The Athens Review (Texas not Greece) reported today that Senator Robert Nichols, a Republican freshman representing Northeast Texas, has filed two bills to benefit homeowners.  First, SB575 would cap appraisal increases at 5 percent for homeowners, though it would not apply to rented property.  Second, SB576 would prohibit governments from confiscating private property in order to create parks and hike and bike trails. Â

Nichols stated, “No homeowner should lose the roof over their heads so others can have a place to play.  Eminent domain should never be used for recreation, period.” Â

we appreciate Senator Nichols standing up for private property rights.




A Barn Burner Week For Texas Conservatives

Grassroots candidates are closing with positive messages while the moderates continue with numerous last minute attacks. The Texas GOP is also meeting this week to make some big decisions.