Joe Olson is a Registered Professional Engineer for forty years. He is a researcher with over 200 posted articles at CanadaFreePress, Drudge Report, Breitbart, ClimateDepot, PJ Media and VeteransToday. Joe is a cohost on TNT Radio.

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You know, what  really aggravates me? When socialists and Marxists they claim that all of the problems that they have created, that they are the ones uniquely qualified to solve the problems that they created, whether it be in gov Ed, whether it be in the economy, whether it be in the psychological harm being done to our children. Did you hear what the failed borders czar, Kamala Harris said about manmade global warming this religion that they’re using to advance Marxism and take away your rights. She gets out there and says, you know, I, I’ve learned something because you know, we learn something from children, we must We must listen to them, we must listen to their irrationality, and we must run our national policy off of the worries of children, and forget what their parents say we must separate children from their parents. That’s what the critical race theory, teaching of racism, the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda is all about. Yeah, we’re gonna put that wedge between parents and their children. 

So Kamala Harris gets out there and says, Yeah, we’re learning so much from kids. And this has to do with manmade global warming the religion of the left, listen to this. So you look at, for example, 

“young voters, I’ve been traveling the country meeting with our young leaders who have particular talking to me about the climate crisis, young leaders, young leaders.”

 So now we need to go with the people who are clueless about the dangers of socialism and communism, they need to be running things, these so called Young Leaders like Greta Thunberg. And these snot nosed brats that are all over Twitter don’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground that have been conned by socialism. Oh, it’s socialism is so great. Communism is so great. Yeah, when you listen to them, says Kamala Harris, 

“they turned me on to a term I had not heard for. So tell me how you all are thinking about the climate crisis. And they shared with me a term climate anxiety, climate crisis,”

 What? climate crisis? Oh, it’s hot out there. It’s summer. Of course, it’s hot out there. Records are falling records always fall. 

“They’re concerned about their future in almost a doomsday fear about what might be within a couple of decades of now. They are concerned about whether they should have children whether they should own even try buy a home, because what does the future hold on to that prospect?”

 That’s all your fault. That’s all your people. That’s all you’ve been doing to our kids is scaring the crap out of them for decades. No wonder they think it’s all hopeless. It’s climate anxiety driven by you. You’re a moron. And I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sure you all are. I was up tooling across Instagram. And I found this guy giving a lecture. And I imagine he was talking to young people. It could have been two older folks, I don’t know. But I think he was he was looking at kids. And he was talking to them, because he seems to be talking to the people that are telling Kamala Harris. Oh, we have this climate anxiety. Listen to what this data driven man of science, told them and he had charts and he had data to back up what he was saying, Listen, 

“You’ve all heard the news. Climate change is destroying your future. Carbon dioxide is accumulate in the atmosphere. Global warming is killing the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s more to this story. Over the last decade, total global emissions declined. Deaths from natural disasters have diminished to a few 100 a year in the United States. Even as the global population quadrupled over the last century. They’ve declined internationally by over 90%. The Great Barrier Reef recorded the highest amount of coral in 36 years and maybe longer because that’s the amount of time Everything that we’ve been studying and measuring, how come nobody is saying that?”

How come nobody’s saying that because it doesn’t fit into the Democrats left wing agenda. You can’t take away people’s rights if there’s no emergency. And that’s what’s going on here, kids. That’s if you talk to your kids, and they’re and they’re saddled with Gov Ed, you need to let them know that this climate crisis climate emergency bullcrap is just that there is no emergency. The idea that man’s emissions are what’s driving the climate is insane and has not been proven. I’m going to continue this conversation, give you more fuel to talk with the kids and anybody else who will listen about some factually driven science coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today take this to the bank, my friends, everything the left wing does is designed to separate you from your money separate you from your free will separate you from your rights and your liberties, their collectivist mindset and yes even all of their issues from LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism to critical race theory to, yes, manmade global warming the religion of manmade global warming. It’s all designed in service to that goal. Everything they do is for complete state control over you and your life. 

So look. I’ve been approaching this with a mixture of, of politics and a mixture of science. But I’m going to bring on a man of science I’m gonna bring on somebody who has devoted his life to science and can debunk a lot of the religion of manmade global warming with scientific fact. His name is Joe Olsen. He’s a registered professional engineer for 40 years. He’s a researcher with over 200 posted articles on Canada Free Press Drudge Report Breitbart, climate depot, PJ media, and veterans today. Joe is a co host on our pals over there the network TNT radio, Joe, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Oh, delighted to talk to you, Chris into another audience. 

