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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Show Behind The Show, Rich Men North Of Richmond Edition

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:

Chris and Sean talk about how there’s hope in the massive awakening of our people, an awkening that realizes the elites have sought to screw us all.

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As you might remember, your liberty loving Latino here is a sci fi buff. I love good science fiction. And I’ve been I think this speaks more to me being nostalgic for the past. Although I am going to freely admit there probably is some of that involved in this but I’ve been watching a lot of, old sci fi, old Star Trek, old Stargate SG one Stargate Atlantis. I’ve been watching some of these programs. 

And even going back and watching the original Mission Impossible movies. The early I shouldn’t say original, the early movies, the Tom Cruise started and what prompted this was Mrs. Salcedo taking my youngest to go see the latest mission impossible. So we were like, well, we got it, we got to fill in the blanks here because they hadn’t seen or my youngest hadn’t seen mission impossibles, one through five. 

So from that top gun Maverick, I’ve been watching these types of films, and not recognizing why they’re resonating with me so much. But they have been. And I think, aside from nostalgia, aside from simpler days, which I think a lot of folks who are of the next generation, looking back and seeing the new generation stepping up has some of that to deal with, regardless of what’s going on in the country. 

For me, I think there’s something more to it, and I don’t think I’m alone out there. I think I’m remembering a time I’m gonna step back for a time when America’s government, when those in our nation, we prized those who were competent, and those who are in government, we believed were in it protecting us not protecting our enemies, not enriching themselves off of our backs. That wasn’t the majority. Certainly. 

I think the majority of our government today is full of a bunch of people who are exploiting us for their own personal gain and benefit and aggrandizement, if you will, and status, if you will, with those around the globe. I think that’s actually what’s going on the worldwide left the worldwide elite. 

And I think there’s reasons why the new Jason Aldean song is resonating with people. Try that in a small town. Right that the lyrics for those even under the Jason Aldine. Song. It is just great. And it is speaking to a segment of our society that is tired of all the wokeness tired of all the BS, tired of saying what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good. And there’s another anthem out there. This guy named Oliver Anthony Oliver, Oliver Anthony. i He’s not a household name yet kids. But this this anthem of his and I’m not going to play all of it. I’m going to play some of it just so you get the idea of what this is about. Folks, he has overtaken Jason Aldean. He is the number one number one hit. Coming out of nowhere. Nobody knew who this guy was. It’s all YouTube all viral video. 

And listen to this. I’m going to play the first stanza up for you. Just so you know what the song is about. You’re gonna get the flavor right away. Some of you are gonna go Oh, I get what he’s singing about. 

“I’ve been selling my soul working home they over time out for bullshit pain so I can sit out here and waste my life away. drive back home and down my troubles away it’s a damn shame what the world’s gotten to for people like me people like you and Chaka just wake up and and not be true. But it is. Oh, it is live so rich man, Richmond Lord knows total control. We’ll know what you think. We’ll know what you do. And then out thank you know that you do $1 ain’t shit. And it’s tax to know him. Man.” 

There it is rich men north of Richmond. Anthony Oliver is the artist and it is taking the the country world by storm the world by storm. And the reactions have been overwhelming. Why? Because we’re all living this. 

We’re all recognizing something. We’re all feeling something. And this guy put it down into a song. And this guy put it down into words that I believe expresses a nation that is grasping and gasping for air courtesy of these rich men, these elites that have no political affiliation. That no standards, no allegiance to the United States of America, no allegiance to our people, no allegiance to those things that make us free. And those things that make us great, and the American people are starting to get it. And I hope it’s not too late. 

Show behind the show with Sean Chastain up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today I have the show behind the show and my friend and yours Shawn Chasteen and Shawn, before we even start, I wanted to let you know I got a compliment from one of the bigwigs one of the head honchos over at Texas scorecards saying that the show behind the show is one of their favorite offerings of the week. Actually, you’re the only serialized offering on the Salcedo storm podcast so they look forward to it every week. 

Well, that’s very kind. 

Yeah, it is. It is a departure and unnecessarily political we straighten up Politics, but it’s for those of you who don’t know, the concept of the show behind the show, Sean and I, when we used to work together and in corporate radio, we would we would have off air conversations that, you know, oftentimes we couldn’t have on the air because they were either very adult or there are too frank for the corporate censors to, to appreciate. So that’s what we’ve tried to replicate here on the show behind the show. It’s kind of a no holds barred. You know, just as if you were bellying up to the bar, and you had me and Shawn there with you. And that’s kind of the whole stuff we talk about. 

