Apparently Bill White’s “strategy” of being dishonest with Texans and running from his record isn’t working. The truth just keeps catching up with him and blowing up in his face. The most recent embarrassment from the White campaign is his handling of President Obama’s visit to Texas where he will be fundraising for Democrats. Let’s get real: Bill White is the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee, so of course a good amount of the money raised by Obama will be going to him.

Just imagine how excited Obama would be if Bill White was elected governor. It wouldn’t even matter to him if he lost the House; a DC liberal winning in a conservative state like Texas would be a dream come true for liberals. So why would we not assume President Obama is mostly coming to Texas to fundraise for White? And why won’t Bill White just man up to who he is?

I don’t agree with President Obama, but I know Bill White does and I would at least have some respect for him if he had a spine. He served as Deputy Secretary of Energy under the Clinton Administration and had tried helping Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel sell “Cap and Trade” (or as it is more popularly known, “Cap and TAX”) to the American public. Then just last year when toying with running for US Senate, he printed an ad in “The Defender,” a local black newspaper in Houston that featured MLK, Bill White, and Obama with the caption, “The Dream. The Hope. The Change.”

Until recently, Bill White was obviously not afraid to be associated with President Obama, but now he wants to distance himself as much as possible. Regardless of how hard he tries, Texans are smarter than that and we can see past it to the fact that if elected, Bill White would be a very close ally to President Obama, a move that we all know would only further the Obama Administration’s vendetta against successful conservative states.

I know I will not vote for Bill White, but seeing how cowardly he is only makes me want to vote against him more! His latest actions seem to imply that even he thinks he will lose in November. If you’re going to lose, at least do so with some dignity intact. Despite being “conservative” by DC liberal standards, Bill White is still way too liberal for Texas . . . and too cowardly!


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