The Conservative Leader Award dinner, where Texas Scorecard celebrates the citizens who work to advance self-governance in the Lone Star State, was held in Irving this weekend.

Of the more than 150 nominations we received from citizen leaders whose activism serves as an exemplary model for how to impact public policy at the grassroots level, 14 award recipients were selected. These awardees come from all walks of life to advance self-governance from school boards to city hall to the Texas Capitol.

Ammon Blair

An Army veteran, the co-director of True Texas Project, the founder of American Boys Right to Passage, and an advocate for both veterans and ranchers, Ammon has worked tirelessly to preserve our nation for the generations to come.

Ashley Brickett
Ashley, the founder of Respect 1888 Midlothian, is a dedicated local activist working to educate and empower the citizens of Ellis County and restoring power in local politics to the citizens.

Don Dixon
A constant voice for citizens at the Texas Capitol, Don attends all legislative sessions faithfully and advocates for us all on the issue of transportation.

Dorothy Boyett
Dorothy Boyett has worked tirelessly to ban abortion in Lubbock at the city level and succeeded, even after the city council attempted to derail the effort.

Betty Anderson
The president of the Montgomery County Eagle Forum and a dedicated local activist, Betty juggles multiple responsibilities with the grace and poise of both experience and faith.

Hilary Rabeler 
The director of True Texas Project Tarrant County, Hilary is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to local elections, working to elect local conservative leaders and keep Texas free.

Joe Murphy
The head of the Fredericksburg Tea Party’s Sanctity of Life Action group, Joe Murphy will head off to Austin at the drop of a hat to testify before the Legislature and defend the rights of the unborn.

Konner Earnest
Our youngest award winner was Konnor Earnest, who proved that his 18 years of age is not a determination of strength when he fought off his liberal school district in order to institute a Turning Point USA chapter. Konnor also regularly works to call out corruption in local government.

Mary Trammell
A dedicated community activist in Stephenville, Mary helped begin the local Meals on Wheels program and diligently takes part in local politics and grassroots activism.

Michelle Bishop 
A founder of We the People Allen, Michelle took the heartbreak of the 2020 election and turned it into motivation—not only for herself, but also for others—to become more active in local politics.

Rafael Cruz 
An evocative preacher with a gift for speaking biblical truths into both politics and culture, Rafael serves as an example for pastors throughout the country on how to shepherd a flock in a troubled world.

Sue Evenwel
A top-notch multitasker, Sue is relentless in her pursuit to educate and organize the grassroots movement into a fierce force for conservatism and freedom in Texas.

Joy & Terry Putnam
Dedicated activists, Terry and Joy have taken part in a multitude of local and state grassroots organizations working to protect Texans’ rights and liberties.

Tom Glass
Each session, Tom Glass is a fixture in the Capitol, promoting constitutional principles. He has founded multiple grassroots organizations in an effort to educate fellow citizens on the issues facing us today.

In addition to our Conservative Leader Awards, each year we present the Torch of Freedom Award to a citizen for their outstanding accomplishments for the conservative movement in Texas.

This year, the award was presented to Julie McCarty, the founder of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party, which has blossomed into the True Texas Project with chapters across the state. Julie inspires others as a happy warrior in her dedication to the fight for liberty.

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