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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Race Wars Return, Courtesy Of Barack Hussein Obama

Ed Brodow is a conservative political commentator and bestselling author of nine books including his latest, THE WAR ON WHITES: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport.

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As you all know, I tell you that everything the left does everything, liberals, leftists, whatever you want to call them, whatever they do, is designed to advance left wing control left wing thought and what is their primary thought and powering government and elite few to rule the masses. That’s what they do. They they want to remove your ability to tell them no, they get up every day trying to figure out how to make that happen. Now, one of the mechanisms they used to use and they’re using again to great success was calling America and freedom and liberty racist. That’s what they’ve been doing. Now, when America decided to elect Barack Hussein Obama, not once, but twice. Many Americans said okay, we can stop being called racist now because we’ve elected the first black to the highest office in the land. So obviously America is not racist. Well, it didn’t take very long after his occupation of the Oval Office to resurrect this whole America by its very founding is racist. So Obama, I think, is the genesis of so much of the corruption, so much of the denigration of the US government and the faith the American people have in our government. And I don’t think he gets enough attention or credit, because he’s out of the Oval Office, but he still is still wields a whole bunch of power. He’s running the Biden regime. The Biden regime is Obama’s third term. And while we’re speaking about that, let’s let’s discuss all of the lies that Barack Hussein Obama told when he was talking about the smooth transition of power to President Trump we all know was alive now, because it was Obama and Biden who greenlighted along with Hillary Clinton, this crossfire hurricane investigation. So now we know, every single time Obama was opening his big Yap, claiming to be, you know, so high and mighty and, and and assuring a smooth transition of power. He was working behind the scenes and doing the exact opposite. So in other words, Obama is a liar. He’s always been a liar, because that’s also a hallmark of the left. They lie, they always lie. Here’s some of Obama’s more pointed lies. Remember, everything you’re about ready to hear is a lie, and revealed to be a lie by the Durham investigation, have a listen to Barack Obama, the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. And over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. My number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful, or that is also facilitating a decent transition so that the American people are well served as they can be with the incoming administration all all the time. He was uttering the stuff in various interviews the entire time he was launching in collusion with Comey with Biden with with Hillary, this crossfire hurricane investigation designed to undermine everything that Trump did in his first two, two years and beyond. But I do feel a responsibility as president united states to make sure that I facilitate a good transition and democracy to pay Hands on a peaceful transition of power. Especially when you don’t get the results you want. The outcomes of elections don’t always turn out the way you would hope. And then you, you know, we’re going through that in the United States, and I’m doing everything I can to help facilitate that successful transition with the president elect. We got to make sure that during this transition period, that there is a seamless passing of the baton in 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy. No, no, no, no, no. The peaceful transfer of power, it’s a republic, you idiot. And you can hear his crowd inside, he must have just been bursting. Ah, I’m gonna take it to Trump. I’ve got all the people in place and DOJ, and IRS, I’ve got all these people in place, the America will never be the same. Barack Hussein Obama was a wildly successful occupier of the Oval Office, not because he didn’t need anything to benefit the United States of America, far from it. Barack Hussein Obama was wildly successful, because unlike anybody in the past, unlike any historical figure, he did more damage, and may have facilitated the end of the United States to the greatest degree of any individual in human history. So if that’s your bag, if you’re a communist or a socialist, if you’re an enemy of America, then you know, by that standard, he was a success. If you’re pro American, he is the biggest failure. And with Joe Biden walking around, I think it’s now neck and neck between those two, I guess. Jimmy Carter is out there saying, well, at least I’m not the worst, at least we could say about Jimmy Carter, he was well intentioned. But Obama, no Beijing Biden. Well, if if he had all of his marbles, maybe he’d be well intentioned, but he’s now just a meat, a meat puppet, and doing whatever the Obama regime tells him to do. Now, this weaponization of race is back. And it is the focus of a lot of conservatives, including our next guest, who has written a book about how the left was able to take an issue we thought was long dead this idea of racism and resurrected to harm America. That’s next on The Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. If you’re paying too much for your own health insurance, call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax tired of cable news lying to you. It’s time the establishment media went the way of the dinosaurs and for free digital journalism to rise at Texas scorecard. We bring you real news for real Texas with