Congressman Dan Crenshaw represents the 2nd Congressional District in the United States house of representatives. Congressmen Crenshaw served our nation in uniform as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy and sits on the vital House intel committee. He also sits on the energy and commerce committees.

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Last week, the news dropped from the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee that they had been tracking and investigating transactions that had happened with Beijing Biden and his family from overseas. I think the number is 150 Red Flags by the US Treasury Department about money flowing into shell accounts associated with the Biden’s but your government is keeping all of that under wraps, they won’t release that information. They’re they’re running a protection racket. For for the Biden’s now I’m going to get more into that protection racket from the deep state of socialist Marxist Democrats and Joe Biden’s family and Joe Biden, who has been selling out our interests in America for a payday. But I want to get to some of the revelations that were put out by the committee last week because with title 42 going away, some of this got drowned out, and I think you should hear it. Here’s James Comer, detailing how Beijing Biden took money from Romania to pad his pockets. Listen, many of the wire payments occurred while Joe Biden was vice president and leading the United States efforts in these countries. first instance, while Vice President Biden was lecturing Romania on anti corruption policies. In reality, he was a walking billboard for his son and family to collect money.

Hunter Biden and his associates capitalized on a lucrative financial relationship with a Romanian national who was under investigation for and later convicted of corruption. In Romania.

The Biden’s received over $1 million for the deal, and 16 of the 17 payments to their associates account that funneled the Beides money occurred while Joe Biden was vice president. Okay, and it’s not just Romania, Communist China has also, as you will know, has been padding the pockets of Beijing Biden, his family, you all want might remember that Hunter Biden shared office space with Communist China with a company from communist China, which you ought to know it’s a communist country. So the government controls all the businesses. So the government control this entity that Chinese government control this entity that was renting space from Hunter Biden, how much $50,000 a month. How much was Hunter Biden paying his daddy to stay in the Delaware home? Ironically, $50,000 a month now who could? What a coincidence, right. Andy Biggs says that’s not a coincidence. For example, the Biden’s use their associate Rob Walker to bring in millions of dollars from China and Romania. Walker’s Limited Liability Company Robinson Walker LLC paid Hunter, James Halley and others in the Biden network, more than $2 million after foreign money hit his account 1/3 to the Biden’s that was the pattern. For example, on March 1 2017, only two months after Joe Biden left office, Robinson Walker received a $3 million wire from state energy HK limited a Chinese entity the next day 1/3 of that money $1,065,000 went to the bank account in Abu Dhabi of the company e IG, which was controlled by James gilliat. Another Biden associate over the next three months Robinson Walker LLC since 16, incremental payments of two more than a two to over five different Biden accounts totaling $1,065,692. Wow, what a coincidence. So let me get this straight. The the dude gets $1.65 million.

And then all of a sudden, through various bank accounts All goes into the Biden’s it’s the same amount of money. Wow, what a coincidence. This included payments to James Biden, who received five wires and over $50,000 Who did no discernible work to earn that money. A third to kill you or a third to the Biden’s? Well, you know, it was said to me by a congressman that that these Biden, folks were getting money for no discernible talent. I mean, what is what is Hunter Biden do except for snow, snort coke and, and bank prostitutes and do some very questionable activities on his laptop? And I said, Congressman, don’t be so hard on Hunter Biden, look at all those videos on his laptop. I mean, he might have a future as a cinematographer, who knows, I mean, the way things are going in Hollywood these days. And then by the way, speaking of those counts, they were all part of shell companies. Folks, why do you create a shell company? Congressman Byron Donalds, he was in banking, he knows why that is the entire purpose here. Here’s an example of what I mean. You have Rosemont Seneca partners Rosemont Seneca advisors Rosemont Seneca technology partners RSP holdings RS TP to Alpha RSTP to Bravo Rosemont Seneca Thornton Rosemont. Seneca Bohai want to make sure I pronounced it right. Bohai Bohai. And the list goes on and on. cycling through this many companies serves no legitimate purpose. And as somebody who actually worked in banking, I did that long before I came here. Whenever there was like this many companies just laying all over the place. And you see wire transfers, cashier checks over here, going to random members of the family for no apparent purpose at the size and velocity at which all of this was being conducted. The only logical conclusion of a financial professional is you are concealing money.

