Following the Republican Party of Texas convention, Texas State Rep. Jeff Cason (R–Bedford) delivered a powerful message on his podcast “Backroom Access,” saying that President Joe Biden, inflation, and supply chain shortages are not main issues, but symptoms of a deeper problem.

In his latest podcast episode, Cason calls out “the moderate” Libertarians who consider themselves economically conservative and socially liberal, saying they have been refusing Christian values in our politics by the argument of separation of church and state.

“Moderates have supported their whole lives a devolution away from the traditions of our current country, Christianity, and the foundations of western civilization,” explained Cason. “They’ve scoffed at Christian conservatives for pushing a more traditional, grounded form of theology, and they’ve scorned any attempt to fuse our policies under the argument of ‘separation of church and state.’”

For them, Cason says, the age of “human freedom and free love” would have been the golden age of the United States.

However, Cason argues that this selfish search for pleasure and decline of morals led us to today’s issues. Now, moderates are starting to take issue with this sexual movement and grooming of children, but they refuse to acknowledge that this came about because of their attitudes.

“In order to have a country that works, we need social contracts that are immovable,” said Cason. “Once rights and morals are questioned, it follows to their conclusions. Rights become negotiable and morals subjective.”

Today, the sexual movement has led to children in drag bars, transactional sex, and the acceptance of “personal identity” that many consider outlandish. With this movement comes some terrifying statistics: Ten to 15 years after a gender transition, the rate of suicide rises 20 times higher than that of the average person.

“There is a huge uncertainty of whether changing someone’s sex is a good or a bad thing,” said Dr. Christ Hyde, director of Heritage Medical. “Even if doctors are careful to perform these procedures on ‘appropriate patients,’ there’s still a large number of people who have the surgery but remain traumatized—often to the point of committing suicide.”

Cason says the movement toward sexual “freedom” and away from the Christian morals that our nation was built on is dangerous and will lead to a decline of morals to the point of accepting pedophilia.

“Things are bad, and it’s no longer just the Christian conservatives that notice. … What’s even more categorically evil than this is the attack of the innocence of our children in the name of making homosexuality normal. I call it grooming our children to accept a sinful lifestyle and lower our inhibitions toward pedophilia.”

Jake Peterson

Jake Peterson is a journalism fellow for Texas Scorecard. During high school he competed in speech and debate and now works to teach the unbiased truth, and expose corruption.


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