In keeping with our effort to provide Texans with the information they need to be informed voters, Texas Scorecard distributed a questionnaire to those running for the lead the Republican Party of Texas as chairman: incumbent James Dickey and challenger Cindy Asche.

We also decided for the first time ever to make a number of the same questions available to those running for the State Republican Executive Committee as well. While we won’t be issuing an endorsement in any of these races, we hope that the responses to these questions will help you decide which man and which woman will best represent your interest on the SREC.

Here are the answers from the Senate District 24 candidates who responded without edits:

Summer Wise

Why should Republicans choose you for the SREC?

Summer Wise: I Support…

Our conservative principles and Platform, our Republican leadership and candidates, and transparency and communication in our party operations and officials.

I Am Engaged and Committed.

In 7 weeks prior to the Convention, I drove ​3,300+​ miles, attended ​30+​ events, and personally called ​300+Delegates. It has been an amazing experience, both fostering and demonstrating my dedication.

I Take Initiative.

I find things that need doing, and I find creative ways to get things done. Some recent examples…

  • In less than 24 hours, I organized a Convention Delegate Training session for a 4-County region,

securing venue, speaker, designing and distributing flyers, etc. Then, I called every delegate

personally in all 4 counties inviting them to attend.

  • I organized and funded the first social event for SD24 State Convention delegates
  • As SREC proxy, on the fly, at the mic, I wordsmithed an amendment to the “Alamo Resolution”

transforming its support from divided to nearly unanimous.

  • I stepped in and advocated for delegates interested in serving on temporary committees. I ensured

their names got submitted by our SREC for consideration before the deadline — in the 11th hour, ensuring the ball did not get dropped when I saw it falling

Texas Republicans control every statewide office and the Texas Legislature by impressive margins. What measures must pass this upcoming session for it to be declared a success?

Summer Wise: Delegates at the RPT Convention will decide the Legislative Priorities. These are the issues that resonate for me…


Texas is a beacon for other states struggling with protecting life, the most sacred of our rights. Yet even in our Great State there is more to be done, and we need to continue to fight and advocate for all life, from conception to natural death.

Tax Reform

I would like the legislature to explore decoupling education funding from property tax revenue and to compile a new means of funding for education. This would require a complete overhaul of our state taxation system, but I think that time has come.

Promoting Business and Limiting Restrictions on How It’s Conducted

I’m the daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor, and wife of entrepreneurs. It is so important for businesses to be free to operate without the burden of excessive regulation which stifles innovation, increases consumer costs, and promotes corporate interests over small businesses. Let’s keep Free Enterprise Free!

Health Care

Including and beyond our own state legislature, it is critical that our elected officials deliver the complete repeal of the ACA. State legislators and their counterparts in Washington will need to work hand-in-glove on an effective policy enabling a free market to operate freely, across state lines. This is a massive undertaking that will require all tiers of government to take part.

Current party rules allow for the SREC to censure a Republican officeholder that violates the party’s core principles. Do you think we should have this rule? Why or why not?

Summer Wise: Rule 44 enables the SREC to affirm a censure that originates from a county executive committee. The SREC does not censure unilaterally. I think we can make Rule 44 more substantial by amending it to ​hold legislators accountable to the RPT platform’s Legislative Priorities​ while acknowledging that the preamble and platform planks serve as guideposts pointing everyone in the right direction. If a legislator works to undermine the Legislative Priorities, then it would be cause for county ECs and the SREC to scrutinize their role as the top advocates of our state Republican Party.

Last year, efforts to censure House Speaker Joe Straus were successful, but efforts to censure State Rep. Byron Cook and other lawmakers were not. What are some examples of actions you believe violate the party’s core principles?

Summer Wise: An issue that I followed closely last session was annexation reform. I live on the outskirts of Austin and was under the threat of forced annexation before SB 6 passed in the special session. I testified in support of its general session predecessor, SB 715. HD54 Congressman Scott Cosper, from SD24, voted against SB 715! This is clearly a violation of the RPT’s core principles. Fortunately, HD54 voters have chosen a new representative, and I am looking forward to what Brad Buckley will bring to the next legislative session. The best scenario is to empower Republican voters to use their ballots as the Ultimate Censure.

Should you be elected, what tangible metrics should Republicans use to determine if you have been successful?

Summer Wise: I commit to do the following to be a successful SREC member:

❏  Communicate​ prior to each quarterly SREC meeting sharing the agenda and encouraging feedback and opinions on important issues from SD24 Republicans.

❏  Follow up​ with​ ​a summary after each SREC meeting and ​share all votes I cast and why.

❏  Support​ counties with resources enabling them to easily create an online presence, leveraging talent and expertise from the state party organization for this purpose.

❏  Be Present​ at a minimum of one county Republican organization and one auxiliary or coalition meeting each month.

❏  Engage​ with SD24 on Facebook, on the Web, through a dedicated email address, and by cell phone/text, and, of course, face-to-face.

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