Amid the constant debate of whether gambling should be allowed to run rampant through the Lone Star State, casinos are working to buddy up with legislators ahead of the next legislative session.

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation is one of the world’s largest casino operators. Just last year, the corporation sent 10 high-powered lobbyists to the Texas capitol to influence legislators. 

This year, it has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Texas Sands PAC to both Democrat and Republican legislators, betting big to try and get casino gambling legalized in Texas.

These donations include $150,000 each to Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dade Phelan. 

The Republican Party of Texas platform, however, has taken a clear stance against the legalization of gambling. 

We oppose any expansion of gambling, including legalized casino gambling. We oppose and call for a veto of any budget that relies on expansion of legalized gambling as a method of finance.

Below are the recipients of funds from the Texas Sands PAC:

Name Amount Party
Abel Herrero $3,000Democrat
Alma Allen $25,000Democrat
Ana Hernandez$3,000Democrat
Ana-Maria Ramos $3000Democrat
Andy Murr$25,000Republican
Angela Paxton $4,000Republican
Angelia Orr $3,000Republican
Angie Chen Button $3,000Republican
Ann Johnson $3,000Democrat
Armando L. Walle jr. $3,000Democrat
Armando Martinez$3,000Democrat
Barbara Gervin-Hawkins $3,000Democrat
Ben Bumgarner$10,000Republican
Borris Miles $4,000Democrat
Brad Buckley$3,000Republican
Brandon Creighton $4,500Republican
Brooks Landgraf $10,000Republican
Bryan Hughes $4,500Republican
Bryan Slaton$10,000Republican
Carl Sherman Sr. $3,000Democrat
Carol Alvarado $10,000Democrat
Caroline Harris $10,000Republican
Cecil Bell Jr. $3,000Republican
Cesar Blanco$4,000Democrat
Charles Geren $5,000Republican
Charles Schwertner $4,500Republican
Chris Turner$3,000Democrat
Claudia Ordaz Perez$6,000Democrat
Cody Vasut $3,000Republican
Craig Goldman $3,000Republican
Dade Phelan$150,000
Dan Patrick$150,000Republican
David Cook$3,000Republican
David Spiller $25,000Republican
Diego Bernal $3,000Democrat
Donna Campbell $4,000Republican
Donna Howard$3,500Democrat
Drew Darby $3,500Republican
Drew Springer $4,000Republican
Dustin Burrows $15,000Republican
Sam Harless $5,000Republican
Liz Campos $3,000Democrat
Erin Zwiener $15,000Democrat
Ernest Bailes$25,000Republican
Lina Ortega$3.000Democrat
Frederick Frazier $10,000Republican
Geanie Morrison$3,000Republican
Gene Wu$3,000Democrat
Giovanni Capriglione $10,000Republican
Glenn Hegar $25,000Republican
Greg Abbott $150,000Republican
Harold Dutton$15,000Democrat
Hubert Vo$3,000Democrat
Hugh Shine $3,000Republican
Jarvis Johnson$3,000Democrat
Jay Dean$3,000Republican
Jeff Leach $10,000Republican
Jessica Gonzalez$3,000Democrat
J.M. Lozano $3,000Republican
Joan Huffman $4,000Republican
John Bucy$3,000Democrat
John Kuempel $10,000Republican
John Raney$25,000Republican
John Whitmire $4,000Democrat
Jon Rosenthal $3,000Democrat
Jose Menedez $4,500Democrat
Joseph Moody $5,000Democrat
Chuy Hinojosa$5,000Democrat
Judith Zaffirini$4,500Democrat
Julie Johnson $3,000Democrat
Justin Holland$25,000Republican
Keith Ball$3,000Republican
Kelly Hancock$4,000Republican
Ken King$25,000Republican
Kyle Kacal $40,000Republican
Lacey Hull$25,000Republican
Lois Kolkhorst $2,500Republican
Mary Ann Perez $3,000Democrat
Mary Gonzalez$10,000Democrat
Dade Phelan$150,000Republican
Mike Schofield $10,000Republican
Morgan LaMantia $30,000Democrat
Morgan Meyer$3,000Republican
Nathan Johnson $4,500Democrat
Nicole Collier $3,000Democrat
Oscar Longoria Jr. $3,000Democrat
Penny Morales Shaw $3,000Democrat
Pete Flores $60,000Republican
Peter Fierro$3,000Democrat
Phil King $4,000Republican
Phil Stephenson $10,000Republican
Phillip Cortez$3,000Democrat
Rafael Anchia $3,000Democrat
Ramon Romero $3,000Democrat
Ray Lopez$10,000Democrat
Reggie Smith $25,000Republican
Rhetta Bowers$25,000Democrat
Richard Raymond $3,000Democrat
Bobby Guerra $3,000Democrat
Roland Gutierrez$4,000Democrat
Ron Reynolds $10,000Democrat
Royce West $4,000Democrat
Ryan Gullien $25,000Republican
Sarah Eckhardt $4,000Democrat
Senfronia Thompson $3,500Democrat
Sergio Munoz Jr.$3,000Democrat
Shawn Thierry $3,000Democrat
Sheryl Cole$3,000Democrat
Stan Lambert$10,000Republican
Steve Allison$3,000Republican
Tan Parker$30,000Republican
Terry Canales $3,000Democrat
Terry Wilson $3,000Republican
Terry Meza$3,000Democrat
Todd Hunter$3,500Republican
Toni Rose $5,000Democrat
Tony Tinderholt$3,000Republican
Tracy King $3,000Democrat
Trent Ashby $3,000Republican
Victoria Neave $3,000Democrat
Vikki Goodwin $3,000Democrat
Four Price$3,000Republican
Elisa Chan$10,000Republican
Will Metcalf $3,500Republican
Yvonne Davis $3,000Democrat
Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.