Voters often find it difficult to identify the appropriate polling location to cast their ballot. To help lessen confusion and increase participation in all elections, Texas needs greater uniformity in both the locations and times used for early voting and Election Day, regardless of the election.

Additionally, citizens from the Rio Grande Valley to the Panhandle have been calling for an end to rolling polling. The devious methods that bureaucrats and governmental sycophants use to influence local elections need to be banned.

Rolling polling is a process by which a governmental entity, such as a school district, will repeatedly move numerous polling locations during early voting to depress general turnout and target populations sympathetic to those in office.

By ensuring that beneficiaries of a proposed tax increase or bond make up a higher percentage of the total vote, a school district can radically improve its chances to pass a tax increase or debt measure.

Some of the most egregious offenders have been Frisco ISD, Highland Park ISD, and Hidalgo County.

In one FISD election, local officials opened nine non-campus voting locations for the entire early voting period. During the same period, FISD opened one-day locations at forty-nine school campuses at which point administrators could round up their staff like cattle and herd them in to approve the measure.

Highland Park ISD parked a mobile voting van outside their footballs stadium on Friday nights, to target booster groups and other sympathetic voters.

In Hidalgo County during a contentious election over a proposed hospital district that would radically increase taxes, local officials announced they would utilize mobile polling locations at the very same hospitals that would benefit from the hospital district’s passage.

Indeed, Hidalgo County opened voting locations at over a dozen hospitals—many of them major donors to Border Health PAC, a political committee organized to push for the measure’s passage. The border county’s blatantly biased move drew a lawsuit from citizens accusing the county of manipulating the election.

With local elections becoming more and more contentious, conservatives are becoming increasingly skeptical of the integrity of the process, and increasingly skeptical of local governments manipulating the results.

To that end, rolling-polling should be unilaterally abolished and replaced with uniform early voting polling locations for all elections.

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