When they head to the polls in November, Texas voters will have a slate of proposed constitutional amendments to approve.

On Wednesday, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility released recommendations for voters on the 10 proposed amendments, which range from a prohibition on a state income tax to allowing law enforcement animals to be transferred to their caretaker upon retirement.

“As voters head to the polls, it is important to be well-informed on the potential changes to our state constitution we will see on our ballots,” said Cary Cheshire, the vice president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. “We’ve cut through the ‘legalese’ and government-speak and provided simple explanations for what each item actually does.”

“We hope Texans find our recommendations helpful when filling out their own ballot and share it with their family and friends,” he added.

Early voting for the election will take place on October 21–November 1, with election day on November 5.