Last week, U.S Rep. Michael Cloud (TX-27) joined Texas Scorecard onstage at the Republican Party of Texas Convention to highlight the need for courage in politics and a return to an America First Agenda.

Cloud cited God’s command to Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” He explained that this command prompted the beginning of his political career in the Republican Party; Cloud soon created a Young Republicans chapter in his county and then served as the Republican chairman of the county. 

“We’re at a season in our nation where we need people at every level who are willing to participate with that kind of courage and gusto, you know, just realizing the moment of history that we’re in.”

He was encouraged to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he serves on the Oversight Committee in the Economic and Consumer Policy subcommittee.

Cloud was baffled by his subcommittee when Democrats, despite record “inflation, high gas prices, food shortage[s], and baby food shortage[s]”, put “dog collars [and] flea and tick collars” as the top priority on Day 1.

“My staff handed [the agenda] to me and said this is what they put on the agenda for next week for a hearing. I literally thought it was a joke.”

During the Trump administration, Rep. Cloud recalls “an intelligence council assessment that came out [and] said that the greatest transfer of wealth and power was going from western countries to eastern countries.”

It called the march toward globalism “a virtual certainty.” The assessment cited oil and gas revenues as well as manufacturing capacity moving overseas as the cause for the abandonment of American workers.

However, Cloud is calling for a different approach.“Biden’s policies are wreaking havoc not just economically, but thousands of lives are being lost because of failed energy policies. It’s devastating, and we need a complete reversal.”

President Trump’s previous policy to bring back manufacturing, as well as oil and gas, to the U.S. was in direct opposition to the transition that the “elites are so heavily invested in,” according to Cloud. He further explained that the economic crisis is caused by the Biden administration’s capitulation to transnational economic interests.

Cloud said, “[The general election] is the opportunity, not the solution” to countering politicians who have surrendered to globalism and consequently abandoned American workers.

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro is an outspoken conservative at Texas A&M who is involved with the Young Conservatives of Texas. He is passionate about exposing the waste, corruption, and RINOs in the Austin swamp.


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