no paywalls ever go to Texas Today, they’re spending $50 million in the city of Chicago to accommodate illegal aliens. I kid you not The Daily Caller is saying black Chicago residents are furious that illegal aliens are being dropped off in their neighborhoods, and that the city is providing them with their resources. So, folks, I think for the first time the black community is starting to realize, oh, no, we’ve been duped. So I want to bring on somebody who has been writing about this very topic. Edie brow. He is a conservative political commentator and best selling author of nine books, including his latest the war on whites, how hating white people became the new national sport. Ed, it’s great to have you back on. How are you doing? Well, sir, thanks for being here. So walk me through the book 30,000 feet up what’s it look like? What what is the main premise of, of the book, the main premise of the book is that we normally think of discrimination as being aimed at blacks. But in the last few years, the tables have turned and now whites are being discriminated against. And they are being cursed and abused at every opportunity. It’s become the government is doing it. Our educational institutions are doing it. And you know, to be white today is you’re considered to be evil. It’s a very terrible thing. And as a white person I object to that. I object to the idea. They’re trying to frame me as being an oppressor. If you’re white, you’re an oppressor. And I’m not an enterprise. I’m an oppressed. Anybody, have you? Well, no. And I’m your liberty loving Latinos. So I have I walk around with brown skin, but I have never thought of, I have never been a racist. So I don’t look at people who are white. And I don’t say that they deserve to be called oppressors. Or they deserve what some people would call reverse racism. And they that’s what they would call it. But racism is racism. So reverse, it’s just race. It’s just racism. Yeah. So So I think what you’re seeing here, and I know what’s underpinning, but what they’re trying to do to that to the simpletons in the black community and in the Latino community, is to say, well, we’ve endured all of this oppression for hundreds of years. Now it’s time for us to oppress the whites, as a as a form of social justice is what they call it. And if anybody knows anything about the Bible, if anybody knows anything about just basic human decency, you don’t, you don’t do anything other than perpetuate hatred, by taking that attitude, correct. Yeah. In fact, it’s a very popular book out right now that says that we should have, because other people have been discriminated against. Now whites should be discriminated against. Well, that doesn’t accomplish anything. You don’t. You don’t fight racism with more racism. And that’s what they’re trying to do. Right. Ed brought ours our guests right now, folks, the war on whites, how hating white people became the new national sport. Now. Here’s, here’s what’s behind all of this. And I’m curious if you got into it in the book. This is all being done, whether it’s the the war on whites, whether it’s the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda, the die agenda, the diversity, inclusion equity agenda, which is killing Western civilization, that’s why we call it the die agenda. Everything that is being done, from the war on whites to everything I just mentioned, is all in service to Marxism. Did you get there in your book? Yeah, well, absolutely. It’s the whole idea of oppressors and victims. And that’s, that’s what the left is trying to do. The left is trying to divide the country by saying that whites are the oppressors, and everybody else is oppressed. And that’s the old Marxist doctrine. Exactly. And you know, what you probably wrote about, and you’ll probably know which Soviet leader implemented this. But back when the USSR was at its pinnacle, they recognized that the race divisions in America were a were a weakness that could be exploited. And they sought to exploit it. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. But but, you know, this is all just coming to fruition now. Because the left has been working on this for 50 years, infiltrating our schools, infiltrating academia, and infiltrating the media, and infiltrating the deep state, the people who work for the government. They’re all in favor of this, which is very, very scary, that people who worked for government are in favor of dividing the country. And that’s, that’s the whole Democratic Party platform. It is let’s divide the country and try to get the votes of blacks, and Hispanics. Based on this absurd and racist attitude. Yeah. And but now see, now blacks are being shoved aside for the coveted illegal aliens. And the black community is like, wait a minute, what? I think for the first time many in the black community are recognizing that the Democrats are not there for them, that they were they were the useful idiots that were spoken of in the Soviet Union, that the blacks have been this is how Democrats look at them as useful idiots. By the way, I talk about this in my book a lot. But the whole welfare system that has been developed by the Democratic Party was designed to make blacks dependent on the government. Yeah, so yeah, no, it has helped. It’s helped the black community. That’s right. And this is all the doing of the Democratic Party. And I think you’re right, I think blacks are starting to recognize that the Democrats are not their friends. And the Republicans are their friends. Well, I see. And I can’t even say that I, as a conservative, I can show you a few quote unquote, Republicans who are not my friends, who are not doing what’s in the best interests of this country, because frankly, they’re catering to socialists, they’re they’re catering to Marxists. Because some of these