an individual by the name of Jaco bullions. He’s a specialist in the field of sex trafficking. He’s fought against it ever since his 12 year old sister was taken in. And he said, you know, if you take away the open border, Texas right now, today, we’ll still be number one in the nation for sex slavery, because of all the domestic children in our state that are being taken by this wicked slave trade.

Wow. It’s so are these are American citizens, American children that are being Now you say, taken under what circumstances explain this to us.

So, as we were talking with Jaco, what we’ve found is this, the slave trade has evolved that used to be you’d find that you know, kids get kidnapped off the street taken, and you know, sold or the table gets changed. Because, you know, if you kidnap a kid removes the society, well, then all kinds of red flags show up. Now, the predators are much more familiar, they can be your coach. They can be a youth pastor, they can even be someone close to your home. And what happens is, they will start taking these kids, while leaving them in plain sight in society, they’ll still be going to school, going to church. But when everyone’s not looking, they are using them to sell them for sex, having them abused, making a profit off of it. And all happens in plain sight, because the kid is still present. No one suspects what’s going on. But that child is going through hell. And because most victims of this do not self report. That’s the sad thing. We don’t really the numbers, we do have shown how bad the problem is. It’s only a rough estimate, because most victims do not self report. So the problems problem is very likely, much, much, much worse than the numbers we do have.

Oh, my word. This is just This is frightening. Now, can you guys tell me are through your investigative reporting? Can you tell the audience where where is this happening? Is it Texas wide? Is it in the blue cities? Where where is the geographic locations? Where where our children are most vulnerable?

Well, right now, we can tell the number one city that is the worst in Texas for this, it tends to oscillate between Dallas and Houston. Which, you know, this leads into one of the reasons why it’s such a bad problem here in Texas. You know, very often we find ways to criticize we find problems that our state legislatures has made all sorts of errors. They’ve actually done something right in fact that we have in Texas some of the most stellar laws in the nation against sex slavery. Problem is, they’re not being enforced. And when you count in like the multiple Democrat DBAs district attorneys that I’m sure you discussed who are enforcing the law. In Dallas, you have this attorney John cruzado, who has in the past refused to prosecute certain crimes. And Houston Harris County. Well, we all know just what a basket case that areas with crime, it really starts to make sense why some of the reasons why these are such hotspots.

So let me understand this. Let them go Cruz hill up in Dallas, do you guys actually have evidence that he has received cases of child sex trafficking, that he refuses to prosecute?

In Jaco bullions work as he has been trying to do? push for more federal legislation also push for fighting these cases. He said in his experience, neither clay Jenkins or Mr. Peruzzo have shown interest in prosecuting them now, we have asked a judge clay Jenkins and we’ve asked his current Kusa, we said, this is what we have heard. What is your response? And as of right now, at the time that we are recording this conversation, we’ve not yet heard a response. But what we do know is that Selena Rodriguez of Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Mr. Billions both agree the problem is much worse than it was in 2019. State of Texas. Back in 2018, Texas was second only to California for this problem based on multiple records that we have researched.

I am a little shocked about Cruz, though, but I’m not surprised at all about Judge clay Jenkins, the well being of weed people, is normally from my experience, the last thing on his mind, folks, were talking to Robert Montoya, he is the investigative reporter, one of them over at the Texas scorecard. So the sex slave trade, what does it look like as far as what these kids are put through? Do they how long? Are they usually in servitude? Do they? Do they get too old? Do they graduate out? And then? Is that how we’re finding out about it? Or? Or do they end up hurt or worse?

Well, there’s an important fact to bring in here. And this is very sad. This is why prevention is much better than rescue. Because of the kind of damage unfortunate in our culture, we’ve tend to treat sex as something like a thrill ride. The very fact of matter is, it’s much more than that when you weaponize sex, it does great damage to your mind, heart, soul, and body. And because of that, in America, the recovery rate of victims of sex slavery is just 2.5%. Now what that leads to is, many times we were speaking with Jaco has dealt with a number of victims. And this, what they found is hurt people hurt people, you will have those who have been put in the sex trade. And they themselves start doing the very thing to others. That was done to them. Oh, no. Yes. In fact, and this is this what was most shocking, he said one of those predominant factors of this, and this is why another reason for why this has exploded in America and also Texas is a cultural problem. The predominant factor is that victims of this come from single mother homes. There was no father there. And when you don’t have a father figure one. Fathers, you know, they watch out for wolves, but also, if there’s no father, for a child, they are seeking a sort of role model to fill that hole in their heart. Predators recognize that and exploit it.

