A day after helping thwart conservative reforms in the Texas House, State Rep. Charlie Geren (R–Fort Worth) refused to push back against parents transitioning their children when presented with the opportunity.

On Thursday, comedian Alex Strenger—who specializes in mocking leftist policies—visited Geren’s office. Visiting in character, he was there to “thank” Geren for his role in blocking an amendment by State Rep. Bryan Slaton (R–Royse City) that would have banned Democrat committee chairs. Strenger, in character, claimed this would ensure his 5-year-old son “Carl” could transition to become “Carla.”

In a video of the exchange between Strenger and Geren, the lawmaker appeared caught off guard and unsure about how to respond to Strenger, who later said he was “trolling” Geren. 

“I just wanted to say thank you for standing up to those crazy MAGA Republicans with the whole ‘no Dem chairs’ stuff … with the point of order,” said Strenger.

“I don’t know that I stood [up to MAGA Republicans],” responded Geren. “The point of order was … the amendment was poorly drafted and didn’t reflect the housekeeping resolution that had just passed. Obviously [Slaton] had not read what we just passed.”

Strenger explained Geren’s action prevented “extremists” from stopping his child from transitioning to the opposite sex. 

“Either way, I appreciate it because, you know, I have a trans kid, and my 5-year-old son is in the process of transitioning,” said Strenger. “And, you know, all these crazy, MAGA hat-wearing QAnon Republicans—they’re trying to stop my son from transitioning into the beautiful daughter that I know she is, and I just want to say thank you.”

Geren, unwilling to condemn the practice of sexually transitioning children, implied it was none of his business, insisting he just wanted to help the House run efficiently.

“Well, all I can say is that’s between you, your son, and the Lord. I’m not, I’m not wandering off into that. What I did yesterday was about how the House runs and how legislation moves through the House. It didn’t have anything to do with transgenders, it didn’t have anything to do with anything else other than what was right before the House.”

True Texas Project CEO Julie McCarty wasn’t impressed with Geren’s response.

Charlie Geren knows very well that any legislation to ban kids from sex change procedures faces an uphill battle in the GOP-dominated Texas Legislature. He can’t even look a man in the face and tell him that he shouldn’t butcher his son. Look at him squirm. “It’s between you and the Lord???” Really? Child abuse is a private matter? Which is an odd thing to say, considering Geren unfairly sicced the CPS on his political opponent. 


Charlie is fully aware that his actions yesterday will give power to Democrats, and he’s too weak to admit it. As the culture slides farther left, it’s obvious that Charlie and his ilk are out of touch, irrelevant, and not fit to lead.

Citizens can find contact information and legislative ratings for Geren and other elected officials using the Texas Scorecard Elected Officials Directory.

Darrell Frost

Since graduating from Hillsdale College, Darrell has held key roles in winning political campaigns, managed a state legislator's Capitol office, and taught at a classical charter school. He enjoys participating in outdoor activities, playing the harmonica, and learning about the latest scientific developments.