In keeping with our effort to provide Texans with the information they need to be informed voters, Texas Scorecard distributed a questionnaire to those running for the lead the Republican Party of Texas as chairman: incumbent James Dickey and challenger Cindy Asche.

We also decided for the first time ever to make a number of the same questions available to those running for the State Republican Executive Committee as well. While we won’t be issuing an endorsement in any of these races, we hope that the responses to these questions will help you decide which man and which woman will best represent your interest on the SREC.

Here are the answers from the Senate District 21 candidates who responded without edits:

Naomi Narvaiz

Terry Harper

Why should Republicans choose you for the SREC?

Naomi Narvaiz: I am seeking my 4th term on the SREC and have been the most effective this last term due to current party leadership and fellow SREC colleagues. This past term, I was appointed to 5 committees. I have earned the experience and proven record standing for our conservative principles and fighting for our conservative values. I advocated for our platform during our legislative session and voted to support resolutions that support our republican house caucus to select the republican speaker and voted to enforce rule 44 on legislators who did not support our conservative legislation. I also work with conservative organizations to promote our values.



Terry Harper: Republicans should choose me to represent SD 21 because I am solidly Conservative and back the Republican Platform 100% without change or exception. I am a high energy Senior, A life long Republican and Texan, A business owner for almost 40 years, I have a strong desire to work with the County Chairs and Delegates to keep their Counties Red and to change those that are not Red through activism and public appearance explaining to Texas Democrats how the Democrat party has abandoned them and no longer represents their Texas values.


Texas Republicans control every statewide office and the Texas Legislature by impressive margins. What measures must pass this upcoming session for it to be declared a success?

Naomi Narvaiz: Conservative legislation that was blocked during this past legislative session in the Texas House and not introduced in the Texas Senate must be given an opportunity to be presented and allowed a vote in order for the Republicans to declare any measure of success. Anything short of that will prove that some are merely running on the republican ticket but do not espouse the directives the Texas grassroots have voted on.


Terry Harper: First, I believe that every elected Republican in the Texas Legislature must follow the Republican Platform and work to pass the legislative priorities of the Party and the Governor. Secondly, by passing those Republican Legislative Priorities we will clearly show that we represent the Strong Conservative, Hard Working Christian Values that Texans have held for centuries.

Current party rules allow for the SREC to censure a Republican officeholder that violates the party’s core principles. Do you think we should have this rule? Why or why not?

Naomi Narvaiz: Yes I do think we should have it. I supported and voted for this rule.  Government must remain of the people, by the people and for the people and government must be reigned in and be reduced and not expanded.

Terry Harper: Yes, I fully support Rule 44 and personally led and made a motion the Guadalupe County Executive Committee would stand in Agreement with the Bexar County Censure of Joe Strauss voted on and signed by every attending member of our local Party except one.

Last year, efforts to censure House Speaker Joe Straus were successful, but efforts to censure State Rep. Byron Cook and other lawmakers were not. What are some examples of actions you believe violate the party’s core principles?

Naomi Narvaiz: Transparency,  violating citizens constitutional rights, violating robert’s rules of order, refusal to pass legislation to protect life, property rights and passing legislation to bar illegal aliens from receiving any kind of license to drive or tuition for college, protecting our privacy and not passing constitutional carry.

Terry Harper: I feel that failure to support the Parties Legislative Priorities should allow for censure of any elected member of the Legislative branch of Texas government. The Party Platform and Legislative Priorities are an accumulation of ideas and many hours of hard work beginning in the Precinct Conventions working their way up to the State Convention. These are the priorities of the working members of the Party and any elected Republican Legislative Member who fails to follow the wishes of the Party should be in danger of censure and removal from support of the Party.

Should you be elected, what tangible metrics should Republicans use to determine if you have been successful?

Naomi Narvaiz: We must fully vet, fund and elect candidates that have proven records or activism in support of our principles, platform and values.  Seeing legislation pass that support our RPT’s legislative priorities would be a great measure.

Terry Harper: The Chairs and Delegates of the Counties in each SD should be the measure of success or failure of each Representative. Those are the people who should be able to make easy contact with their SREC members and the people who may or may not even know the name of their Representative and who may or may not have seen or heard from their Representative since the previous Convention. Availability, Assistance and Action are the determining factors of a good, qualified, active Representative. The duties of the SREC Representative should extend far beyond making four quarterly meetings each year.

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