A Doctor In The House - Texas Scorecard

Mark Shelton is a pretty easy fellow to find — just look for all the activity in House District 97, and chances are he’s in the middle of it. A pediatrician, Shelton is a man constantly on the go — setting a high standard for the kind of constituent services he’ll provide once elected to the Texas House.

Shelton brings a wealth of knowledge about the ills in our critical health care issues, as well as a deep sense of community service. With Mark Shelton, you know that his decisions will be driven not by political expediencies, but core principles. (Video.)

The Empower Texans PAC is excited to endorse Dr. Mark Shelton in the 2008 general election. Mark Shelton is committed to promoting a strong agenda that will empower not only the constituents of the 97th district, but the entire state.