Well, let’s, let’s let’s go through this step by step because, you know, you and I spoke last night of the phone, and you were giving a lot of stuff that a lot of information, a lot of it I understood some of it. I didn’t. So we’re gonna we’re gonna let you make the case. And then I’m going to stop you down when I think we need to clarify terms or maybe translate some things because I can I you do a great job of making the complex, simple and understood. So let’s go here. First, the manmade global warming hoax. You say it’s easy to dispel go? 

Yes, engineering is applied science. So not only we have to understand science, we have a civil and criminal liability if we misinterpret it and we do something wrong. A standard that few other scientists are held to medical Science, you know, doctors are held to that same standard. But none of these, quote climate experts are held. I used to say that global warming was the worst science since the world was flat. But now we’ve discovered a full spectrum of false science. So that may not work. But when I describe Global Warming Science is it’s Pied Piper professors using Chicken Little science to force Jack in the beanstalk energy solutions. And all of these things are related. The hoax that carbon dioxide warms the planet, the hoax that there is sustainable green energy, which I wrote about in 2010, an article called Green Prince of Darkness, which we may get to that a little bit later, but it’s not as if that’s on the table. And that petroleum products are leftover dead dinosaur juice, which is, you know, completely refutable the moon, Titan has methane oceans, methane clouds and methane, frozen ice caps on the pole. And it’s never above 100 degrees below Fahrenheit on Titan. So where did the dinosaurs and ferns come from to make hydrocarbons on that? 


You know, it’s completely preposterous, but all three of them are related and what they’re trying to do? Well, let’s do this. Let’s go through it step by step. So number one, let’s the number one tenant of, of the manmade global warming religion is that man’s co2 emissions are causing the planet to warm they or now since they’ve gotten wise because Mother Nature is not cooperating with them. They said every single time you see, quote, unquote, climate change. That’s because man is putting co2 in the air. And what say you? 

Well, the planet produces co2 is naturally over 50% of it comes from volcanoes, which are completely unmonitored. We’ve got 100,000 miles of undersea risks that are constantly discharging a wide range of gases and fluids that are being produced by the fission of 700,000 cubic miles of uranium and 1.2 million cubic miles of thorium that are inside 259 billion cubic miles of mostly molten rock at an average temperature of at least 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, man did not make the the volcanoes hot man did not make the sun hot man did not make the astronomy that gives us variable inputs from both of those sources. So man is not responsible for that. But getting down into the fundamental facts of carbon dioxide. It absorbs in three spectral bands. Okay, there’s a great graph that I sent you this morning called radios and transmitted by the atmosphere. And it shows the radiation and it breaks it down by the different elements that are in the air molecules and elements. One of them is water vapor, which absorbs in 37,000 spectral lines. And we’ll get to what water vapor does quote in light of warming in a minute, on oxygen and ozone, which absorb in the ultraviolet range, which when it absorbs, there’s a thing called Stokes law, which was developed by an Irish physicist named George Gabriel Stokes that a spectral shift to a lower energy between incident light and scattered light is interaction with a sample, this was presented to the Royal Society in 1852. To translate what he’s saying is any absorption in the atmosphere is followed by an emission of a longer wavelength, lower energy photon, which means the kinetic energy picked up by that absorbing gas molecule is cooling the planet. 

Okay, so let me let me stop you there. Because folks, here’s what he’s saying. The idea that we have co2 into the atmosphere, and it’s creating what they call the greenhouse effect, which is amplifying the sun’s energy to warm the planet. What he’s saying is physics doesn’t work like that. The water vapor, which is the most abundant greenhouse gas on the planet, the other forms of co2, the forms of other greenhouse gases, they don’t work to amplify heat. It’s just the opposite. They dissipate heat. Am I reading your right Joe? 

Yes. And the gases that they’re claiming we have co2 at 400 parts per million. We’ve got methane CH for it. 1.7 parts per million, and we’ve got the new filament on the block is nitrous oxide, which is fertilizer in this 0.33 parts per million. So we’re talking miniscule gases, number one, number two Everything that you have stored in the atmosphere reduces the heat reaching the surface of the planet. 

Okay, so let’s let’s you gave a great analogy to me on the phone last night about the mirrors. Folks, this is probably a way to illustrate to you the absurdity of the manmade global warming religion. Go ahead, Joe. 

Yes, anything with a temperature above zero degrees Kelvin, which is minus 270 degrees Fahrenheit, something like that. It’s electromagnetic energy. So even gas molecules out in business space, that cosmic background radiation is 2.7 degrees Kelvin. So anything with a temperature in it, if a human being at 98.6, emits in the 9.3 micron range, which is why you’re visible on an infrared camera, right? You cannot take a mirror with can reflect a heck of a lot better than the three atom gas molecule and force your own energy back and raise your body temperature even if you surrounded yourself with 100. Mirror. 

