When it comes to a child’s education, parents should have the freedom to choose what school best serves their child’s needs – not the zip code they live in. The concept of educational freedom, often termed as “School Choice,” allows educational funding to follow a child instead of following the bureaucracy, giving students and parents real options – regardless of the neighborhood they live in.

Over the last decade, momentum around the expansion of educational freedom has grown in popularity, but has yet to be implemented in the State of Texas. During the 84th Legislative Session, conservative lawmakers pursued a bill that would have allowed for school choice in Texas, yet the bill was denied a hearing and died in committee under the leadership of House Speaker Joe Straus.

At the State GOP Convention in 2016, Republicans confirmed in writing their support for school choice when 93 percent of the delegates voted in favor of placing the expansion of educational freedom on the Republican Party Platform.

“We believe that all children should have access to quality education. We support the right to choose public, private, charter, or home education. We support the distribution of educational funds in a manner that they follow the student to any school, whether public, private, charter, or home school through means of tax exemptions and/or credits.”

With the 85th session quickly approaching, legislators are again gearing up to pass legislation that would give parents and students more options, equality, and freedom when it comes to education.

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