Let me restate this. You are concealing money from either the IRS or from credit agencies or from the American people. Because it was all happening on Barack Hussein Obama’s watch. So we’ve got this crisis, the crisis of confidence in our corrupt government, we have the debt ceiling crisis being brought on by Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer not doing a damn thing, while the House passes a bill to raise the debt ceiling and cut future spending. And then of course, we have the border crisis. As last week, Beijing Biden opened up the borders and basically said, Yeah, we’re gonna let people in. We’re not going to give them a court date. And we’re not going to track them what could go wrong. So when all this went down last week, folks, I was lucky enough to have on the Chris Salcedo show on KSC V. booked a sitting congressman and a good friend of the program. I will share our conversation with Congressman Dan Crenshaw coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor, a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood, and the whole media establishment is Chris Salcedo. Join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. Why get your news from people who don’t share your values? Get new stories from Texas scorecard. We provide real news for real Texas, go to Texas Today, Congressman Crenshaw represents the second congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Crenshaw served our nation in uniform as a tenant commander in the US Navy and sits on the vital house Intel Committee and the Energy and Commerce committees. Congressman, welcome back, Chris. Nice to be with you as well, sir. Look up. You join me on a day when we just found out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a whistleblower came forward saying yeah, I got we got a document here. I did some work on this. And it’s being buried by some some elements inside the FBI that I will say Chris Salcedo will say it are corrupt. That indicates that Joe Biden and his family have been on the take selling selling our nation’s influence here influence in our nation for a payday from foreign from foreign sources, including foreign enemies.

And we talk about this on a day when the FBI says yeah, you know about that lawful subpoena that you issued. We’re not going to comply with it. So let’s start there. Why are they allowed to say that?

Oh, I’m digging into this. As I knew you’re going to ask about it. So I’m not on oversight with James Comer. So this is I’ve been dealing with our border bill all week. I’ve been neck deep in that. So I’m just gonna admit that to you. Before we get into that. I have been digging into this now.

I will say that the FBI will almost never give you details and an ongoing investigation.

They almost never because they may want to divulge that they were investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails, that actually backfire pretty bad against Hillary.

So that would be the obvious reason in this case. They’re excuses, protecting confidentiality interests and sources and methods that I know that seems like they’re blowing somebody off. But that’s literally the answer they would always give no matter who asked, that could be a reason. What the problem is, your The FBI has lost trust. And that’s why that’s why we jumped to conclusions that well, if they’re, if they’re giving an answer must be in nefarious, wrong. Well, let me just stop you there. If Congress may have lost trust, because this is an unclassified document. This is a document that is that is currently sitting and they can’t classify it all of a sudden, because that would look really suspicious. But let’s just put that on the table. This is an unclassified document, and it’s a legal subpoena from the United States Congress. And shouldn’t the FBI be compelled? Because as you know, when when the Democrats were seeking information on Donald Trump, the FBI was more than forthcoming.

Yeah, I mean, the excuse they’re making has nothing to do with classified or unclassified simply, you know, don’t comment on an ongoing investigation, Hunter Biden been under an FBI investigation since 2018. Actually, so so this would add into that, you know, I just I don’t know much more than that. I just I just know, this is this is overall problematic within the FBI, because it’s one of these agencies that we need to trust, though a lot of people don’t trust because of, especially because of what happened with the investigations and Trump and the the, the false FISA warrants or the false documents that are provided to get a FISA warrants, all of that is created so much distrust with them is when this within this important agent, right that when they, when they don’t want to don’t comply with it, nobody has to comply with a subpoena. Right? Well, it is still up to up to that agency, whether or not to comply see, and by the way, let me throw in let me throw in the Russia collusion hoax, because they were that the FBI actually ran that operation, a false flag operation with our taxpayer dollars to undermine a sitting president. So yeah, that that is a huge lack of trust, which, and again, if I don’t comply with the law, ie, let’s say the IRS tax code, what if I don’t pay my taxes, I’m gonna find myself paying severe consequences. The FBI defies legal oversight, constitutional oversight from the Congress of the United States. And nobody’s punished, Congressman, this. This is what drives Americans batty that there is a double standard of justice in this country. And anybody in service to the left gets to do these things without any consequences. And anybody that wants to target the that wants to target the left for their malfeasance, they are given the hand every step of the way. It’s just not right. I mean, here’s where I think you’re right. And here’s where I think this would happen. If you were you’re dealing with a Republican president, or let’s say a Republican president was accused of these things, it’s still likely that the FBI would not allow those documents out and an ongoing investigation. But what what happened? And what would make everybody mad, immediately start to create those documents, they would start to create the conjecture, and it would it would it would spread like wildfire.