All right, let me stop. Let me stop you there. So folks, what he’s saying is, is the eye that a mirror is much more efficient at reflecting energy back, then is say, Superman’s co2 emissions from your car tailpipe. So if you were to sit in the middle of a room, and you are surrounded by mirrors, and you’re giving off energy, if this is how physics worked, you would sit there and you could actually make yourself hotter by reflecting that energy back at you with a mirror, that’d be far more efficient. That’s not the way it works. It doesn’t happen that way. And it’s far more efficient than co2 is at reflecting heat. So, so let me ask you, Joe, where did they get this fiction? About the greenhouse effect that if that a blanket of co2 is trapping, warmth in the Earth’s atmosphere, where did they get this science? Is there anything that is scientifically accurate about that hypothesis? 

No, it’s a complete fiction, heat transfer. Always going from a higher source to a lower, what they did is they created a force called back radiation warming, which they say that the sky and magic gas in the sky is warming the planet. And you know, that’s what we disagree with. But here’s where they’ve got a real problem. Yes, we’ve measured, the amount of moisture in the air is a relative humidity, but we’re 100% relative humidity, you’re at about 4% water vapor and an atmosphere that has 20% oxygen and 78% nitrogen 1%. Argon, okay. Now, water is unique in our planet, because it exists in all three phases. Naturally, it exists as a solid, ice and snow, it exists as a liquid. oceans and lakes exist as a vapor. Anytime it changes phases, it transfers energy. So when you evaporate water off the ocean, you remove 2274 kilograms, kilojoules per kilogram of energy. When that energy rises up in the atmosphere, there’s a thing called lapse rate, for every 1000 foot of altitude, you lose four degrees Fahrenheit, or three degrees centigrade in temperature, as that water molecule is going up in the air, it reaches a point where it has the latent heat of condensation, and it turns back into a liquid releasing that 2250. So the oceans are cooling the planet, the clouds are cooling the planet. Anytime a cloud gets between you and the sun, you get a reduced amount of heat. 

Okay, well hold on that that’s a by the way, Joe Olson is our guest right now, folks, he’s a host on TNT radio, and he’s he’s a registered professional engineer. That is a key point. Because according to the manmade global warming religion, greenhouse gases of which water vapor is one, greenhouse gases are causing the earth to warm. But folks, when a cloud gets between you and the sun, what happens? Do you warm or do you cool? You actually cool when the rain falls down on the planet? There’s a there’s a meteorological term called rain cooled weather. So when if you’re at 100 plus degrees in Texas right now, and then you get a rainstorm that comes through, guess what? It’s going to drop to the to the, the high 70s, low 80s Because it’s rain cooled, why? Because heat is the water evaporates and actually serves the function of cooling. And you can see this in And swamp cooler technology that’s been with us forever. I mean, so Joe, let me go through some fundamentals with you here. And you tell me whether I’m correct or not the most abundant greenhouse gas on planet Earth is water vapor Correct?


Of the co2 of carbon that exists in Earth’s atmosphere, anywhere between 96 to 98% of it is naturally occurring, is that correct? 

Correct. It occurs from volcanoes and also occurs from decaying organic matter. 

There you go. 

So everywhere. 

So the idea that man’s contribution minuscule, comparatively speaking, that man’s contribution to Earth co2, by burning fossil fuels through power plants, or automobiles, the idea that man’s contribution is enough to throw the entire ecosystem, the planet off kilter? Isn’t that the height of arrogance, not to mention unscientific? 

Yes. And here’s the problem, when I’ve been involved in this debate since Obama got elected, and he said he was going to destroy the hydrocarbon industries, coal and petroleum. So I’m not on the payroll of those folks. But I understand energy and understand the truth of science. And so I started writing my first article was the Info Wars 2009 hoax of the century, which explained some of this thermodynamics, but like I mentioned, I’ve got over 200 articles covering a wide range of subjects that they lie about, including Big Bang, and on and on, and I don’t know when you’re getting into it, but I’ve got a 10 tutorial series at bit shoot that I did. And these are extemporaneous, non scripted, but scientifically proven interviews with dunk Fetzer and you can go to bid shoot, and in the searching, put in Joe Olson, comma, climate change, and it will bring up all Kennedy’s tutorial. In one of those tutorials on the channel Lane called Cathy loves physics and history. And she had a very interesting thing about this Stokes shift. And she brought up the point that the first electric light bulb was presented to the Royal Society and 1705 by Francis hawks, B H. Au KFBE, who was a colleague of Isaac Newton, the most students presented in 1809 basment. Davies, which they carbon arc lights, which lit up the inside of the Royal Society Hall, brighter than daylight. So you know, you can’t believe that, that Edison invented the light bulb point, you have light bulbs being invented before his grandparents were even born. 

