Beto Fundraises in Hollywood…Again - Texas Scorecard

The darling hope for Democrats nationwide, El Paso Democratic Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is once again returning to California.

His mission? To raise money for his campaign to “turn Texas blue” and win election to the US Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.  

According to reports from the entertainment magazine Variety, O’Rourke fled the Lone Star State for California this week, attending a Hollywood fundraiser in his honor last night held by actress Nancy Stephens and director-producer Rick Rosenthal.

Tickets for the event cost $250, with those contributing the federal contribution limit of $2,700 earning a spot on the host committee.

O’Rourke has already held a number of other fundraisers in California, both in Los Angeles as well as the San Francisco bay area.

The move isn’t surprising for O’Rourke, whose liberal values have been shown to be out of step with Texans. O’Rourke has advocated for less restrictions on abortion, a lax open-border immigration policy, and increased gun control measures during his time in congress.

Policies like these may be popular with Los Angeles liberals, but as the jingle in a recent Cruz ad goes, “If you want to run in Texas, you can’t be a liberal man.”