Which of course this this media does not right. You know, aside from you and Fox News, and here are your typical conservative outlets, which only have a certain market share of the actual airwaves. Nobody else wants the government is this what’s this? What is this? What is a pretty juicy scandal, it was Biden and Hunter Biden. And they’re dealing all over the world. I think that’s probably the major double standard that that you’re seeing, you probably see some leaks, you probably see. And so it’s not like FBI policy changes either way. What does change and you know, when we just got to be precise when we talk about this, because if we’re not precise on how we talked about the problems with institutions, like the FBI, and we get it wrong, and we will never solve it. I will just keep yelling. I know some people just actually prefer that you want to keep yelling, but but if you want to be very precise, and we’re talking about the problems, what would likely happen. And what did happen, say with the with the Russia collusion hoax, it wasn’t the FBI. It was Lisa page and Peter stroke. It was very specific people that felt that they knew better than the American people that they knew better than their FBI colleagues that they knew better than the institution they were supposed to represent and the rules that they were supposed to represent. And so they went out of their way.

I hate to say leaked documents to, to cover up the true nature of whatever they were doing. They were not a way to lie and cheat and steal. That’s what was that? You know, we’re, we’re anticipating what would happen if this was a Republican being investigated? That’s what I’m afraid of. Right? That single, that single agent who’s full politically biased, who has a little bit of power that they want to watch, let’s let’s not leave James Comey off that list, or are any more on the list, or Andy McCabe now that those aren’t just normal rank and file FBI agents, those are the leadership in the FBI, much like Christopher rea is. And you know, the, by the way, just to be clear, according to reporting in the New York Post, they they are saying that they have a confidential human source program that they don’t want to divulge. And it’s unclassified document with divulge that, well, you can redact the confidential human source. But this has been an ongoing investigation since before Joe Biden became the current occupier of the Oval Office. And the whistleblower is saying, and you know how this works in a government agency, the rank and file FBI agent does his job, he finds these red flags that have been over 150 of these red flags that have been flagged by Treasury that have been with us surrounding this family and Hunter Biden alone from foreign money, cash flowing into them. And so this rank and file or maybe a series of them rank and file, FBI agents did their job. And as soon as they got to that corrupt leadership, the investigation stops. And that’s, that’s acceptable. That’s exactly what’s happening. Just as possible. I just don’t, I don’t personally know exactly what’s going on. So like, I’m glad covers.

Because the more answers we get, and the more answers we don’t get, it starts to it starts to unravel a story about what’s really happening, and I don’t think I don’t think we’re gonna stop trying to get to the bottom of it. I’m gonna go out of order because I had the money trail for the cash. I’m gonna ask you about that. And then I was gonna go into debt ceiling, but I’m gonna just ask you about the revelations that your colleagues in the Republican Party revealed yesterday. And I’ll summarize this, but I want to get to your border stuff, because I think that’s, that’s happening today. That’s title 42 ends today. And to be fair, Chris, that’s what I actually know about. No, it’s cool. I’m not sure I’m following this subject. Because no, no, no, no, it’s fine. So let me just let me just give you what your colleagues unveiled yesterday, comer, Donald’s. Jim Jordan was flanking Andy Biggs, they unlaid or they outlaid a series of $10 million into various shell companies that were set up by the Joe Biden family. I mean, it was 10 to 12 members of his family that were getting money from China, from our Romania from other foreign sources that had to be run through the shell companies. So they couldn’t be traced back directly to the Biden’s and as Byron Donalds of Florida said, he’s uh, he’s got banking experience, which I know you don’t. But he’s, he’s got banking experience. And there’s only one reason why you set up shell companies like this, because you’re trying to avoid detection, either from the IRS or from, from the aforementioned Treasury Department. And this stinks to high heaven or do the reporting. You know, you don’t want to do the reporting. So I mean, you’re a prior government officially, maybe you’re taking money because you’re doing some kind of advocacy or lobbying for a foreign entity and you have to register as such number. There was some some Trump administration officials that was it. General Flynn, I think that maybe or was accused of doing this. He was accused of making Yeah, he was accused. But But So so this is why you would do it. In any case, you’re trying to escape the rules, right?

