Robert Montoya, Investigative reporter for the Texas Scorecard.

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I have a question for me, like a man might even go so far as his mediocre I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he still single score podcast. There are several reasons why I was just completely ticked off completely angry at the debt ceiling deal. What? Well, let me let me just detail this, let me go through it methodically. And I’ll build to the crescendo. The the main reason why I was so ticked off. As you all know, the Republican Party, the alleged Conservative Party has the reins of power in one half of the legislative branch. So the it has selective power, according to our Constitution, that the power of the purse is chief among those powers. And so one of the frustrations I had was at the House of Representatives, utilizing an existing law, the debt ceiling deal, didn’t leverage what they could have, with the necessity for this country to raise that debt ceiling. It needed to be raised. Everybody agreed it needed to be raised. But what the house should have insisted upon, was a mechanism to stop the rate of increase, folks that it just came out a week and a half ago, that since the debt ceiling deal was done, your government has burned through a trillion a trillion dollars. I can’t conceive of how much spending at what rate you have to spend money to spend in a matter of months, a trillion dollars. You guys remember that movie Brewster’s millions, Brewster’s millions that for those of you didn’t see it, it was a movie that had a minor league pitcher, down on his luck, never really had a lot of money. He had a rich uncle who happened to be a white guy, a rich guy, leave him a whole bunch of money. And Brewster was a black man play play by Richard Pryor. So the deal with this, I’m going to leave you $30 million. And you’ve got to spend it, and you’ve got to get value for $30 million. And you’ve got to do it within 30 days time. And you’ve got to again, you’ve got to get value just can’t donate it away. You’ve got to get value for every buck you spend. And if you do so, I’ll give you a $300 million. If you can’t do it, then you don’t get a penny you’re out of the Will you don’t get anything. So the whole movie is is comedic because a Brewster couldn’t tell anybody. He couldn’t tell anybody what he was doing, why he was blowing through everything. And the the idea of the the rich uncle was to make him hate money and also appreciate it hate hate money, be sick and tired of money, but also to appreciate it, but what it means to so many people for them to be able to keep it. So it was a it was a wonderful exercise that far, few people far too few people in government actually watched because the other aspect that really really pissed me off about about what happened with the debt ceiling deal is that not only did air quotes Republicans except the profligate spending levels of the Democrats, post China virus meaning we have been spending way too much money. And basically what this budget deal did the debt ceiling deal did was freeze the unacceptable level of spending. So Democrats didn’t lose a damn thing. And to add insult to injury, what these so called Republicans did was they increased spending in the next fiscal year by 1%. So it was already unacceptably high. And then they said, We’re going to codify that and give you our Republican blessing to the unacceptably high spending levels. And then we’re going to give you 1% More that government doesn’t deserve. I’m sorry, but with the conduct of the Department of injustice, the conduct of the FBI, the IRS, the conduct of the Secret Service, the conduct of this of this government in general, it does not deserve a raise, it doesn’t deserve the level of spending that it gets. So that’s, that’s kind of where I’m at and we’re coming into a recession. Inflation is incredibly high. And Americans are tightening their belts we’re doing with less, you’re having to pay a whole bunch more money for the basics than you did just two years ago under President Trump. And you have to make the adjustments. You’ve got to tighten the belt. You have got to live with less but government, Oh, no. Government never takes a haircut. Government never does with less. And you know what, folks? It really ticks me off. Because if we the people are suffering, government should too and I’m tired of government thinking it is above we the people now it’s not just a mechanism of the federal government as the latest expos a from the Texas scorecard where reveal, we have the same problems in the great state of Texas. We’ll get into it get you all the details coming up on this the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. If you’re paying too much for your own health insurance, call American medical plans you deserve better. 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So just in case somebody in the world crowd tries to come around and cancel me they can’t because you have the power so go to patriot patriot and switch today can also dial 972 Patriot Check out all their discounts stopped funding your political opposition helped keep me independent. spend your hard earned money on folks who have your values, not the woke crowd? 972 patriot 972 Patriot patriot Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust that where you get your news is accurate and pro citizen? Well, Texas scorecard has you covered. We give you real news for real Texas. Go to Texas Today, I post this check in with our guest a former Filmmaker University of North Texas Graduate one time assistant language teacher, Robert Montoya. He says he misses Japan in the 1980s who doesn’t. Ronald Wilson Reagan and all. He is an investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard. Robert, welcome back. Good to be here, Chris. All right. Let’s talk about what your next series is on. It’s it’s kind of a it’s open ended when when your folks sent this to me. They said state and local bureaucrats are thriving off the backs of overtaxed Texans. I’m dying to figure out what you found out. Go ahead. Well, let’s break this down. Chris, on the title of our series is to Texas. And what we found out is essentially let me just go into the facts real quick. And again, he’s an economist. He told us the median household income in Texas is roughly 67,000. The city manager of Dallas he Broadnax he was paid for her and $10,000 last year. That’s more That’s two grand more than President Biden paid. I think right there sums up the the huge gap in reality between taxpayers and those that they’re paying. You know, I remember an analysis and maybe it was Texas scorecard that did it. It was an analysis of the teachers salaries and those associated with Gov Ed around the state of Texas. And the number of people and six figures was something along the lines of seven over 7500 Folks, and six figures related to Gov Ed. And that, of course, very few of them were teachers. This is right along the same lines, isn’t it? In fact, Chris, it’s funny, you should mention that. Because we also in part two of this series, we looked at how taxpayers are also paying very good salaries to their opponents in education. Let’s look at the University of North Texas now. You know, they have offered chess binders and fake genitalia for students to pretend to be the opposite sex. This is a woke University and 2022 their president Neil snatch risks said that he could snap his fingers and remove young conservative Texas at UNLV. It’s concerned student org if he could snap his fingers and remove them. He would do it. Well for this madness. Last year, taxpayers paid him more than $608,000. And he has a new agreement where they’re gonna be paying him more than $682,000. Meanwhile, Governor Abbott, he gets paid roughly 153 grand. That’s That’s insane. To me. That is insane. Now, I guess I guess you figure that a lot of these school administrators that make more money than the governor. That’s why they believe that they’re somehow entitled, when the governor says no, you can’t force kids into mask masks why they ignore him, right? Because they make more money than he does. So they’re not the listen to him. Pretty much. Pretty much how I see it anyway. Give us some other numbers that you found that are gonna blow people away. Well, let’s I can stay in education again for a minute. Let’s take a look at fourth ISD another woke School District. They’ve made headlines for pushing controversial sex ed, and critical race theory on students. But let’s also see, okay, well, how are students performing academically? Texas Education Agency information report that only 32% of district students performed at their grade level or above, in all subjects on the STAR test. So how much of taxpayers and paying the superintendent for these this kind of performance 710 Angela, Angelica Ramsey. She was paid 335 grand in 2022 and 2016. Her predecessor was paid 330,000. Yeah, can’t Scribner was his name and can’t. Yes can’t Scribner was the one that was pushing for biological males to shower with females. And, among other things. Kent Scribner was one of these individuals responsible for the woke ideology infecting inside of Gov Ed inside of Fort Worth and ruining the the Fort Worth Independent School District, as a matter of fact, under Kent Scribner schools there and we did when I was in radio up in North Texas. We did, we found out because teachers had ratted out their their administration, that they were inviting Democrats onto campus, and mandatory assemblies, their their left wing school board members and elected Democrats, but they were not extending the same invitations to Republicans or conservatives. Absolutely insane. And then when we call them on it, they claimed it wasn’t a mandatory assembly. Mr. Montoya, but we had the emails from the teachers in the district who said, Oh, no, we got the emails right here that said they were mandatory. So we caught him red handed. And that’s when they stopped talking to us. Yes, Chris, this just raises the question of how have these bureaucrats earned these high salaries when you look at the performance levels? I mean, let’s even you know, let’s take a look at another agency. Now let’s look at a state agency, the Texas Medical Board. Now they’re infamous for harassing and targeting a West Texas doctor named Dr. Eric Hanson. They went after him for not complying with Governor Abbott’s mask mandate. 2020 as of this year, they were still going after me and earlier this year, they 2023 They suspended his license now. Then public outcry forced him to back down from that. Well, while they’re interfering with his ability to make money, their chief executives paid $156,000 last year. Not bad, not bad. You know, a lot of times As doctors there was one one lady that I interviewed quite frequently on the on the Houston show on KSC V. She was she was getting harassed by state agencies because of the the China virus vaccine the forced China virus vaccines. Yes. Oh, by the way, sorry, Chris real quick. I need to apologize. I misspoke. Miss Dr. Henson is actually in Palestine, which is east of here. It’s not west of here. Understood. Understood. Well, thank you for the correction. It is noted folks, we’re talking to Robert Montoya. He is an investigative reporter for Texas scorecard that the focus of the latest series at Texas scorecard is how there are two Texas’s individuals who are in government who are fleecing the taxpayers of Texas and making exorbitant exorbitant amounts of money, while Texans eek by and try to get by and Joe Biden’s Democrat socialist America. So what are the numbers that you find? Well, let’s take a look here like also there is in Dallas County. Let’s take a look at county judge clay Jenkins. Now remember, he was became infamous for being as close to a tyrant during COVID as possible. Now he was harassing people’s own ability to make money and also to live lives and livelihoods. His pay has gone up from 20 over the course of time from 2016 to 2022. He has given himself a roughly 15% pay increase to more than $175,000. Wow, that’s his county judge. How How is he? If you don’t mind me asking maybe you didn’t research this but seriously, he can’t be voting himself a raise who is overseeing these these raises these expenditures. So as I understand it, from people I talk with, and because we also found a similar race is former counterpart Tarrant County Judge Whitley he is pay was also high 19% Based on my understanding, the way this works is this when the mechanic commissioners vote on their budget, they also can vote on their pay. And so now is clay Jenkins salary went up but also his fellow commissioners pay went up commissioners Theresa Daniel and John Wiley price both democrats over that same course of time. a 20% hike in pay the only the only member