A border patrol agent has been arrested for allegedly encouraging a scheme that would help illegal aliens enter the United States using fake documentation and asylum claims. 

Jorge Alonso worked as a Border Patrol agent in the Rio Grande Valley Sector at Texas’ southern border. 

According to Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz, Alonso was arrested on May 22 on human smuggling charges. According to a Facebook post by Saenz, Alonso allegedly attempted to assist an illegal alien with entering the U.S. and establishing a process for other foreign nationals to enter the country as well. 

“Alonso allegedly encouraged and coached an undocumented immigrant to enter into the U.S. via a Port of Entry and claim legal status. Alonso also allegedly provided a fraudulent U.S. Birth Certificate. The goal of the conspiracy was to establish a basis for further illegal crossings based on the fraudulent U.S. Birth Certificate,” Saenz wrote. 

The investigation is ongoing by the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Professional Responsibility, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General. 

Saenz wrote that the smuggling offense is a special third-degree felony and has a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years. 

Texas Scorecard has reported on other instances of law enforcement being arrested for human smuggling. 

In April, a Texas State Guard soldier was caught using a government vehicle to smuggle an illegal alien into the country in exchange for cash. 

Last month, former Starr County District Attorney employee, Bernice Annette Garza, pleaded guilty to human smuggling charges after she confessed to participating in more than 40 human smuggling events since June 2022. Her sentencing is set for September 28.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.