Remember La Joya ISD, the “poor” school district that built itself a waterpark? Turns out they get a lot of your money; their budget is anything but “local.”

The waterpark built by La Joya ISD with local dollars opened at about the same time as their 27-hole golf course. While educrats have defended the wasteful spending as “local control,” there is nothing local about La Hoya’s revenues. (They didn’t even get voter approval for their luxurious spending… the district educrats used their “fund balance.)

It turns out that La Joya ISD’s own budget shows that 75% of their revenues come from the state, 15.3% from the federal government, and 9.7% from local revenues.

Thanks to the Robin Tax scheme imposed by liberal Democrats and supported by school superintendents, your tax dollars are paying for necessities in La Joya ISD while their dollars are building extreme luxuries.

Educrats in La Joya ISD get to spend your money, but you don’t get a vote on their mismanagement. It’s time to abolish the Robin Tax scheme.


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