Creating these these different shell companies.

It just take a high heaven. Right. And so FBI wanted to reveal their investigation or not. There’s there’s there’s stuff here that we should be pulling the strings on. And you can do Congressional investigations to the beauty of having a an actual majority in Congress. And so I have oversight committees in charge that come out on oversight committee, so I haven’t had perfect visibility into what’s been going on on this understood. But I will say this, this was this was their investigations as well, just for your office. And for your own edification. This was Joe Biden’s time as Barack Obama’s vice president. And that’s when all of these shell companies were set up and when the money started flowing in, through these various shell companies into the Biden family’s coffers. So that was he wasn’t an he wasn’t just a civilian using his former influence. He was quote, unquote, on the job and we all know how long the job Biden was under under Obama. Congressman Dan Crenshaw is our guest scrutiny from from their own media at all. They pretend like it never happened. It’s true. It’s very true, Congressman Dan

Crenshaw, our guest right now second congressional district in Texas. Okay, I’m going to say the debt ceiling for last and I want to get into title 42. And as this broadcast is airing 42 ends today. And we already have a rumored while upward toward a million illegal aliens ready to stream into this country. Biden has already said that a an NBC is reporting this, he is going to direct the Border Patrol to release all these illegal aliens into the United States with no court appearances with no way to track them. They’re just going to open the borders, you say?

Yeah, I mean, this is about to be a full on disaster.

I’m not sure there’s any other way to put it, the these, this administration has allowed this to happen allow this to boil over to this point, knowing full well, this moment would come.

A lot of their policies contradict each other.

Like the one you just mentioned, they say, Look, if you if you have no plate, that’s that’s a rule they put in place. If you have no actual space to hold an illegal migrant as they come over, then you’re authorized to release them. And on the other hand, they’ve done some good things, which is to say you’re not eligible for asylum if you’ve passed for through a Safe Third Country. So they’re basically telling anyone who’s not from Mexico, they’re not eligible for asylum at the border.

If they enforce a statement like that, that’s really good news. That’s a big ask. Right? Because Because here’s what I’ve noticed the here’s the problem, what I’ve noticed with this administration is they’ve, we believe them over time, into seeing the correct thing to saying, Look, we’re going to, we’re going to put it we’re going to put some form of remaining Mexico in place, we’re gonna say the borders closed, we’re going to say don’t come across. But then they do things that are that are not necessarily congruent with statements. And so this is going to be a major test. Because one thing I know they don’t want is my only hope. One thing I know they don’t want is chaos at the border, because that makes them look bad. The problem with, with with their incentive structures is that’s mostly what they care about. So that means that they’ll avoid the chaos by simply processing people faster and sort of out of sight out of mind. But you know, they don’t want a massive crowd.

And Aline out, whether it’s on the Mexican side or our side, they don’t want a bunch of people waiting to be processed under a bridge or in a tent or whatever, have you. They don’t want that. So what they’ll do is they’ll, you know, they send 15 100,000 or 1500 troops down there. But you know, these troops aren’t there to deter anyone. They can’t I mean, they’re the military now lets you authorize the military with certain judicial authorities. They’re just there to help process right. They’re there to set up tents and water stations and Welcome Wagon process. Yep. Yeah. So and drive people places. You know, I mean, it’s Don’t get me wrong. It’s helpful. The border patrol, because is this is a deeply unfair situation to our border patrol agents. Sure. So don’t get me wrong. I’m glad the military is going down there. But nobody should think the military is going down there to to stop people from crossing. That’s not what’s happening. They’re going down there to make Biden look better. So that doesn’t look like complete chaos. So frustrating to those of us who care about the borders. I know. And Congressman, look, you this is the game, somebody that’s in media, this is the game. And this is and by the way, there are complicit members of the press. And this, this is how it always goes. Joe Biden says I’m going to return the Trump era policy of saying, Hey, if you didn’t apply for asylum in Mexico, your first Jason country, then we’re not going to allow you in then they say, okay, that’s what we say. But what we do the directives going out to the people on the ground is let everybody in. So they say it. And that’s what NBC ABC CBS reports, and they will never tell you, Oh, Joe Biden lied to you. Joe Biden said one thing, and we reported his propaganda and we passed on his propaganda. But we didn’t follow up and say, Oh, but he didn’t. He didn’t follow through with what it’s what he’s going to say what he said he was going to do. So that’s exactly what he’s done these entire this entire two year occupation of the oval office over two years. We got six and a half million illegal aliens in the country. And to your point, they are so desirous to not have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez show up and cry in one of these facilities because she hasn’t done that. They are now it is a whistleblower has come out saying that this US government with our money and frankly, funding from Senate Republicans are have lost track of 85,000 illegal alien children. And we are actually delivering them into the hands of known criminal enterprises into slavery, working working shifts and factories and sex slavery that is happening, but at the behest of and the government has made the middleman According to a congressional whistleblower, and this is the problem when you don’t comport with the law, is it not?