How you haven’t excommunicated me by now is just weird, but thank you for not doing so. 

Well, if I gotta be honest with you, man, give it to you sometimes. Well, I know, I know that. And I gave it right back. You know, last week I tattooed you pretty hard. I feel kind of bad about it. But see, that’s when you’re when you’re friends, you know that it ain’t no thing. I mean, you just go on, you know, you can, that the dudes can, can, you know, bash on each other and then just move on, let’s go have a beer or what have you. You know, that’s just the kind of the way the way it goes, if you were actually a drinker, but you don’t even drink. So. 

Which by the way, I mean, I’m capable. I know you’re capable. But it’s a total or it’s just that it’s a very social thing. And I just don’t have much of a social life. 

There’s that, then there’s that I, you know, I have an observation I was my wife and child, my youngest, went to go see the latest Mission Impossible flick. So, and I didn’t go, and it wasn’t just because of scheduling. But they went and saw it, they loved it, they had a great time. So my daughter informed my wife that she hadn’t seen mission impossibles, one through five. So it became the family’s mission to watch one through five to get caught up on six and fill in the blanks. And so we’ve been watching these flicks, and I think there’s a little bit of degree of this too, with watching Maverick, you know, top gun to Maverick, and some of the series that are either harkening back to an earlier time or some of these movies doing so. I don’t know if this has happened to you. But I’m looking at these going, man. That’s when that’s when the American government was for us was for was it targeting us was actually protecting us was actually, you know, get basically targeting the bad guys, instead of targeting us. And I’m, and I’m the strategic for the days when our government was in it for us, rather than against us. And that is that just me being psycho? Have you ever thought about that? 

Um, no. I mean, it’s been growing, obviously, that the government isn’t our friends. I mean, I think everybody’s always known that but, you know, with Reagan saying the scariest words are from the government and why and I’m here to help. Yeah. So, you know, that’s, that’s going back to the 80s. So I think we know the government isn’t on our side. But you’re right. Wouldn’t considering world bad guys and, and domestic spies or what have you? Yeah, you know, there was a time when the government did a better job, and all that. 

All the, all the stuff that, that we’ve been decrying lately, that our government’s been doing, I’ve I remember, not necessarily laughing, but criticizing countries like the Soviet Union criticizing China for and now, you know, some of the stuff we’re finding out is that our own damn government is doing these very same things. And I don’t know if it’s been naivete on my part, or a degrading of who we’re putting inside of power in this country, or maybe a mixture of both. 

Yeah, I think probably a mixture of both and, and the fact that we don’t have a media there to back us up and to expose to the light of day, the bad things that the government does, it’s, you know, it’s kind of frightening to not have that anymore. 

And I’m going somewhere with this because of what happened in Hawaii. This wildfire, which the last I saw over 100 people dead, and still hundreds missing. And it turns out the guy that’s in charge of emergency management, the man who’s in charge of, you know, the sirens, you know, blaring the sirens when there’s an emergency. He had no emergency training whatsoever. And they put him Yeah, Oh, you didn’t hear that. Oh, man. Well, he Well. 

I just heard about the you know, his excuse for the for not wearing the sirens is that the people have been trained. That’s a tsunami warning. And they are trained to go to higher ground once they hear the sirens. Well, obviously there’s a wall of fire right there and higher ground so that’s why They didn’t want the sirens right. And he resigned. 

I mean, it sounds. Yeah, he resigned. Yeah. And the reason why he resigned is because CBS News of all places ran this story about how this guy who’s in charge of emergency management had no emergency management training whatsoever. He was completely unqualified for the job, that he was taking taxpayer money as a salary. completely unqualified. 

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know what he could have done. Has he been the best train safety guy in the world? I don’t know. But you know, when you’ve we’ve seen wildfires here in Texas, the in fact, just last week, last weekend, the weekend before two apartment complexes were wiped out because of wildfire and just couldn’t control it. So nobody died in that. Thank God. And but you know, there was quite a bit of property lost and wives uprooted. So I mean, I’m hesitant to blame one guy for that, because I just don’t know how much anybody could have done. When you’ve got a fire like that. 

