The Empower Texans PAC today announced its enthusiastic endorsement of Tryon Lewis in the run-off race for House District 81.

The Empower Texans PAC is the state general political action committee of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and During the primary election cycle, more than 80 percent of the candidates endorsed by the PAC won or were promoted into run-off elections. The organization works with more than 16,000 conservatives activists from across the state.

TFR’s president and PAC treasurer Michael Quinn Sullivan said Lewis will work for budget reform, meaningful tax relief and changes to the property tax appraisal process.

“Tryon Lewis is a taxpayer champion who will provide the Legislature with the kind of commonsense fiscal leadership Texans need and deserve,” said Sullivan. “He’s committed to working for real property tax relief, a strong constitutional control on spending, and abolishing the new tax on small business.”

Sullivan said Lewis’ commitment to taxpayer protection stands in stark contrast to his run-off opponent, incumbent State Rep. G.E. “Buddy” West.

“Mr. West has consistently voted badly on taxpayer issues, including his vote to implement the new ‘business’ tax,” said Sullivan. “Over the years he has stood against efforts to give citizens a greater voice in controlling property taxes, while voting to levy a new tax on nursing homes and expand welfare programs. Buddy West has become too expensive for Texas’ taxpayers.”

Sullivan said fiscal conservatives are excited by Tryon Lewis’ candidacy.

“He’s a true conservative, committed to representing Texas’ taxpayers – and not the special interests. We’re excited to endorse Mr. Lewis’ candidacy, and the positive vision he has for a strong Texas.”