ObamaCare, signed into law Tuesday, is a major threat to freedom and the quality of healthcare in America.

Texans are being served well by Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott who are challenging ObamaCare on our behalf.

It surprises no one that the Austin American-Statesman doesn’t see it that way.

In an article entitled, “Let’s Find Cure for GOP ill will”, the Statesman editorial board called Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott’s efforts to fight ObamaCare “unconscionable”. Texas has uninsured people, therefore ObamaCare must be a good thing, right?

Wrong. Texans oppose ObamaCare because we know it will damage health care in America and for many other reasons. Ill will isn’t one of them.

Firstly, Texans prefer freedom to government freebies. A government that monopolizes health care can eventually control every aspect of our lives. Perhaps a nanny state is attractive to the Statesman editorial board. Texans don’t agree. America is the land of opportunity precisely because of a traditionally robust and unencumbered private sector. ObamaCare takes one-sixth of our private sector and turns it into the DMV. Texans prefer the Apple Store to the DMV.

Secondly, Texans know government “freebies” come from tax money taken from jobmakers. We always pay for “freebies” with limited job opportunities.

Thirdly, Texans understand the very problem with health care is that corporate socialism, also known as “crony capitalism”, is rife. Under the current health care regime the insurance industry is largely exempt from anti-trust laws and interstate competition in health care is non-existent. States grant semi-monopolies and the Feds pass laws requiring all policies to cover procedures unnecessary for most people, driving up premiums. If interstate competition was allowed and the federal government left regulation to the states, states would compete for insurance company incorporation by making it cheap and attractive to operate. People would finally be able to pay only for coverage they need.

ObamaCare’s solution to the problems caused by of corporate socialism isn’t capitalism, but full socialism. Health care will be controlled by bureaucrats who have no pressure to turn a profit since their funding magically appears no matter how poor a job they do. The profit motive, history has taught us, is the productivity and efficiency motive. Bosses not worried about a balance sheet produce employees who treat us, well, the way DMV employees treat us. The profit motive, history has taught us, is also the customer service motive.

Lastly, tort reform was left out of ObamaCare. Real reform would tackle the frivolous lawsuits that drive doctor’s malpractice premiums through the roof and force scared doctors to run every test under the sun. High malpractice premiums and excessively defensive medicine significantly drive up health care premiums.

Real reform would have been very different. Common sense free-market reforms are free. ObamaCare is a power-grab that, in the name of solving them, makes real problems much worse.

Texans are thankful that Rick Perry and Greg Abbott are fighting for us.