Texans Want Tax Relief - Texas Scorecard

A new tax-subsidized poll from the University of Texas finds that Texas voters are “dissatisfied” with how much they are paying in property and business taxes.


The Texas Senate originally proposed slightly better than $4 billion in tax relief at the start of the legislative session, then added to it after Gov. Greg Abbott made a call for even more tax relief in his State of the State Address.

The Senate’s new tax relief package now stands at $4.6 billion, aimed at lowering property and business taxes.

Relief won’t come so easily from the other chamber, where members elected an anti-tax-relief speaker. The leadership team around House Speaker Joe Straus has described tax relief as “gimmickry.” However, in recent days the political reality of Straus’ obstructionism has begun to dawn on some Straus-affiliated legislators. Brazoria County State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, who Straus appointed as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has said in recent days that the House will step up.

If they do, it will be despite Straus and his enablers.

Fortunately, taxpayers have Abbott, Patrick and the Senate fighting for them.