Sharp Seeks Stay on Proposed Contract Expansion - Texas Scorecard

Shortly before the Texas A&M Board of Regents was set to consider a contract extension for Chancellor John Sharp he’s asking for them to delay it until Gov. Abbott’s new nominees have been installed.

Earlier this month, Texas Scorecard reported that Sharp’s allies on the Board of Regents appeared to be moving to extend his contract prior to some members replaced by Abbott. Sources alleged that the move to entrench Sharp stemmed from a belief that one of Abbott’s appointees, Midland oilman Tim Leach, may not be so eager to retain the chancellor.

In a letter from Sharp to Board of Regents Chairman Cliff Thomas, Sharp called those allegations “goofy rumors” and asked them to delay the vote until Leach can join the Board.

“Tim is a dear friend and he has said publicly that he is a supporter of the direction we are going,” Sharp wrote in the letter. “Nevertheless, it’s no big deal to wait until the August board meeting to do this and I request you consider it then.”

While media reports have said that Sharp had a majority on the board willing to pursue a contract extension, and one was placed on the meeting agenda, the proposal is likely delayed until at least August after Sharp’s letter.

The delay is a positive step for the university, taxpayers, and voters.