In keeping with our effort to provide Texans with the information they need to be informed voters, Texas Scorecard made a questionnaire available to those running the State Republican Executive Committee. While we won’t be issuing an endorsement in any of these races, we hope that the responses to these questions will help you decide which man and which woman will best represent your interest on the SREC.

Here are the answers from the Senate District 8 candidates who responded:

Maggie Whitt

Abraham George

Karl Voigtsberger

What are the qualities of a Texas Republican? Why are you one?

Maggie Whitt: Texas Republicans should uphold the  U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitution by fighting for those principles.  I’m outspoken, yet politely and firmly challenge those who advocate for socialism, communism, less freedom, more taxes.  The Alamo (and other Texas events) teaches the value of sacrifice and commitment.  I’m committed to the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, limited government, personal responsibility, and national sovereignty.

Abraham George: People who love and defend the great state of Texas. Who would stand to uphold the constitution and the rule of law. I have been involved in Republican politics for more than a decade working relentlessly to get Republican elected throughout North Texas, especially in Collin County. I am committed to the Rule of Law, Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, Personal Responsibility, and National Sovereignty. I believe the Top 5 Priorities of the Republican Party should be the top priority of Republican legislators.

Karl Voigtsberger: The qualities of a Texas Republican are Faith in God, Conservative Family Values, and upholding the Principles of Liberty.  I am one because I live every day to support and defend these ideals.


Texas has a lot of elected Republican officials. Who do you believe does the best job standing up for the priorities of the Texas GOP? Why?

Maggie Whitt: Jonathan Stickland fearlessly stood up to others who advocated more for lobbyists than constituents.  Bob Hall listens to ordinary citizens, becomes well-educated on the facts of various issues, and speaks up for taxpayers.  He advocates for policies that are good for Texas (like hardening our grid—which seems reasonable due to threats from China and other bad actors).

Abraham George: Jonathan Stickland, Briscoe Cain, and Bob Hall were the three that I especially noticed. They all stood up for the top five priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.

Karl Voigtsberger: The Collin County Commissioners Court; Cheryl Williams, Chris Hill, Darrell Hale, Duncan Webb, and Susan Fletcher,  did the best job standing up for the taxpayers.  They supported the tax caps and their tax rate is an Effective Tax Rate, because as appraisals grow the tax rate shrinks.

Some individuals say the current party platform is too long and should be shortened. Do you agree? If so, what portions of the platform would you advocate eliminating?​

Maggie Whitt: Of course it is too long—many of our legislators don’t even know what’s in it!  But what do we cut since it’s the work of 9000+ Texas Republicans?  We compromise by allowing whatever we vote in at convention (group agreement on individual input into the process)while picking 5 top priorities because we literally cannot focus effectively on ALL the planks at the same time.

Abraham George: I have to agree that it is too long. However, I also believe that grassroots people from all over the state came together and put this platform in place, so I am not advocating to eliminate any portion of the platform. I would suggest a better process so that many of these platform items can be consolidated.

Karl Voigtsberger: NO! Keep our entire Platform.

What must be done to ensure the Texas GOP’s legislative priorities are implemented by legislators?​

Maggie Whitt: SREC should encourage county executive committees to watch how legislators vote on priorities and hold them accountable.  SREC reps must also maintain good relationships with elected officials so they can constantly remind them of their oaths of office and election promises to those who elected them.  SREC reps are in position to know more than average voters so they must educate voters on effective actions they can take to influence their officials.

Abraham George: I believe SREC representative should work with grassroots and state legislators to have Texas GOP priorities to be the legislative priorities. Representative should actively educate public on where legislators stand on the priorities and engage them through county/district level executive meetings. SREC as a whole should openly communicate with legislators through RPT.

Karl Voigtsberger: To ensure the Texas GOP’s legislative priorities are implemented by the Legislature, we activists must not be silent, we must have passion for the Platform.   Activists play a most critical role in a functional political process.   We are the key to victory!

Why have you decided to run for the SREC?

Maggie Whitt: My passion is to further the Republican message to ALL Texans.  SREC is a great place to represent SD8 to further the business of the Republican Party.  I also want to provide better communication to SD8 Republicans about SREC business via a quarterly newsletter.

Abraham George: I will bring RPT resources such as technology, volunteer management systems, block walking & phone banking apps to each SD8 candidate. These resources are essential to elections. I will work with legislators and RPT to get the top 5 priorities to be the legislative priorities. I will make sure grassroots voice from SD8 are heard by the Republican party of Texas.

Karl Voigtsberger: I have decided to run for the SREC so that I can serve on the SREC Legislative Priorities Committee.  I will hold my legislators accountable as I encourage them to pass the Legislative Priorities and I will lead our citizen activists to greater service as we descend upon Austin to ‘visit’ our Legislators.

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