AUSTIN — Acknowledging his record of commitment to conservative principles, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has endorsed Bryan Slaton for the Texas House.

“Texans know Bryan Slaton as a committed conservative unafraid to stand up and fight for the priorities and values of everyday Texans,” said Cary Cheshire, vice president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. “Bryan Slaton will be a strong advocate that taxpayers can trust to stand up and fight for them in Austin.”

Slaton, whose family ties run deep in East Texas, was in the ministry for 13 years and now works in his family’s financial services company. A longtime Republican activist, Slaton led the opposition to the Blacklands Corridor/ Northeast Gateway toll road project and has previously run twice against incumbent State Rep. Dan Flynn (Van) in the Republican primary.

In 2016 and 2018, Slaton fell short of preventing Flynn from winning re-election. However, during the primary, Slaton and a third candidate, Doc Collins, held Flynn to only 45 percent of the vote and forced a runoff election, now scheduled for July 14.

In each of his three campaigns, Slaton has run a grassroots campaign focused on tax relief, protecting the unborn, and passing constitutional carry.

In the wake of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Slaton has vocally urged Gov. Greg Abbott to reopen all Texas businesses, launching a petition on his website to allow people to get back to work.

Though in-person meet and greets are currently out of the question, Slaton has used videos posted on his Facebook page to connect with voters, clarify his positions, and contrast with his opponent.

Recently, Slaton has used his digital platform to oppose any tax increase and to advocate for the abolition of property taxes, ending overly broad laws that give government excess power during emergencies.

Situated in East Texas, HD 2 includes Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt counties. It has been represented by State Rep. Dan Flynn since 2002.

Early voting begins on June 29, with the election concluding on July 14.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s decision to endorse Slaton in this race comes through careful review of a completed candidate questionnaire, an interview with our staff, a review of his record of activism, and feedback from district constituents.

More about our endorsement process and other endorsed candidates can be viewed here.