Despite having failed taxpayers throughout her legislative tenure, State Rep. Susan King (R – Abilene) is asking voters for a promotion to the State’s upper chamber.

Earlier this week, King formally announced her candidacy for State Senate District 24’s Republican Primary. The seat was vacated by Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) earlier this year when he announced he would not be seeking re-election, resulting in a crowded field of at least seven candidates vying for the seat.

Many of them have never held elected office previously, giving voters in SD 24 a real opportunity (after careful vetting) to choose among them a citizen-leader to represent them in Austin.

But they can also choose to be represented by a member of the Straus-led coalition of moderates and Democrats by elevating King to the Senate.

First elected to the seat for Texas’ House District 71 in 2006, King has demonstrated a stronger connection with the Austin establishment than with actual conservatives throughout her tenure, earning a cumulative ‘F’ score on the Fiscal Responsibility Index. By comparison, Fraser, the second-longest serving Republican Senator at the time, had a career score of ‘C.’

This past session, King supported increasing her own pension, a continuation of the Texas Enterprise Fund (a corporate welfare slush fund), and unconstitutional regulations on political speech. As a state senator, she’ll have even greater power to push her anti-taxpayer agenda.

Republican Primary candidates will go to great lengths during the season to illustrate their connection with the conservative principles voters want. King has repeatedly demonstrated a disconnect from those principles, and voters would be wise not to give her a promotion.