of the commissioner’s court that has not hiked whose pay is not going up has been Dr. Elbow Garcia and she told us the reason why is because she promised the voters she wouldn’t pay what never increase you know, pretty flat. Yeah, Alba gotta see. Say what you want. She’s a Democrat and she’s she’s a left winger, but I’ve got to say this, compared to her degenerate husband, he is really a left wing extremist and she is such a lovely woman for a Democrat. I mean, she really she truly is. And she keeps her promises, you know, and and to be saddled with her husband, the poor lady. I mean, I’ve always felt very, very sad for her. But but you know, you’re right is very uncharacteristic to find a a leftist in government, a Democrat in government, who doesn’t want to fleece the taxpayers. So she does does definitely stand out in that regard. By the way, the name of the doctor I was trying to remember from her actions at Houston Methodist Mary Bowden, Mary Bowden was was in this fight with Houston Methodist and others and other governing agencies in the state of Texas for her her stance on on the China virus in the vaccines. Okay, so we’ve we’ve covered education, we’ve covered the medical facility facilities here in the state of Texas, and the the government agencies that oversee them. What uh, what else? Do you think Texas will be surprised to learn other areas of government where, where Texas is shelling out a whole bunch of money for individuals who allegedly administer these places? Well, the last one, I’d like to bring up it’d be the Texas Department of Family protective services. We’ve been investigating them for quite a while now. We’ve published how in November 2022, we published how those employed DFPS launched a deep state rebellion against Greg Abbott and other public servants when they tried to protect children from child gender mutilation. We covered how, according to a Texas Senate report published in December 2022. That in that report contained their discussions of how they do shoddy investigative work, in fact, so shoddy that at one point, it led to the shutdown of a shelter for sex trafficking victims and the Head of Department of Public Safety Colonel Steve McGraw. He had told senators after they investigated that they had come to the wrong conclusions. And really at the end of the day, it wasn’t necessary. They count all the wrong conclusions. So how much did taxpayers pay the boss of DFPS at that time? It was commissioner J masters. Now Abbott fired her in late, late November 2022. But it was paid more her salary was more than $235,000 for this incompetence. How much did that number again? More than $235,000? Grief, good grief. See, and it’d be one thing if these folks did their their jobs? Well, but but they don’t. As a matter of fact, a lot of them believe they’re owed their jobs. Because that’s just what government is. It subsidizes those who aren’t very good. Let me ask you, did you guys explore anything in ERCOT, or anything in the agencies that govern the energy sector? We have ongoing investigations of ERCOT. But that was not included in this series. Yeah, I really would like not to not to tell you guys what to investigate over there. But I would really like to get into some some analysis of who is behind keeping us at under the eight bar behind the eight ball, I should say, with the Texas electric grid, because, you know, here we are in the middle of summer. It’s hot because it gets hot in Texas in summer, and we’re looking at having to dial back our energy use, because no work has been done to diversify our energy portfolio. Here in Texas, we’re all going toward unreliable green energy. And it it’s it’s putting human lives as Snowmageddon proved at risk. So Robert, last thing, tell me Give me one stat that is just going to floor people that’s going to drive them to see this latest investigative piece series, I should say, by Texas scorecard to Texas’s the probably the most important stat that people need to realize, Chris, is the fact that this is not sustainable. We spoke with economist Vance skin and he noted that it looks like we are entering into a recession sometime soon later this year. And with all this activity going on, it heightens how taxpayers just really do not have much more left in the tank to continue being abused like this. We’re being taxed and spent into oblivion. And James Quintero of Texas Public Policy Foundation, he believes the time has come for the state legislature to step in and say, Look, no bureaucrat can make more than the governor of Texas, period. If we don’t solve this, especially with the hard times we’re probably entering into, it’s going to hurt the taxpayers even more. Well, I think that’s a that’s a good way to to aim for policymakers to say, look, we’ve got to have some sense of normalcy. These people that go into government can’t live high on the hog while our people are struggling. The idea that government never takes a pay cut, the government never has to cut back is insane. If our people have to, the government should have to as well, the very idea that the people of Texas have to do without, so they can subsidize an elitist class inside of government that says, Oh, we get to take we get to be taken care of always. We’ve got to get rid of that mentality. Robert Montoya is his name. He is an investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard if folks want to check out your website, not Texas But your personal social media websites, where can they go? I’m available on Twitter, and it’s at Robbie Montoya are OBD why? Amazon Mary O. N is a nifty is and Tom, are ya? Hi, buddy. Thank you very much for the update and can’t wait to read the series. Thank you, Chris. That puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Folks. Just remember the relationship between citizens and government the American Way is they serve us. We’re not supposed to go to work we’re not supposed to, to sweat and bleed and do without to make sure that government officials can live high on the hog. That’s the exact opposite of what America is a couple of websites I want you to visit Texas, Texas and Chris hitting those websites. If you want the latest big news in Texas and you want the latest from me at Chris You can also track us down on all of our social media hookups. Until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends

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