Senate District 4 Special Election: Toth - Texas Scorecard

In the special election to fill the Senate District 4 unexpired term, voters have several strong candidates from which to choose—including two with great recent records in the Texas House. In the end, it is the combination of his record as a legislative fighter and the response of grassroots voters that has led us to proudly endorse Steve Toth.

Without a doubt, the leading contenders in SD4 are State Reps. Brandon Creighton of Conroe and Steve Toth of The Woodlands. Both men gave up their respective House seats in order to run in this election, and each presents voters with compelling records of service.

Toth entered the legislature by defeating an incumbent House committee chairman closely allied with liberal-leaning Speaker Joe Straus.

As a legislator, Toth established himself as a strong voice for conservatives. Despite being a freshman, he made a name for himself around the state and nation as an advocate for Second Amendment rights. He voted against the bloated 2013 budget, promoted reform-minded legislation, and earned an “A” on the Fiscal Responsibility Index.

Toth was presented with the TFR “Taxpayer Champion” award as a result of his top-tier performance in the House.

As is our custom, we asked subscribers to our email list about the SD4 race. While we received generally positive reviews about three of the four candidates, the overwhelming sentiment was for Toth.

Toth has also been endorsed by the Montgomery County Tea Party, Young Conservatives of Texas, and Texas Right to Life, as well as the leaders of the Texas Home School Coalition, Texas Eagle Forum, Wall Builders and Vision America.

About The Other Candidates
Brandon Creighton has a strong record in the Texas House. He scored a “B” on the latest Fiscal Responsibility Index, and has a cumulative “A.”

Having led the charge in recent years on 10th Amendment issues, Creighton voted for Joe Straus as speaker in 2011. But far from being a Straus yes-man, Creighton was often publicly at odds with the House Leadership in 2013 while serving as chairman of the House Republican Caucus.

Michael Galloway served one term in the Texas Senate, from 1995-1999, having defeated Democrat Carl Parker. As the youngest person ever elected to the state senate, Galloway was noted at the time for his strong conservative principles. He has run unsuccessfully for the seat several times since losing in the 1998 general election.

Gordon Bunch is a member of The Woodlands Township board. He did not seek our endorsement.