Yeah, I mean, we didn’t need a whistleblower to tell us that it’s, I think one could infer just based on what’s happening by the law of probability that that sort of thing would happen. You don’t have a great system. So an unaccompanied minor comes across the border. And the idea is that you try to find a contacts in the United States that they are associated with and easily come with some kind of contact information, because this process is pretty well known to the people who do this, whether whether it’s for good reason whether you know, what you would call good reasons, or for trafficking reasons, the process is well known. But there’s not a lot of follow up. And so you know, one of the one of the amendments actually tried to get into HR two. And on this issue, HR two fixes a lot of things. So it would be in a good place. But one of the amendments I tried to get through was, you know, required DNA testing in certain cases, that demands that you know, that contact the of first or second family line, I mean, there’s, there’s ways to fix this. Because you got whether we have proof of it or don’t, we can easily infer that this is happening. The cartels use children to meet their ends. Children are abused constantly, that some of these stories are really really sickening what you hear about with migrant children being raped by migrant man, it’s just, it’s actually that’s the most sickening part of all of this part even talk about No, I know, I’m right there with you. And the fact that my government is now turning over these children who had been twice victimized and so our government is victimizing them, again, by turning them over to known criminals, just so they can avoid imagery of, as you said, a chaotic border that that turns a stomach that my taxpayer dollars are being used in that endeavor. Yeah, should not use it a whole lot of your tax dollars either.

refused to do anything, I made it. Well, it’s just so sad. Look, I’m running. I’m up against the clock here, and I gotta get this last, I gotta get the debt ceiling. And it’s actually I’m not sure how much you’ve been paying attention to. I know you had a vote on it. But let me just let me just put it out there that the the Democrats in the press are saying that Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer sitting on their butts and doing nothing. That is what’s preserving the full faith and credit of the United States, but the house actually working, debating and passing a bill that raises the debt ceiling and cuts spending, that’s what’s endangering the full faith and credit of the United States. Does that pass the smell test? Congressman? No, doesn’t like we’ve done some polling on this. Not we but I mean, I’ve we’ve seen a lot of polling on this. And we’re in a good place, or Republicans did a good job on this. And I don’t always commend Republicans for doing a good job on me. They’re both Polit. From from a both policy and political perspective. It’s sometimes it’s easy to do like the perfect policy solution, but it’s harder to get it to make sure that it sounds right to a lot of say, independents or more moderate people. And what was good about the debt ceiling package that we put forward to limit save and grow Act is that it makes sense to people. It doesn’t it doesn’t take anyone take anything away that they really care about. I just call it back COVID money that’s been spent. It says Look, we’re not going to forgive student loan debt that’s actually really popular with people. Just it’s often it’s not popular with students who don’t want to pay it. Almost everybody else. Well see. That’s the thing. Corinne John Pierre is out there saying about the debt ceiling, they thought that this is money that you’ve already spent and you’ve got to pay your bills at the same time. This this regime is saying, oh, yeah, all you people out there and student debts. Oh, no, you don’t have to pay your somebody else is gonna pay for it. Absolutely insane. Congressman Dan Crenshaw, thanks for the visit my friend, I always appreciate it. That’s gonna do it, everybody for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. The next time you’re tooling around the web, pay a visit to a couple of websites for me, will you please first off is Texas, Texas That’s enterprising journalism. You’ll find not only about stories in Texas for these stories, reach beyond the great state of Texas. Also check out Chris That’s where you can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on ks evey on TNT radio on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday. Till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends at Sunbelt Rentals tools brutal they also clean and cut, Chip and chop help you climb high and dig deep with the right size tools for your size jobs and the expertise to help you rent the perfect one in store online or in app at Sunbelt Rentals where tools rule

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