Yeah. And I think you’re here all the time in Texas. Yeah. But the broader question is, why are people getting jobs they’re unqualified for when they’re injured. And it goes right back to what you were talking about. When your job is to serve the public, you won’t have the best people in positions because people’s lives are at risk. You know, if you want to take it to back here to Texas briefly. I mean, here we are triple digit heat, and we’re getting ERCOT telling us to dial back on our energy use, because the guys that we trusted air quotes, Republicans and the Texas State House didn’t do a damn thing in the legislative session to increase our power capacity in this country. Not one thing, and estate I should say. And then we put them in charge of our safety. And then now we’ve got guys up and rolling. Was Rolling Rock. I think I heard this. Basically rounding it was round rock. It was Round Rock, saying, oh, yeah, I’m thankful this doctor, he puts it on Twitter going, Yeah, I’m thankful I was only out of power for one hour. And triple digit, Ed was thankful that his power was only out for an hour. And I’m thinking to myself what we’re thankful. It just ticks me off the people that that we trust, to have our backs and we give our taxpayer money to to pay their salaries, but it’s like their affirmative action jobs that are just so you know, political patronage jobs, and people are dying because of it. 

Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of times I think that’s exactly what those Trump’s Yeah, who you know, and all that so well, and then you get those same idiots they want to put that are forcing green issues on everybody taxing the grid even more and wanting to air conditioned prisons here in Texas to tax the grid even more to make murderers and rapists and child molesters comfortable. So yeah, I see. I know that I have a lot of faith in India. 

And the folks that are carrying that mantle, those show the same people going, Oh, anybody trying to break into America crossing the Rio Grande. How dare Greg Abbott is a butcher for putting up those floating barriers and why don’t you have any criticism for the guys breaking into the country? Oh, no, no, of course not. We’re, you know, we’re lefties. We don’t criticize lawbreakers. We only criticize those who are trying to uphold the law. It’s completely bass, ackwards. And back to Hawaii. From the New York Post. Access to water should be predicated on conversations about equity. According to the Hawaii official under fire for delaying access to water during the Maui wildfires. His name is M Khalil Manuel. He’s a former deputy director of the Hawaii commission on water resource management. He waited for more than five hours to release water during the wildfires that devastated Maui, and he was doing it based on equity. 


Oh, come on, man. 

It’s the kind of nonsense that needs to stop. Yeah, I mean, come on. People died because of morons like this. Yeah. So I have no tolerance. 

I’m hopeful this week that things will change. And I’ll tell you why. Okay. Some country bumpkin, Virginia singer. All of her Anthony Yep. And I don’t know if you’ve talked about this on your show or anything like that. But this is a guy who literally came out of nowhere, and now has the number one song in the world on all of the charts with him. Richmond north of Richmond. And I have been fascinated with the story all week he supplanted Jason Aldean. And which, by the way, Jason, all Dean’s anthem was also I mean, meteoric it’s shot to the top right away. And this guy that Sean is talking about folks that we he’s on our radar, we’ve been trying to book him on the on the Newsmax show. But this rich, rich men north of Richmond is, I think, a social commentary on exactly what you and I have been talking about how these people in government get there, it’s a get rich quick scheme. They don’t matter. They don’t care who they screw and it doesn’t matter which political party it is. They don’t care who they screw for, for their piece of the pie. And they’re the most unqualified among us. And this guy’s anthem is just great. 

I have no idea what his politics are, if he is, is political, at all, I have no idea. But that song really resonates with a lot of people and it gives me it gives me hope that or it gives me solace to know that we’re the majority, you know, that, that the freaks in the people want porn in the school libraries or, you know, wagon, transvestites junk in front of kids faces, that those are by far to minority, and that the rest of the world just wants to get along and earn an honest wage and be able to keep some of it, you know, and the commentary on the welfare system I think is spot on. I don’t know how many times you know, I’ve seen the grocery stores, a cart full of stuff and the person with that cart, whips out of the EBT card. You know, this is an app card and I’m like, why am I paying for the crap that’s in that cart? It’s not nutritious, it’s not healthy, you know? And to see EBT signs up at fast food restaurants or gas stations just makes me insane. And I think that makes even people on the left a little bit insane, you know, when they start kind of looking at their at their tax bill. So yeah, the song has been fascinating to me. What’s even more fascinating, though, has been the response to it. Because I don’t know if I told you I’ve got a burgeoning addiction to reels on Facebook, on Facebook, or is it in its face? It’s Facebook, but they’re all the same. Pretty much. It’s, it’s, you know, one to four minute videos on Instagram. Instagram is Facebook. So Graham is tick tock. It’s you know, there. I won’t. I won’t go on tick tock because it’s a spy app. But well, yeah, no, that’s why don’t have tick tock. But you know, there’s a bunch of tick tock videos on there. So I don’t know if I’m now involved in the TIC tock system or not. 

