Wearing the No. 22 jersey for Texas A&M, senior guard Frank Byers wrapped up his career for the Aggies during the 2018-19 season.

Byers is a native of Dallas, where he plaid at South Oak Cliff High School. Honors there included Metroplex 24 High School Student All-Star Game and the Chevy Student Athlete of the Year. As valedictorian of his 2015 high-school graduating class, Byers also earned a spot as a Gates Millennium Scholar, a program funded by the software magnate Bill Gates.

In his college career, Byers saw the most games played — eight in total — during his 2015-16 senior year, where he logged a 33.3 percent field-goal percentage. In each of the next three seasons, he played nine games in total for the Aggies. Highlights include an assist during a winning game against Auburn his sophomore year and a rebound against Savannah State as a junior.

An economics major, Byers came from a large family. The members include father, Frank Sr., and mother, Stephanie King, as well as brothers Wonya and Stephan and sisters Desaree and Yasmine.


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