Dredon Session is determined to leave his mark on Rusk High School. The senior varsity basketball player for the Rusk Eagles is a hard worker and self-motivated, according Jayme Bradley, head boys’ basketball coach. Standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing 185 pounds, Session is a strong player at the power forward and center positions.

“Dredon looks to help others in any way or form,” Bradley said. “One of the obstacles that he has overcome is that this year, the basketball season has not been going well, but Dredon continues to work hard and make others better.”

Dredon’s drive to work hard follows the athletic program’s vision to be a source of pride for the Rusk community with athletes expected to succeed on and off the field.

“Jayme is a good example of a student athlete because he is a team player and leader that holds other people accountable,” Bradley said. 

The Rusk Eagles’ mission statement is to “develop men and women of character through athletic and physical training, to become bigger, faster, and stronger through relentless effort. This will start the process of sport specific development. This produces a work ethic that instills pride, confidence, perseverance, mental/physical toughness, loyalty, integrity and class.”


Elon Musk Against Texas Voting Machines

Texas’ wealthiest citizen is concerned about the ability of Texas voting machines to be hacked. We also have Dade Phelan cardinals trying to keep their power with the “Texas Texas Conservative Commitment” while representatives Vasut and Bumgarner reveal a pathway to unity in the GOP that runs counter to that of Dustin Burrows.