But no, but by the way, I’m with you. As a matter of fact, my daughter was teasing me this morning about that saying, oh, Daddy’s discovered reels on Instagram. Because there’s comedy on there. There’s like common sense stuff on there. There’s even politics on there. So yeah, it’s I’m addicted. I scroll through, I make it at least once or twice a week, I’m scrolling through to seeing what’s there. And I found some good material on there. 

And what’s really caught my eye this week is because, you know, it’s all algorithms. So if you watch one full video of something, you’re gonna get a bunch, right, related to that video. And so I’ve seen the Richmond north of Richmond video probably 10 times. Sure. And so just the reaction videos to that song. People of all races all both sexes. Really having a visceral reaction to that song just moved to tears in many in many cases. And this just isn’t redneck white folks, you know, this is people from all across America. Just I think I’ve had enough this song really, really resonates with them and, and that’s why it makes me a little bit hopeful that maybe things really will change this time around

You know, and I think we have seen songs or entertainment. Do this in the past. And it’s rare when it catches fire like this. I think all Dean caught a little bit of it. I think this guy. He’s not a household name yet for all of us his last name, right? No all over Anthony holograms? It’s not it’s not his real name. Yeah. It’s kind of a combination of his name. And his grandfather’s grandfather’s name. He said, gotta kind of get a quilt that- 

he’s not a household name yet, but he’s going to be. 

And I think, well, what, it’s crazy that he’s already been offered $8 million record deal, and turned it down. Because he knew that? Well, first, first of all, he said he doesn’t want a full time musician never playing it on that. And that they turned it down and could because he knew that he would never get to sing a song like that, again, if he was under a record deal. And he lives on 150 acres or something like that, that he bought with a note for $97,000. He still owes 60 grand on it. He lives in a trailer that he bought off of marketplace for 750 bucks. And, you know, just does the songs to kind of help his mental state, which has not been good after COVID and laid off and stuff like that, you know? 

So see, and I think right back, I mean, this is weird, right back to our original conversation, we could have handled the China virus, a hell of a lot better than we did in this country. We could have so and so I don’t know what the China virus we could have. We could have weathered the way other nations that were more frankly enlightened, and had more scrupulous people inside of government, but our government had a lot of unscrupulous people in it. And they got it into their head that they wanted to arrest the American spirit rather and use this to arrest the American spirit rather than allow it to continue to flourish and, and inspire the world. And that’s that’s how I see it. But it’s not just me. And I’m with you that I think it’s poignant that these artists, every once in a while you’ll get one and a generation or maybe even two all Dean, I think also caught fire a little bit too. They are reflecting the mood. Everybody has a sense whether you’re Democrat or Republican, conservative or even liberals, that there’s a different class of people now. That is that is an enemy to our way of life, that enemy to, to what’s going on here in this country. And they’re and they it’s beyond party affiliation. It’s beyond ideology. Something is not right. And these songs and movies like Top Gun to, I say tap into something that the American people are trying to express through their pocketbooks as they defund target. And they defund Disney. And they defund Bud Light, and they send their money and their time and their loyalty to people like these guys. It is more than just a fad. That’s it. I believe it is a social commentary and a barometer of where our country is, as opposed to where the elites are. Yes?

Boy, yes, sir. And speaking of Bud Light. I just saw a video from Sturgis was this past weekend. Yeah. We’re, oh, Kristi. noem was riding her Harley all over the Black Hills. Everyone. Anyway, they were showing. They’re showing vendors there in Sturgis. Yeah. And it was a guy on a golf cart just going up and down the road, you know, and filming and every place is packed, except one. And that was the Anheuser Busch venue. And Bush spent a ton of money on a beautiful outdoor venue with you know, tables and the stage and all that stuff ready to go. And not a soul in there. I don’t know if it was the time of day if they weren’t open, they’d appeared they were open because there were guys sitting at the merch table. But yeah, nobody in the Budweiser tent. Everybody else along the row jam packed with bikers from all over the world. You know? It’s just it just if that was true that nobody was going there, man, Budweiser just screwed the pooch for a long time. Sure. 

