I have had a couple of conversations since early voting began yesterday with long-time Republican voters who are chosing to vote in the Democrat Primary. These Republicans are attempting to chose the candidate that they perceive is easier for Republicans to defeat in November. This is a mistake for Republicans.

What I am concerned about is whether this is a general trend among Republicans. If this is true, our down ballot conservatives will be hurt as their regular voter base will be voting in the wrong primary. When conservatives vote in the wrong primary to try and make a difference in the Presidential race, they allow the fox to guard the henhouse in the down-ballot races. The Texas House could be decided by tax-and-spend Republicans and their cronies.

When you decide to vote in the Primary, you need to make your decision on your local races and your State House races. Incumbent conservatives like Betty Brown, Phil King, Nathan Macias, Bill Zedler, Frank Corte, and Doc Anderson are depending on their conservative constituents to vote in the Republican Primary, not the Democrat Primary. In the open seats, Mike Pearce, Bryan Daniel, and Randy Dunning are counting on conservatives to vote down the ballot in the Republican Primary.

Remember, all politics is local. If you chose to vote up the ballot, you will lose your ability to vote locally for the Republicans who are fighting for our conservative values in the Texas House.