Hailing from Nevada a Northeast Texas town of about 822 residents, Taudrea Sinnie is making her mark as a member of the Texas A&M softball team.

As an Aggie, she started 12 times and played in 36 games her freshman year, with a .296 batting average. A standout game was against Texas Southern on April 2, where she contributed two RBIs.

Sinnie, an environmental geosciences major, earned four letters during her softball career at Berkner High School in her hometown. By senior year, she had had a .662 batting average. During her four years there, she scored 19 double plays, 13 triple plays, three home runs and 45 RBIs, according to her college bio.

High school also saw her selection as the District 9-6A MVP as a senior and Offensive Player of the Year as a junior. As a sophomore, Sinnie logged a .728 batting average and in earned the title Freshman Pitcher of the Year.


7/12/24 The Justice for Jocelyn Act

-Nehls and Cruz Introduce Justice for Jocelyn Act to Strengthen Detention of Illegal Aliens -House Republicans Call for Action Against Countries Refusing to Repatriate Illegal Aliens -New Victim Revealed in Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Lorena ISD