Republicans couldn’t get elected in Republican conservative districts. So that’s what but if they were actually who they were really were at, let me ask you about some some headliners recently, because you’re starting to see the pushback in the black community is just the tip of the iceberg. You’re starting to see traditional liberals who believe in the Constitution to believe in free speech. They’re starting to push back on All of this Marxism that is being pushed by this, this die agenda, that diversity inclusion equity agenda, which by the way is the new slavery, and many people are waking up to that. Dave Chappelle, for example, nobody would consider him to be, you know, the most conservative tool in the shed, but he’s pushing out against this censorship, that that poor New York City nurse, the pregnant nurse, who had her life almost ruined until she came out and said, You know what, I’m gonna fight back, I paid for that bike. And these left wingers are trying to ruin my life to push their narrative over facts. And I’m not going to let him do it. And then you got JK Rowling, who was saying, You people are whacked out crazy. And I’m not going to allow you to define me. I think they’re showing the way they’re lighting the way aren’t they? Yeah, I talked about that nurse in my book. Whenever you have a situation with a white person, in a confrontation with a black person, you’re supposed to take the point in the position of the black person, and the white person is automatically assumed to be a racist. Exactly. And see, it is that assumption that I think is so counter to anything that is productive. It’s it’s the reparations mindset, that you’re going to tax people who were never slave owners, to pay off people who were never slaves, the idea that you’re guilty, because you live in the United States of America of slavery, even though every society, every culture has had some form of slavery throughout human history, the fact that we’ve got to pay the price, it underlies what the real goal is, and it’s to take away freedom and liberty, and Marxists are behind all of this, I add, I’ve got to get you to comment on Chick fil A, as you know, the CEO of Chick fil A was captured on tape. And he apparently has sent out shoeshine kits, to all of his managers, presumably as white managers to shine the shoes of persons of color, and to do so repenting and apologizing, and being contrite for something they had nothing to do with, which is slavery, that that is now hundreds of years gone from the United States. What’s your take on Chick fil A? I? Well, it’s part of the whole pattern of saying that blacks were abused 150 years ago, and therefore, we have to do something about it today, we have to compensate them. Well, this ridiculous, nobody alive today was a slave. Nobody alive today was a slave owner. This is all ancient history. And you don’t heal the country by going back and trying to regenerate this, this old wound there, there it is, and what you just said, you don’t heal the country by doing this, and those who are doing this, know it. The idea isn’t to heal the country. The idea is to keep those divisions going. The election of Barack Hussein Obama proved America was not a racist nation. But the race pimps and the race hustlers couldn’t stand it because they got so much of their Marxist agenda done by forcing weak people like the CEO of Chick fil A, to accept their absurd cultural Marxist premises. So they had to reinvent a new standard, which rejected frankly, Dr. Martin Luther King’s teachings. And now we got this new standard that says, well, just because you elected Barack Obama, doesn’t mean you’re still not a racist country. And I think most people think that these people are absurd. And I think for the first time, maybe in the last history, they’re exposed as just being a bunch of anti American anti freedom, anti constitutional freaks, who we should tell the screw off. What do you think? No, I agree with you. The danger right now, though, is that the President of the United States is on the side of the of these people wanted the same white people. And he’s got this new executive order that requires equity in the federal government equity and hiring, which is just a way of euphemism for saying don’t hire white people. And Biden Biden has come out 100% in favor of all of this. So that’s, that’s a very dangerous situation. And another reason why we we’ve got to get a Republican in the White House, I would say we got to get a conservative, or at least somebody who’s pro American in the White House. That would be a step up from where we are right now. Ed Brown, the name of the book, the war on whites, how hating white people became a new national sport. If folks want to pick it up. Where can they go? Amazon, Amazon. Cool, man, thanks very much. Appreciate the time. Thank you. And that’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites. First off Chris When you go there, you’re gonna find a whole bunch of stuff. You can leave me a voicemail. You can leave me an email, you can find the Chris Salcedo show Who’s and the podcast presence on social media? And we’re all over the place where I get her word rumble. We’re on true social. Yes, we’re back on Twitter. So go there and check it all out, plus tracking on the Chris Saucedo shows on radio and television. Also check out Texas For enterprising journalism and impacts Texas and beyond. Until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends, owning a business is tough. Fortunately, there’s Insperity to help me with HR administration compliance and more so my employees can thrive and my business can grow with Insperity Nothing seems impossible. Insperity HR that makes a difference. It’s time to take care of yourself and enjoy life again. 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