Well, I guess my my last question has to be a series about a series of questions actually, about where we are, as far as our elected leadership and law enforcement is concerned. Let’s deal with law enforcement first, what is what is the law because I tend to trust them in law enforcement a lot more than I do politicians. Where are they in fighting this plague?

Well, Selene, Mark Regan has told us that you know, for law enforcement, one key problem is not only is law not being enforced, but also as a result of the protests that we remember, you know, the public onslaught by political activists against police against law enforcement. We’re not having a staffing problem for law enforcers, police, sheriff’s deputies, as soon as they’re eligible to retire. They are whereas they used to stay on to try and do the job. And we also know that in the city of Austin, where I know, you know, they defunded their police department. They’re not having a recruiting problem. Why would you want to be a police officer to help fight crime when, as far as the social media is concerned, and the Democrat party, you are automatically guilty until proven innocent? That is a contributing factor in trying to fight this. We need more law enforcement. True and recently 117 Democrats in the national level, voted against a bill to condemn the defund the police movement. They couldn’t bring themselves to condemn those who want to defund our cops. And that leads us Robert to a discussion about where our elected officials are on this. Is this on anybody’s radar screen? Is this getting any attention in the legislature as far as the legislative session is concerned? You Well, as we talked about before, you know, as this data was coming back, coming out, back in 2018, the Texas Legislature started to act, they started passing very strong by said, Texas has some of the best laws in the nation against this. The problem is, they’re not being enforced. Now, there are some bills that have been going through the legislature to try and hold lawless district attorneys accountable for not enforcing the law. As I last checked, as we know, Speaker of the House State Film and the Republican House, they took half of the legislative session off. And what that does, it gives them excuse of pointing at the clock is to say, Oh, well, that’s the reason why we didn’t get certain things past these reforms I mentioned. It doesn’t look like they’re getting anywhere close to the governor’s desk. And that’s a problem. And we asked Governor Greg Abbott, as it’s likely appears that he’s going to call a special session. We asked if they do not pass reforms to hold district attorneys accountable. Well, he put that on the agenda for a special session. We’re still awaiting his response.

Okay. Understood. Now, this may be a little far afield, but but maybe not the attorney general of the great state of Texas, Ken Paxton, he would certainly have a role unless that criminal court of appeals that shameful and disgusting Criminal Court of Appeals ruling would somehow hamper him. And I think I recall him in an interview recently with me, saying that he is prohibited from from doing anything to prompt these rogue DJs to get up off their duff and protect children. Is that Criminal Court of Appeals ruling, also impacting the safety of our children of Texas?

I can’t speak to that specific rulings. But what we cording to what we have looked at, it does appear that even when it comes to prosecuting these cases, the Deputy Attorney General does seem to be kind of hampered whereas he would like to prosecute these cases. But because the local district attorneys aren’t, it appears to appears like he’s limited as to what he could do. And he has multiple task forces on human trafficking and also dress sex slavery. So from what we can tell, he wants to do something, but it appears as though he’s limited. understood Robert Montoya he is investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard this series comes out right around the same time. This podcast is going to drop, folks. So I hope you check it out at Texas. Great work as always, buddy. Thank you. Thank you, Chris. That puts a wrap on this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, folks, make sure you go to Texas Texas Check out all of their enterprising journalism including man, I can’t even believe I have to say this. The growing sex slave trade for Texas Children. I can’t believe when we allow what we’ve allowed the other side to do also pay a visit to Chris CHR is Sal ce That’s where you find all of my social media hookups. That’s where you find the Chris Salcedo shows on Newsmax on que se v simulcast on TNT radio, until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, you stay safe out there my friends

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