In keeping with our effort to provide Texans with the information they need to be informed voters, Texas Scorecard distributed a questionnaire to those running for the lead the Republican Party of Texas as chairman: incumbent James Dickey and challenger Cindy Asche. We also decided for the first time ever to make a number of the same questions available to those running for the State Republican Executive Committee as well. While we won’t be issuing an endorsement in any of these races, we hope that the responses to these questions will help you decide which man and which woman will best represent your interest on the SREC. Here are the answers from the Senate District 17 candidates who responded without edits:

Kathaleen Wall

Why should Republicans choose you for the SREC?

Kathaleen Wall: Republicans in SD 17 should pick me, Kathaleen Wall for their SREC Committeewoman.  I will assist in growing the Republican Party so we are positioned to continue to win elections in the upcoming years and I’ll work to ensure fair elections.  I’m an experienced, proven grassroots activist with integrity! The alternative to government corruption and fake media is an empowered and engaged citizenry.

Texas Republicans control every statewide office and the Texas Legislature by impressive margins. What measures must pass this upcoming session for it to be declared a success?

Kathaleen Wall: Most critical in setting the legislative agenda for the upcoming session is the election of the Texas House Speaker.  Republicans should select their Speaker nominee by secret ballot in a binding caucus without Democrat influence. This method will enable the people of Texas to have more oversight on the laws that are enacted in the Texas Legislature.  If people feel their voices are heard at the Texas Legislature, it will empower them to be more active in the Republican Grassroots and help us grow our party.

As Republicans, we believe that equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity belong to all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin.  We must pass the Prenatal NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA) and also repeal and replace “The Ten-Day Clock” in the Texas Advanced Directives Act (TADA). We also must pass legislation to strengthen our border security and reduce our property tax burden.

Current party rules allow for the SREC to censure a Republican officeholder that violates the party’s core principles. Do you think we should have this rule? Why or why not?

Kathaleen Wall: For the Republican Party to have a successful impact in representing the people of Texas, we need the ability to censure officeholders that violate our core principles.  However, I prefer the Republican Party using a tactic of recognition of officeholders that make an impactive advancement of the Republican Party’s legislative priorities.  Whether or not we use the “carrot and the stick” to advance the legislative priorities of the Republican Party, we must have a practice that integrates our core principle values with our strategy for working with our Republican officeholders.  The framework currently in place is a tool to enable the people to have a voice with their government officials.

Last year, efforts to censure House Speaker Joe Straus were successful, but efforts to censure State Rep. Byron Cook and other lawmakers were not. What are some examples of actions you believe violate the party’s core principles?

Kathaleen Wall: Since many Texans expect common-sense privacy and safety in the bathroom, the Texas House should have taken a vote on the Texas Privacy Act (Bathroom Bill).   This bill had unanimous Republican support in the Texas Senate last session. It was a violation of the Republican Party’s core principles and Republican voters to obstruct the House vote on personal privacy in the bathroom.  Any legal questions around this case should have played out in the courts.

Should you be elected, what tangible metrics should Republicans use to determine if you have been successful?

My success as the SD 17 Committeewoman should be judged on my participation with leadership in SD 17 including the Brazoria, Fort Bend and Harris County Republican Party Chairs, and the Republican Party of Texas on the three key items of my campaign platform:

1. Working with local and state leaders to help fundraise for the Republican Party.

2. Supporting Ballot Integrity Committee efforts to stop Election Fraud and ensure fair, balanced elections.

3. Supporting the Republican Party efforts to grow the party including the Republican Party’s engagement of women, minorities, youth and others that share Republican values but are currently non-voters.

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