El Paso continues to battle an overwhelming number of apprehensions while simultaneously absorbing illegal aliens transported into the city by other distressed sectors.

The overwhelming numbers in El Paso have forced centers not traditionally used for housing or processing to be utilized in attempts to dissipate the influx of individuals pouring into the city. Two weeks ago, Anthony Aguero of Border Network News reported that off-duty firefighters and law enforcement officials were being used to aid in monitoring illegal individuals currently being held, being processed, or homeless.

Photo by Kathy Countiss

Kathy Countiss, an advocate with Alliance for a Safe Texas and resident of El Paso, spoke with El Paso local law enforcement agents who report that illegal migrants are being processed through the El Paso Covid Response Clinic. According to law enforcement sources, the migrants are not subjected to COVID testing unless they are displaying acute symptoms. Additionally, the illegal aliens are not required to be vaccinated before being placed on buses or planes and dispersed throughout Texas and the U.S. Some locals are outraged by the blatant hypocrisy.

Countiss watched as buses marked for New York and Chicago were loaded. Simultaneously, a constant stream of additional buses continued to pour into the facility from the nearby Hondo Pass Border Patrol location. “I’ve never seen it so busy,” said Countiss.

Local non-governmental organizations welcomed the individuals as they walked off the buses. In an interview with Real America’s Voice News, Aguero stated that local shelters have been drained of vital resources so much so that the Veteran’s Resources Center recently only had packets of nuts to give to those who served the United States. Meanwhile, on a local news station, the mayor and judge of El Paso recently said the migrants are first priority and they would ensure their needs are met.

Last year, many Texans and Americans were forced from their employment for refusing to take the COVID vaccination. Texas Scorecard recently reported that the National Guard and Texas military continue to battle forced vaccination or risk losing employment even two years after the pandemic began. In other words, many of the same industries and companies that fired or continue to pressure employees to take the vaccine are utilized for the processing and aiding in the transportation of illegal aliens not tested for the virus nor subjected to the same vaccine mandates and requirements.

“This is very personal for me,” stated Countiss. She is not only as a resident of El Paso, but she also has a loved one serving in the military. Her loved one was apprehensive about taking the COVID vaccine but felt pressured and faced losing employment while serving the nation. After the vaccination, the current military agent has faced an onslaught of new medical complications.

“This is a disgrace to our soldiers,” Countiss added, pointing out the continued hypocrisy of the standards only Americans are expected to uphold during the unprecedented border crisis facilitated and encouraged by the Biden administration.