They did. So to target well. 

Then stupid Kid Rock. I don’t know if you saw that. I did. I did. Come on. If you’re going to be an activist, man, you got to go all the way you got to be an activist. And don’t be caught drinking a Bud Light if you know, use your machine gun to shoot up a whole bunch of well was a shotgun yeah no he No he had an automatic weapon. 

Oh wasn’t I thought he was legally own. Why no no yeah. But But I thought he wasn’t he the one that threw or maybe that was Carl Higbie that threw up the Bud Light and shot it with a shotgun I can’t remember who did it was it was it was Kid Rock dealing with a machine can just blast but you know, it’s it’s like it’s like for me Megan Rapinoe who I cannot stand and I think we talked about this last week we did that if you’re going to be an activist be an activist don’t don’t play in tournaments that fly you there on Qatar air which throws homosexuals off the building you know to the Government of Qatar does don’t 

Don’t do that, don’t wear the country’s flag when all you do is urinate on that flag you know Yeah. And anyway just real been moved by Kid Rock. Yeah, it was, you know, but I think kid rocks hypocrisy notwithstanding. I mean, you’re right these brands and Bud Light and target and Disney they all represent rich, filthy rich left wing nut jobs. They all feature this well telling I don’t care about I don’t care about the filthy rich. No, no, no, I think this goes nowhere. To me. 

This goes back to what were these anthems are starting to resonate. No, a rich man north of Richmond, right? Here’s target Bud Light. And Disney and other woke companies woke a cola Major League Baseball the National Football League a bunch of rich filthy rich and oftentimes white folk, filthy rich white folk, telling everybody how they’ve got to be telling everybody their their left wing sensibilities and cramming their left wing sensibilities using their cash and their products down our throats and in so doing saying, we don’t give a crap what you people think we don’t care about you. You’re gonna buy it. We think that you are some of the biggest stupid sons of bitches on the planet, you’re gonna continue to buy our stupid products. And we tell you what to do and that elitism sorry, man. It’s not American, it’s not American. And people just say Screw you. 

I think you’re starting to Yeah, and I think they’re waking up and I’m hoping that’s gonna, that’s gonna translate into some positivity in the voting booth and change in government. 

Amen. Brother. There’s a couple things too. We mentioned the China virus earlier. First off, NBC is out there saying that NBC is worried about Hey, where’s the next booster? We’ve got the China virus cases up 14% Which, by the way, from where it is currently, it’s like nothing but there’s a panic up 14% from you know, near zero, but up up 14%. So where’s the next booster? Where’s our boosters? I mean, that’s the message they’re putting out on NBC air quotes, news. And I just got me to thinking is anybody after all the revelations coming out about everything we’re finding out about what Fauci did about what CDC did, about what FDA did? Are we going to trust these people ever again? 

Oh, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve seen a bunch of stories about mask masks coming back to Great masturbate and like we talked about Yeah. Yes, folks, this is why we call it the show behind the show because Shawn and I would have the great masks debate. Our great mascot, Bader also 12 year old Yes, then there’s that part but by the way, you’re all hearing me. This is exactly what we would do during the commercial breaks when we were worried. It would be just like you’re hearing a couple of 12 year old boys pretending to be men and joking about masturbating. Go right ahead, my friend. No, I’ve just seen and heard a bunch of stories that the great masturbate may be coming back and I never put one on again. Nope. I mean, unless it’s going to cost me my job and then it’s going to be under protest. Well, the only reason I would say if it’s gonna cost me my job is because I need to work. 

Well, look, man.

If didn’t have to work. I know. A lot of people look at us in media and go you know, you should you should take a stand and walk away and not be able to support your I mean, if I if I had $1 For those who are in in you know, who who would never dream of quitting their jobs to make a statement, but they’re perfectly comfortable with us doing it. You know, I just really come on dude, really. But that being said, We’ve got research on what we just a week and a half ago, there was that survey of I think it was 91 Mask studies that a, an aggregator pulled together. And they all came to these conclusions, that masks do not stop viral transmission. They just don’t. And they’re ineffective. And the debates over that there is no more massive debate debates over, they don’t work. 

