It’s a delicious irony: Texas’ taxpayers are being forced to fork over $250,000 to “invest” in a miracle drug that will allegedly combat obesity. Sound like more high-calorie pork? It’d be cheaper to tell the lard-laden to put the candy-bar down and go for a brisk walk.

A report from KXAN in Austin says the expenditure is justified because Men’s Health magazine recently rated four Texas cities as the fattest in the nation. (This is the same magazine that regularly promises articles on rock-solid abs, sex tips, male grooming tips for the trust-baby set, and other vapid nonsense.)

The “miracle drug” is some sort of injection.

What overweight Texans need isn’t a get-thin-quick scheme, but an injection of commonsense. It really is true that for most overweight people, the issue is an over-abundence of food and a lack of exercise.

Drugs promising a quick fix should be treated with grave caution. And drugs promising quick fixes and funded with taxpayer dollars… Run, don’t walk — which, by the way, is an even better way to shed unwanted pounds.

Michael Quinn Sullivan

A graduate of Texas A&M, former newspaper reporter, one-time Capitol Hill staffer, think tank vice president, and an Eagle Scout, Michael Quinn Sullivan and his wife have three children. He is the publisher of Texas Scorecard. Check out his podcast, “Reflections on Life and Liberty.”


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