If you can come to thscissore Capitol only once this session, tomorrow Tuesday, April 10 is a great day to do it. Vitally important legislation to limit the growth in government will be heard by the House Appropriations Committee beginning at 12:30 in Capitol Extension Room 1.030.

All of the bills listed below that will be considered would represent a positive shift towards restraining increases in government spending and taxes. They include HB354 by Rep. Charlie Howard, which would adjust the implementation of the current constitutional state spending limit by specifying that the lower of gross state product and growth in personal income would be used. Currently, the latter is used, and it usually allows spending that is 3 to 4 percent higher than it would be under the gross state product.

Also, HB2246 by Representative Tan Parker would ensure that at least half of any surplus at the end of a biennium is automatically transferred to the property tax relief fund. Two of our absolute favorites are HJR2 and HJR53 – this designation signifies that they are constitutional amendments, meaning that two-thirds of each chamber and then the voters would have to approve. HJR2 by Representative Carl Isett would change the current constitutional state spending limit to population plus inflation. HJR53 by Representative Ken Paxton is a constitutional amendment providing that the state spending limit and a new local government spending limit are the lesser of population plus inflation, increase in gross state product, or increase in personal incomes as determined by the Comptroller.


House ApproprIiations
TUESDAY – 4/10/07
12:30 P.M., E1.030

HB 250 Riddle Relating to the constitutional limitation on the rate of growth of state appropriations.
HB 354 Howard, Charlie Relating to estimating the rate of growth of the state’s economy for purposes of the constitutional spending limit.
HB 2246 Parker Relating to transferring to the property tax relief fund one-half of any unencumbered balance of general revenue at the end of a state fiscal biennium.
HB 3172 Talton Relating to limits on appropriations by the Legislature.
HB 3533 Isett Relating to the limit on the rate of growth in appropriations and to the authority of the comptroller to reduce the state sales tax rate for designated periods.
HJR 2 Isett Relating to limiting the rate of growth of appropriations from all sources of revenue except the federal government; to establish a disaster fund … to prepare for or respond to a natural disaster or emergency … .
HJR 33 Riddle Relating to the restriction on the rate of growth of state appropriations.
HJR 53 Paxton Relating to a constitutional amendment regarding limitations on taxation and expenditures by the state government and local governments.