Nope. And I don’t you ask, you know, if we’re gonna trust government with those kinds of things, I don’t think anybody’s going to dress it. Except for the woke and the blacks and the Asian and the elderly. Those are the only people who wear a mask anymore. And I don’t understand why. 

By the way, speaking of the reels that I discovered on Instagram, there was one, I’m just gonna describe it to you, because you’re gonna laugh. It’s a couple of Asian people, one of the guys in the elevator and the girl walks in, and the elevator starts going up. And then the guy whips out a mask and puts it on and she looks over him like he’s kind of freakish, like What’s matter with you, man, she’s quite attractive, by the way. So he pulls out another mask and tries to put it on her. And then she takes that thing and she goes, like, what are you doing, she takes it, She rips this thing apart, stomps all over it. And then two or three, they look back at the camera as if it’s the opening doors, you know, to the elevator. So and then you hear the music in the background, and all of a sudden you hear him letting out a Bronx cheer. Anyways, it just rips one. And it’s like, three or four just massive farts. And then she starts gagging because he just sitting there looking and she reaches down for the mask, and she pulls it up. There’s a big ol hole in it. He’s like, Oh, no. So the door after just just ripping them off, one after the other guy steps out of the elevator. And then, and then she’s like, gasping for air. Coming out of the elevator. It was the funniest damn thing I had seen about masks. 

That’s funny. Funny. 

Last thing I have for you, Mr. Chasteen is from our great state of Texas. This is from the New York Post at it yet is the New York Post. Beijing Biden quietly selling off border wall parts to thwart the republican party’s efforts to push them. The Biden regime has quietly auctioning off millions of dollars worth of unused parts from President Trump’s border wall for peanuts. Since April. Gov planet and online auction house specializing in military surplus is sold at ones lots of steel square structural tubes intended to be used for the wall for 2 million bucks, their original cost was about 10 times that. And what are your thoughts on that? And what’s crazy about that is that the second he you know, took office and stopped production on the border wall. Well, they had all those steel panels. And so they’ve just left them out in the desert to rust, but they had to be guarded, you know, or else people would feel, obviously steel is worth a lot of money. And that’s just a ton of cash sitting there for a thief. So they had to be behind barbed wire, and they had to have security guards there to the tune of about $3 million a year to keep those things safe from being stolen. And so now he’s selling them off. And, you know, if they make two or $3 million, that doesn’t even cost cover a year of the security. For now, what my hope would be some major rich Texan, buy every single one of those, yes. And donate them to Governor Abbott or back to President Trump. If you know he is reelected. 

Now, there’s also something another way I thought about this, as you know, Texas is taking on to the tune of I think, I don’t know if this number is correct. I’m not sure why it’s stuck in my head $9 billion dollars a year. We are spending on border security that the American government has abdicated has refused to do. I say we just take the steel and and say we’re deducting this off our bill. We’re gonna take the steel and you can you know, we can take it off the bill you owe us for border security because you’ve not you’ve not been conducting border security and protecting Texas. 

So I mean, $3 million out of 9 billion isn’t much I would Just like to see the steel be used rather than chopped up and well that’s what I meant and then use it to build the Texas Texas border wall build the Texas border us use the Texas border wall Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see. 

Hi man. Hey you got anything else? 

No man just to get fascinated with this Anthony are all over Anthony story. And yeah, if you check out some of the rules, check out some of the reaction videos. It’s pretty, it’s pretty moving just to see people burst into tears because that song touches them in such a way that you know, because they’re living it every day. Like so many of us he talks about and that song are and and it’s sure it’s frustrating them in North Richmond. 

It is a it is a political commentary and not political because I think there’s plenty of elitist to go around on both sides of the political aisle, the unit party is we have taken a calling them and I think this is I think anthems like that resonate for the reason that boils down to this. It is us, we the people against these elites. And I think that’s where this country is waking up to finally finally, alright man, Shawn chest and the show behind the show, buddy. Have a great week. 

All right, peace. 

That does it for the Salcedo storm podcast the show behind the show a couple of websites to visit folks, you must visit Texas Check out the Texas heist great new documentary. Also check out Chris That’s where you can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on morning talk radio en que se v and every afternoon Monday through Friday on Newsmax TV four o’clock until five the Crusaders show there. Also, check out our social media hookups to okay on the brand spanking new Chris Till we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth it isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the people who stay safe out there my friends.

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