With early voting beginning in the Republican primary election on Monday, February 14, Texas Scorecard asked candidates in the race for Texas House District 98 a series of questions to help voters make up their minds before heading to the polls.

Mitchell Ryan
Giovanni Capriglione (No response received)                                                                                                                               

The following are the full, unedited responses we received.

Why are you running for office?
Ryan: I’m running for Texas House to stop the scams by exposing corruption and deception in the legislature, to be a champion for taxpayers, and to return the power to the people through our constitution. I am running because the conservatives who originally worked to get the incumbent elected to his first term encouraged me to run against him, saying that I represent the conservative values they thought they were getting with his candidacy.

What are the three main issues facing the district you hope to represent? How will you address them?

– Texas is being subjected to an ongoing invasion. I will advance an agenda with measurable goals with an ultimate goal of zero illegal border crossings per year.

– Children’s minds are being poisoned by critical theory in public schools. I will champion legislation that will give parents the tools to neutralize critical social justice and inappropriate sexual material in their schools. CRT is not banned in schools via HB3979. 

– Society is being torn apart by a “pandemic” that has no end. I will be a leader in ending the virus hysteria and the stop the related power-grab agendas.

Texans all across the state are reporting an ever-increasing property tax burden. Should the property tax system be fixed? If so, how?
Ryan: The system of appraisal is abusive and should be fixed. Furthermore, the Texas state government is using various incentives to draw businesses to Texas which is artificially driving up home values leading to increased property taxes. This is a hidden way that the state is raising taxes and needs to be addressed immediately. 

Should Democrats serve as committee chairs in the Texas Legislature?
Ryan: Absolutely not. 

How would you characterize the state’s response to the coronavirus? What would you have done differently?
Ryan: The state’s response has been tyrannical and then incoherent. This virus should be treated as the flu, and the various incentives put in place by the federal government to inflate the public’s perception of the severity of the “pandemic” need to be exposed and ended. 

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