Well. And that leads me to since you’re talking about technology, there’s this move, as you know, by the current regime in Washington to get rid of natural gas burning stoves, which by the way, natural gas has a negligible impact on carbon. As you know, it’s a clean burning fuel, and we have it in abundance. It’s inexpensive in places like Texas and the United States where the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, now they’re going after water heaters saying that they want to they want to install heat pumps, and they claim it’s going to save $11 billion for the American taxpayers. If you switch from a natural gas water heater to a heat pump. Would you please address that fiction that is being pushed by the current regime? 

Yes, this technology started really being popular during the energy crisis in Jimmy Carter’s era when he created the Department of Energy. And basically, it’s just the selling T game, you’re going to be running your compressor twice as much in order to try to heat your house with your compressor. And you have to have three way valves that reverse the refrigerant flow on the suction and liquid side of your condensing unit. In order to be able to extract heat from the outside enter which is have a 45 degree saturated suction center of Freon, which means that you cannot pull any heat outside. When it’s below 45 degrees. Well, between 45 and 65 degrees, you’re in a nominal heating situation anyway, it’s when it gets down to zero or 20 degrees. And at that point, there is no available heat from a heat pump. It’s a complete waste of energy. And like I said, what you’ve done is you’ve created a more expensive condensing unit in a more expensive operating system in a shorter life, your compressor. So bottom line is you’re destroying a piece of equipment on the fiction that you’re being able to save a fractional amount of gear. eat during midseason cycle only is completely preposterous. 

Well, we saw this phenomenon and something called Snowmageddon here, and 2021 in the state of Texas where 250 Texans died, Joe, in your in your scientific opinion, if the United States is forced to get rid of its gas fired stoves, its gas fired water heaters, and going to all electric, will the Democrats be placing human lives at risk? 

Absolutely. We have a governor here in Texas that was so proud of his 2005 energy plan where 25% of all new generation had to be renewable. And this is at a time when Obama turns around and outlaws coal. So we have to shut down our coal plants, which means new generation, which means more gifts to the wind grifter, T Boone Pickens up in the panhandle, and more to the solar industry. Now the problem with renewable energies is that none of them produce anything other than direct current and that has to be gone through an inverter in order to be transmissible as AC. And the other thing is, they’re non reliable. So that means you have to have standby capacity in order to have a stable AC system. Alternating Current, which is what all of our transmission is based on. This was something that was proven by Tesla against Edison in 1880s. It’s ridiculous, it’s not new, you know what enjoy it. That’s I think that’s a great point. None of this stuff is new science.

It the Democrats are relying on the ignorance of the American people and their dominance in government education, to dumb us down to where we’d be this gullible. And we would, and we would basically sign our own death certificates. And that’s what you frankly, do when you sign on to these, these initiatives. And by the way, I had somebody send me an email saying, you know, he has somebody knocking on his door, it seems on a regular basis, trying to sell him solar panels. And he says, No, thank you. I don’t want to subsidize Communist China. I’m not into that. So and not to mention that the raw earth materials made in solar panel manufacturing, and up and these wind turbines are non biodegradable, and they’re toxic. So that’s also poisoning the planet. And that’s, again, probably a different discussion for a different day, which you and I will have more of in the future. Joe Olsen, registered professional engineer for 40 years, folks, He is everywhere. If folks want to check out your offerings, Joe, where is a central location where they can go and check it out? 

Like I mentioned the bid shoot, you can put in Joel near and it’ll bring up the 350 interviews that that sir and I have done on a wide range of subjects. Most of it is on current events, but if you do climate change, that’ll pick up that and then I’ve got the article posted it Principia scientific where I’m one of the co founders, and one of the ones I would highly recommend there is for non scientific ways co2 cools the Earth. This is by Dr. Pierre Latour, PhD in Chemical Engineering has over a dozen patents on chemical refining, where carbon dioxide is not only Oh, byproduct, it’s a React.

Well, there you go. And by the way, your treatise there are four ways co2, cools the planet is a direct is a direct challenge to the religious faith of these left wing nut jobs and their religion of manmade global warming and no wonder they pull their hair out over this Jolson appreciate the visit my friend, we’ll talk again. 

God bless you. 

That puts a wrap on this Saucedo storm podcast, visit two websites, my friends, number one, Texas That’s Texas to keep up with what’s happening here in the great state of Texas and politics and news, and how that impacts the other states in our union. Also check out Chris You can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV. Also check out all of our social media hookups, there is a special page dedicated to where we are on social media. So in case you miss a show, in case you missed a podcast, you can only see what’s on my mind. Until we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth is not measured by how much power is seized by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe out there my friends 

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